Pain? What is it and why?

Pain series


Housekeeping  . .

(Who is Heather Bruce – and why we need to have these conversations).

Understanding why there is pain – not managing and getting depressed . .



A helpful suggestion – the Qi (breath also) has to flow.
All Eastern exercise/martial arts traditions start with the breath.
We will too.

The way to move your Q and lymph – is to gently start in on your upper chest.


1 – Breathing

This is not just about your chest moving in and out – do consider . . .
What is going in and how can it do the best for you?
(When your heart and lungs may be full of despair and grief)?

Posture – stand up
(Your lungs need the space to work)

Diaphragm – free flow in and what finished with – out

Not too cold – (see soon when we discover why).


Drink more water

2 – Hydration

Good quality water needed.
Any condition you have – likely also lack of hydration – easily fixed . .
Clean and not too cold

I have a triple filtered reverse osmosis unit under the sink.

Take out all halides – they block iodine – (chloride and fluoride).

Homeostasis – must be within the boundaries

Hungry? – maybe not – just body shrieking for more water . .

Purify it
Not Cold – too cold ‘room temperature’

Flushing out all toxic thus inflammatory processes

More you drink – more you will need to drink water.

We need the Life recipe – clean – not too cold – air and water. 

(Number one is breathing well – and getting the air moving )


2103water copy  – 2 ½ – 3 litres – average sized body

2104dehydration – especially a lot before eating


What is possible?
Re-framing possibilities. .


I share a story from clinic from decades ago.

Whilst you likely do not have ‘the condition’ his body had.
You may well have –

‘the attitude’ that his parents displayed  .  .


What is even a body?

Are we more than then body only?
Maybe even ask – what is pain and where is it?


Fixing pain . . .

Is it in the body ONLY?


Maybe you will also find change is possible.

I so often have in clinic – that when the other bits move – the instructions going to the body also do.



We are all different – and maybe Take Charge?

Body can heal itself – and you are not listening  and gone to those who do not know why it is happening – so in fact – what ever is going in – inflamed/inflammation – drink more water.

Though our bodes do heal themselves – they are self repairing – IF you stop breaking them.

Magnesium – need topical – on the skin.


Why waste your body energy?


Avoid all cold coming into your body as it is messing with your life processes.
That means STOP using ice as that is stopping your blood flowing – to heal your sore /damaged bits.

You may say But it feels so good Heather!’


Inflammation is inner Heat Stop the foods/fluids that convert internally to sugar

(Drink more pure water to help flush away – give your body a rest from digesting what is too hard anyway)

Q – Heat from?

A – Too many chemicals/toxic anything

Extras all descriptions – and the lack of hydration to flush away.
Excess sugar/conversion substances – PLUS self selected and pharmaceutical medication.

Anger turning to festering rage/fury – held in over years/decades.

(You may have ‘depression’ – that is rage underneath – look to what happened to ‘break’ you – how ever long ago – it is still running you).

Not enough movement and the damp/obstruction ending up as composted heat – through inactivity – the circulation not being able to get to where it needs to. Fluid where it is not to be  . . see iodine below

Supporting normal


Please do – all elder’s wisdoms – previously discounted as ‘old wives tales’ may need to be remembered.


Pain happens when flows are congested – much like a river being dammed up


Obvious – Clear the blockage.
If there is cold about – the stagnation of flows – especially blood and lymph –  leads to more pain.

I ask you to ponder – how does healing happen if the blood and goodies can’t get to where they are needed – and the ‘baddies’ can’t get out?

Q – “But surely I need the cold as I feel better with it – and NEED it?”

A – There is the heat right there. .

Bodies need warmth within – your belly is a little fire – don’t extinguish it . .

Help your body repair/heal itself


Asian cultures all knew . . . Gua Sha

(See below)

Reset Your Metabolism – pull out what is blocking normal (repair)


Pull out the cold with a cup on the navel

Please see Foundational Moves course at the end of the course  – for all lymph and cupping and moxa moves.
Or Reset Your Metabolism online course also.


Nutrients needed to run a body well

Salt . . .
Can’t live without it – and this is why ‘traders’ in pre written times were running from coast to mountain – as the salt was highly prized – as was the iodine rich dried foods.

Q – Iodised salt?
A – No.
Real salt has all minerals in it – all out for whiteness and suspicious – what sort of iodine – put back in?


Whatever your ‘condition’ – it will come down to lack of biologically available nutrients and lack of circulation – the ‘good’ getting to you and the ‘bad’ being taken away – to be flushed out – here we are – water again!!

Need the water to make the digestive enzymes flow and also – to flush out /through what we do not need.

Our gut needs to be a pH or 1-2.

Q – What happens when it is not?
A – You find out really quickly.

We get all sorts of gut problems – Candida overgrowth, slow metabolism – and heart burn.

Q – How to fix it?

Not medicate against the pain and body/cellular distress of being malnourished . . .

A – Provide what is needed.

Using the topical iodine will help the thyroid start to work again.

(See Love Your Body Better in at end of this course)

Q – What blocks this?

A – All the halides.

Q – What are they you ask?

A – Chlorine, Fluoride, Bromide from modern invasion of these into the water, foods and air.

Q – Why does this matter?
A – These stop the iodine we so desperately need from being seen bu the body – even if we have access to it. Q – Q – Problem if we do not have enough Iodine?
A – Every cell in the body needs it. As a micro-nutrient – this sets up different issues for different people.

Iodine must get into every cell. If it can’t we get fluid retention. Cancer starts up.  Cancer is just a proliferation of normal cells that have ‘lost the plot’. Cell does not know when to die. Implicated in the presence of all cysts – including endometriosis – and also fibro-cystic breast tissue, ‘dense’ breasts/nodules, P.C.O.S. and the thyroid gland to run the ‘engine’- so we have the fuel/energy to actually have clear head and energy.

(Please see more  in Love your Body Better course).

These patches of topical iodine were added on within three minutes of the first to the last. The ever soaking in – was the body in desperation mode. Vast iodine thirst. The very much darker brown that it started with – was already fading as I focused the camera. This is severe iodine deletion PLUS the body able to see it. Often it cannot. She soaked it up.


Fluoride in the water is part of the problem here – for all of us – it shows up very differently – and is NOT noticed as the ‘diagnosis of how your body is failing – and by a body specialist – a ‘bit’ of you – not the entire system – and all of us know there is not only one distressed part of self/body. (And all else is perfect).

Nutrients – please see what I have elsewhere.

Q – Why does my medical specialist/acupuncturist/healer not know of this?
A – All too specialised. Using filters. The medicos especially – thus this is not medical advice.

Common sense. As with a wilted plant. It needs water.  Add in what is missing – and it all works again.

A body needs ingredients to run. Much like a car. No petrol/diesel/power source? It will stop.

Not the right mix/fuel? Will not work properly.

Pulling out toxins/cooling the inner heat/undoing adhesions


YES – it IS all possible.
When all else has ‘failed’ go listen to what humans have always done – supported nature.


Not to drink it – use it on your body . .

Up inside yourself.

As a pack on the afflicted body part.

(see more here)

Extras – to alleviate body pain?
Gua Sha – scrapping – Asian home remedy.
Chinese liniment

Magnesium oil

Instead of all the ‘specific bit’ newly built popping up everywhere –  clinics – take out that cold.

Glutathione – need the Glutathione accelerator. Major body anti inflammatory agent.

(As with ingredients above – add in what is not there and all may work again.
(Glutathione is so handy as it also takes out the mercury that is blocking nutrients being seen by your cells at that level.

Wrap up


Take responsibility yourself.
Is asking someone else working for you?
Maybe let us go back to the elders from any culture.

All had a completed system – tied into life rhythms and plants.


Who is the authority?
People who say everywhere ‘we don’t know’?
They may well have power – but are their suggestions making a difference?
Do they have a vested interest in you staying dependent on what is not working?

You may need to remember . .  .

The body heals itself.

If you have the ingredients and if they are flowing well – no pain .


Fun – take the time to be 




Healing (change) is up to you . .
Let us start with your belly – your engine/food factory

Your hands – your belly – your womb – your periods – your life


Maybe watch both of these first . .

THEN get started . .

Explaining perineal clench & where my womb is not

A small investigation before we get into the belly soothing.

It is likely that you will not feel your womb.
Only obvious when fallen forwards and you can then feel it gently.

Clue – if you are always need into go pee – and not very much – and/or this is a lot worse just before a period).

Why is the uterus being in the right place important?

Same as for a wheel – the hub is the centre . . .
When not centred in trouble – off kilter.
All is then in the wrong orientation and more likely to cause drama.

Your uterus (womb) where is  exactly where she is designed to work best.

A little above the bladder and tucked into the very middle of your pelvis.

All the ligaments and all the viscera (organs) are also under no stress as she is teh guidance they all work from.

What to do if you have discovered that there is a womb out of position?
Find a Maya/Arvigo or a Mercier worker. I have been trained in both. I feel very grateful to have found these extras t add into my already full ‘bag of tric to add this to what I have spent the past 40 years of clinical practice honing into Heather’s Gentling Way programme.

These modalities allow you to work with the practitioner to gently ease what is holding your body hostage – back to normal. I occasionally train health carers in this. (Contact me if this interests you).

Adhesions  connective tissue that has grown to hold you more together – may be gluing your tissue and organs making normal body function – hence life tricky.


The beginning of self (and belly) soothing


Let us take a small journey.

By allowing gentle touch, all the emotions stored in your body (for later) may then choose to let go.

You will feel better. Pain (body message) happens when flows are blocked.

Help the lymph (the fluid outside the blood vessels that ensures that all is hydrated) circulate.

I say often – when doing this work – please drink much more water – sip it.

1 – Round and round     x9 and in between each other move to free up the lymph

Very gently and shallow

Start at the top of the space under your left rib.

With flat butterfly touch and open hands – start (with oil on bare skin or) over your clothes and trace around the ‘bowl’ that appears when you follow the bone edges.


2- Smaller round and rounds   x9

Even smaller circles as now you are above the navel.

If on your bare skin, this will need ,more oil as you are to glide, barely touching.

Over your clothes, come up about half the pressure, and repeat as before.


3 – Self hug – finishing off and also at an tie in the process of belly soothing.

Gently jiggle your body with your hands.

Maybe palms on hip bones

Maybe as shown.





Can only help




You may wish to know more about the womb and her wishes and desires .. .
To serve you and life better!
Can she?
Find out more in the soon to be released   . .
Love Your Womb Better course!

Let me know so  can tell you how and when to sign up . .

Before this – please take the courses below .
Once you have, I can send you the Womb Woes to Womb Wonders extra as a finishing bonus!

What next?

Self Care online course package – so simple – to massively improve your health and love life!

Pain will disappear as it is no longer blocked where you live!

Clarity will follow