Congratulations . . .

Understand your pregnant state


How to improve your health and this the quality of the baby?
You can only make that being once.

Please watch and learn . .This is posted in answer to those who really think that being medically monitored is appropriate – forgetting that those ones wait till things get too bad.  . and then heroically charge in – leaving you to cope forever after – let us get real . .

Nature expects perfection – so should you.

Having been a mum for 40 years myself and having been an obstetric specialist in acupuncture and natural health for most of this time I am answering some of the questions that seem to be missed – keeping you and all around you in panic and fear – and thus easy to manipulate.

Perhaps start at the beginning?

What has to happen for you to be pregnant?

Especially if someone is scaring you about your being ‘high risk’
As a natural progression of living – and here we have an energy perspective – so you get the health perspective.

THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL BUT A LIFE ISSUE  (Not the medical crisis management model).

AS SUCH THIS IS NOT ‘ADVICE’ – I have to tell you – though this has been my expert area all my working life – that this is ‘for educational’ interest only.
AND – your life – and the bub’s – do what all wise elders tell you – not those who are stopping death – we are enhancing life here.

Understand what causes health . .

How we start off . .

What do we need as ingredients to make better babies – and better pregnancies and later off in the life we live in . .

The five imbalances .
What it means and why you need to look after yourself so much more – don’t assume you will just ‘get over it’ when baby comes – are you considering that baby is being made from a state of possibly not enough within you? You can make a difference ..

Placental flow . .

How to sort this out?

The belly is bounded by the sacrum – help your own.

I mention a kit – now I am stuck in NZ and we are all over the place = sorry – this is not possible.
Do contact me if you are really keen 0 and for my graduates to work with you.

How to keep a belly free to make perfect each time
The role of Iodine . . even sorts out ‘baby brain’ – and also breast milk . ..and healthy baby
Also – back pain? Easy – change where the uterus is and how the sacral flows are flowing.

So easy to work with

(Take out the cold . . .) Easy self help course here

We come to . . .
Stop worrying – fix it yourself – please don’t sit there panicking . .
What to do?
Look to my courses and apps and find someone with a natural health model – not a medical one.
Fix things yourself!!

Understand the crucial iodine information,

How we get bleeding and early end of pregnancy . .

How you can improve your pregnancy outcome.

It is not about who thinks what – (with what apparent authority)
listen to all of this and have a think – who is most invested in your pregnancy well being?
You have alternatives – you can hope it all works out – or make sure it does.
Especially if you have placenta previa or a tendency to lose babies – an incompetent cervix possibly . . here is part of hat you can do to help yourself.  The local acupuncturist may not know of my work – and it is totally safe and likely that all in China many decades ago all knew this – as it was common practice to cup the cold out of all – and make sure no one had any access s to it ..

(Think – we ice everything – water – sore limbs and engorged breasts – yet this is one of the most dangerous things we can do – especially when pregnant or just afterwards – here is the answer . .

What to look at next?
Perhaps also investigate what is here for you freely in the birth preparation and no back pain department . .

An empowered pregnancy is as simple as your knowing what is happening and why, and what to do, to undo those apparently ‘normal’ aches, pains and troubles that supposedly will all go once baby is here.

You may even have wondered . . but what about the baby?
Maybe the body is warning you (yes! congratulations  – it all means something)
Let’s make the best pregnancy the easiest ride for all of you.

Here are the answers that may have eluded you to date

Download your copy of my solutions based natural pregnancy manual/resources

Better – still – the entire multi media presentation – to take you right through the entire journey out into being parents.

What was possible ..

Want more help right now at home?

Here is a gift . . Especially if you have a baby shower coming up

Or if post birth – you need a hand – as things are not as they were intended ..
Rescue mum (even before she may ‘need’ it)
Prevention is the best

Bub needs you to be whole and happy – let us set you to be the most bonded mum you can be.

I mention faja . .

To help her post baby body be supported

How to get your own kit?

Love being a mum – natural all the way makes this easy.
If /when there have been different roads taken – let us get you back on track. .

See here for more.

Also unina . . – body reshaping after birthing.

More on my site opening the baby gate.  .


Resources to take you through a totally informed and practical ‘fix yourself’ pregnancy . .

Enjoy – being a mum is a gift