Practitioner training schedule 2017

Please note – this was 2017

In a few days (is now 14th August 2018) I will update this for the rest of the year (both hemispheres) .
Bringing forth – Heartful Hands for Healers. .

(We will work on our own selves first)

Courses & Retreats

Format Course Place Date
Sunday 1 Day 7 Ages of Man  Brisbane TBA
Mammalian Maternity Melbourne April  30
Holistic Helpers and Massage Moves  Brisbane TBA
Experiential Retreats Healing the Wounded Healer NZ TBA
Living Ligaments Maleny June 7th – 13th
Sustainable Humanity [Atarau, NZ]  November 17

What practitioners have said about Heather’s courses

Online Courses from Heather’s Healing Academy

Heather’s Courses available through other providers:

eLotus Seminars

ProD seminars

Heather’s 2017 lecture series

Where to start?

Online – a massive library of what has transformed so many others’ clinics . .

From the beginning – 1994 introduction gyne – via the meridians and how I have always taught

Intro to Gyne from Heather Bruce on Vimeo.




Back to meridians ..

Online courses – downloadable and take all your APHRA points in one lot . .
(Includes the ethics – Playing the Fix It Game . .).


ONLINE (Heather’s Healing Academy)

(Contains all the self care/public also courses – Reset  Your Metabolism and Women’s and Men’s Home Massage) )

April 8- 14th  – I will be teaching from LA, USA (Live webinar Moving Blockages 3 and 4)


(now available for download – please watch also MB 1 and 2 recorded last year – ideally first as they are sequential).

Moving Blockages (to healing) 3 (scars and structural alignment with Heather Bruce Moving Blockages style)

Moving Blockages (to healing) 4 (Our and their stories – getting out of these)
What has messed with our blueprint – modern life . .

Please start with Moving Blockages (to healing) 1 and 2 – recorded last year – this is content for the advanced work )

(Airing what I am recording in April LA)

August (mid) 2017 Online eLotus –

Easy Babies 3 – Making Naturally Better Babies

Easy Babies 4 – Mammalian Maternity

In person

April 30th Melbourne  Mammalian Maternity

May 14th Brisbane Mammalian Maternity

Transformative Healing Course


A deepening of personal self discovery into the mysteries of why we choose the path we did. .

SELF not patient focused.  .

My work is about clarity (self first) – not in what you do but who is doing it . .

TBA  Atarau, NZ Healing the Wounded Healer

(In the meantime – ideally you will join eLotus Gold Pass and then spend a glorious year learning for all as well as the Moving Blockages 1 and 2 and the Easy Babies 1 (Jing Optimation) and 2 (Supporting and Enhancing Wellness in Pregnancy).

Ideally attend the Self Care (Arvigo) weekends and

when next posted – Healing the Wounded Healer

Healing the Wounded Healer

Patient not self focused in clinic the next day – have the moves and the ways to clear what comes up from going in and undoing what is present.

Modeled on all of my research and pragmatism – what works in clinic



June 7th – 13th  2017Maleny areaLiving Ligaments



November 2017Atarau, NZSustainable Humanity





Practitioner Courses