Not Making Babies . . sexual matters

Let us please get real   – sex makes babies. . .

Snippets taken fro what is in the Pregnancy package

Taken from ‘Practical Fertility Solutions’ filmed 2006!!!

A usual question . .

Making love

BUT – Sexual issues. .  . (undisclosed)


Do not save it up!!

All included in this mentoring package – and also in the Transformative Healing online course.

Transformative Healing – Course Outline

What is different?
Structure determines function . .

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All in the Transformative Healing package . .

Pregnancy planning feedback – ‘As we are currently planning to start a new family I obtained a world of confidence for us and our family to approach the pregnancy path very differently. Without this knowledge and listening to stories of others, despite best intentions, we may not have had the confidence to follow nature and our own intuition during the pregnancy and birthing process to avoid multiple occasions of unnecessary medical intervention and increased risk to both the baby and mum.

Personally, I have tried different eating approaches, therapies, healing modalities. Lots of money and time went to it, I’m grateful for Heather’s resources and sharing of knowledge because it made me ask question that I haven’t received the answers to and understand why they don’t work. She gracefully collected all the wisdom that works and put it all together in the system that just simply works and you don’t have to wait for results because they are immediate. It is so wonderful to see my wife glow after giving her various Heather treatments. What a gift’. David Brisbane

Transformative Healing – Course Outline

TH package ‘I have increased my awareness of myself and the programs which are running inside me. This increased awareness has allowed me to enter into a process which will allow me to understand myself and act with more awareness.

The course has also provided me so many valuable tools to apply not only in clinic but to myself and my family. These tools and the course so nicely tie together naturopathy, energic medicine, and acupuncture frameworks. I have not ever seen such simple, yet profound tools. I was amazed by the profound impact on other participants during the workshop and blown away by Heather’s vast clinical experience of her framework and methodologies’. David Brisbane

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Pregnancy Through the Energy Lens


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Clinical mentoring – ‘The mentoring program was an extremely important component of my upskilling. I found all the online materials to be very practical and the demonstration videos are excellent. However seeing the application in a live clinical environment took the application of the tools/teaching to a new level. It was such a pleasure to see Heather in action and adapt to the patient in front of her. Both in terms of their emotional state and changes in patient body feedback. Having the opportunity to correlate expected changes to immediate changes on the tongue and pulse was a very special. I learnt a great deal from clinical observation of Heather and I am very grateful for the experience. It gave me even greater confidence to apply the tools taught and an excellent basis to apply these tools in my own clinic.’ David Brisbane

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