Reset Your Metabolism

Move that Qi!
Rescue the Yang/pull out the cold using elders’ wisdoms in the modern context as the foundation for any condition.


Seen through the eyes of  senior energy worker,  growing another person is a conscious act involving all levels of being to ensure the best start for a new being, mother and family.

Transformational Healing

The Shen to Shen experience, using our heart and hands as we weave in and out of the past blockages to allow clarity and pure Qi to flow.

Self Care

The healing power of our own hands on our own body allows us to gently return to optimal gut, this life, functions.

Self Discovery

Undoing “The Story” that we have bound into the life we are living grants us the freedom to truly live.


Pelvic Opening

Flows through the body depend on the pelvis being liberated from everything that has been stashed away “for later”.
This work allows the reason for all pain to be released.

Foundational Moves

Profoundly simple subtle ways to free the lymph, blood and Qi, allowing the pristine blueprint to re-establish itself.

Reconnecting Bao & Dai Mai

Gentling Trauma Relief

Reconnecting Bao & Dai Mai and Gentling Trauma Relief are prerequisites for entry into the Living Ligaments programme below:

Living Ligaments I

Womb woes to womb wonders

Living Ligaments II

Advanced Womb woes to womb wonders

Living Ligaments III

Opening the Baby Gate
Male & female reproduction & birthing