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Available only to those who have satisfactorily completed the Transformative Healing pre-requisite online courses

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General Health
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Advanced Maternal Health
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Transformative Healing

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Hands On and Experiential

These workshops are available to practitioners who have satisfactorily completed the online pre-requisite courses.

Southern Hemisphere
Brisbane (AU) Gentling Way Self Care Experiential 1-2 Dec 2018
Brisbane (AU) Living Ligaments I Experiential & Hands-On 4-6 Dec 2018
Brisbane (AU) Teacher Training Experiential & Hands-On 8 – 9 Dec 2018
Brisbane (AU) Living Ligaments II Experiential & Hands-On 11-13 Dec 2018
Atarau (NZ) Healing the Wounded Healer Experiential 4-6 Jan 2019 By invitation
Atarau (NZ) Living Ligaments III Experiential & Hands-On 8-10 Jan 2019 REGISTER HERE


Northern Hemisphere
Albi (France) Foundational Moves Hands-On 24 Nov 2018
Albi (France) WDCD & Pelvic Opening 25 Nov 2018
Albi (France) Living Ligaments I Experiential & Hands-On 26/27 Nov 2018