Paul #2

Meridians – and acupuncture work!!

(Continuation of working with patients with Heather)

An entire session to undo the consequences of living in a body

I am starting with the physical leg scar.
This is setting us up to clear the hip scar that is related – a year later.
I had been working with Paul for nearly a year and had not seen this on as it is a different light – and the scar is in the groin groove  so in shadow as he has always been in the clinic rooms – I have missed it!!

Demonstration: the Mirror X process

  1. Go to the opposite side and part of the body and find the sore spots.
  2. Check if this relieves the circulation in the scar.
  3. Needle  – the off site area.  .
  4. Add in MP of 8 Extras where indicated and all afflicted Xii Cleft points
  5. Finally the actual scar


Mirror X for leg scar


Hip scar

Watch how I keep checking in with the body . .
To be directed  – as to what and where next.

Mirror X for the hip scar

Reassessing the belly (Stuck Blood – he does have prostate cancer)

Actual hip scar needling

Treating the person

Checking how the body is going undoing itself . .

How long to leave the needles in?

About 30 minutes of needles in – now after taking them out . .
We undo

Finishing off

Moving the upper lymph

Prostatic drainage to finish our work

Please look to the great read – ‘The Spark in the Machine’ (CLICK) by Dr. Daniel Keown
(Explaining the Mysteries of Western Medicine through the Science of Acupuncture . .)

(Showcasing why we need to use all that I have been teaching alongside acupuncture for the past 35+years – see more here (CLICK).

Fingers work too!

Every massage move seen here is in the Men’s Massage course

Belly lymph drainage

Clearing the Ting points . .

Me being thorough . . .
Bleeding ting points at the end

It is all a journey – undoing the consequences of having lived a life!!
(Why are we playing the ‘fix it’ the way the medical orthodoxy does – when we could unlayer so much better??

There is so much more . .
(Heather’s Gentling Way)

Stepping up – more from the past . .

Please watch all I have on the Wisdom Tube eLotus (CLICK).



What more can you feel/know/do?