PNV/Hyperemesis Melbourne

Answers needed?
Find them here . .

(Common sense – found in all ‘old wives’ tales)

Hyperemesis/nourishing mums to make babies better

The current crop of hopeless ‘solutions’ and ‘research’ is not good enough.

Think about it   – you freeze the gut and expect it to work – it can’t.

Bun in oven not the fridge

We explore how a body sustains itself in health.
We then undo why it can’t.

To understand the normal flows in gut function – how it works in health
 What upsets it – how to return it to perfect to nourish the mother and her baby better.
Using the easy answers from knowing what sets this in motion, learn how to easily allow life to sustain itself again.
(Obvious –  natural and when pointed out – using the TCM approach – totally in your own hands, instantly doable).
Using basic belly moves we can also alleviate much that is distressing.
This is a practical workshop – we will be working on each other.
How to pacify and clam any gut disturbance – gently.
Loving hands and touch – restoring normal flows
Anxiety? (Likely cure for this also . .).
Stuck Liver Qi invading Spleen/stomach – who pretends the sexual frights/incidents of sovereignty lost etc did not happen?

Benefits of taking the class?

  • 1 – Feel the changes in your own body that are so possible with little effort.
  • 2 – Experience these practical ways we can simply alter gut (and body distress) back to optimal.
  • 3 – Become empowered and inspired to take others through the transitions needed to move from feeling hopeless and desperately so –  to have the confidence to trust her body again.
Who is this for?
Birth and health professionals.
Not necessary – but helpful – an idea of acupuncture works.
Anyone who is intrigued/desperate to what is needed will ‘get the connections.

Help nature help you

Question 1

What makes one (maybe variously given as 2 -4 % of pregnancies) get this – and others not?

‘We don’t know’ is the standard medical line.

We can do so much better having a scope of practice that is Yang Sheng – wellness and sustaining life.

Question 2

Who else is affected?

Baby’s own future children and their children and their children.
Pregnancy – matters – the most responsible time we ever have to Be Present.

(When pregnant we are also making our grand children)

Who cares about the baby?

Who even asks ?
She does. (Although so she does not feel guilty she will have been likely told ‘no worries’.

We do. (Jing – where is it to spring form?)

Western medicine – not so much . ..

Baby can only be made once. If this is ongoing – there will be almost nothing left in the tank.

Question 3

Can we fix this? I say yes. We can.
How? Undo what is happening.
Set her body free. . 
We can

  • 1 – Take out what is blocking the body healing and working properly
  • 2 – Restore original design
  • 3 – Enhance what can be.
  • 4 – Make pregnancy the joy it is.



Bring a sarong, a pillow and an open mind and heart.

What you will learn

Up to you.

My intention is that you break free from all bio- medicalised versions of the body and go with energy and Shen.

Monday 8th July 10 – 1pm
Silk Tree Chinese medicine clinic 757b Gilbert Rd Reservoir, Victoria, Australia 3073


Extra resources instantly available

Please note – as this has been organised quickly. AACMA CPD applied for.
This is a master class for those who wonder – what to do as there is a chasm that you have found in what is written and what you feel you need to know.Practical and pragmatic and individualised care we can offer – when we free ourselves of ‘what should be’.

If this resonates with you – and you are prepared to follow Qi and unlock life secrets – welcome!
Resources will be gifted to you on payment.
Start immediately – and the hands on awaits you in a few weeks.

Payment – reserve your seat now – or contact Heather if a payment plan needed – deposit will reserve your spot.

Payment page completed leads to downloads.

Limited spaces.
If you come to 2 or more there is a discount.
Preferential placement for those already coming to the Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai – and further discount.
Maybe take up one of the 2 spots left in this also?


An exciting ride is almost yours!

Let us begin

Lighting each other’s lights