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Sustainable Humanity – 2018

Do you want to be part of all that I have been teaching and researching

(maternity life long focus) constantly over the past 4 decades?

I have never stopped researching and I always do my own thing.
In truth.
The condensed version will be presented.
It sits above the courses found below.
Pre-requistes – you cannot come in without at least the Living Ligaments.

Preferably also the Self Care Arvigo weekend course.. .
Yes it is intensive .. and I am still evolving this

Start here

Once we have established clearing our own blockages to healing,

(Healing the Wounded Healer) we can start looking at what else is around us.

We know that life always reproduces itself – when able. .
Thus there is no such thing as fertility’ medicine
Life recreates

When we let it . ..

We will visit how we are breaking ourselves and for this – please start with all the eLotus stable of my presentations – Moving Blockages 1 – 4 – as I will build on there.

 What all seem to have forgotten – the farming and gardening model


Ingredients (nutrients) and flows . .

cosmicbaby-292x300       cosmic-soul-contract

Ideally you will also have seen . . The Jing Optimation’ and the Wellness Support in Pregnancy’ (Easy Babies 1 and 2) –

plus ‘Bun in Oven’ from Pro D before we go into this Easy Pregnancy Template course.

Lighting each other's lightsAll other courses are pre requistes so we are ‘all on the same’ page – plus – I have done it all already and there is always new work I discover along my path. There are many women who would gladly work again as midwives – (they are so wrecked themselves) – as are so many discarded elders and wounded women healers.
If this sounds like you . .

Step UP!!.

Lighting each others lights!!!

We all have children and our birthing often was tortuous to lead us to where with compassion we can work with others in clarity.
Ever onwards – how to mother others, when so broken?

Start with the foundational workTransformative Healing is so easy – clear out what was not supposed to be there – and what is, will flow again . . Why stop there? Here is more . .


What is left of the 2017 lecture series

(In the meantime – ideally you will join eLotus Gold Pass and then spend a glorious year learning for all as well as the Moving Blockages 1 – 4 and the Easy Babies 1 (Jing Optimation) and 2 (Supporting and Enhancing Wellness in Pregnancy). 

August (mid) 2017 Online eLotus – recorded in April also)

Easy Babies 3 – Making Naturally Better Babies

Easy Babies 4 – Mammalian Maternity

Early September Nobby’s Creek, Northern NSWLiving Ligaments


Mid November 2017Atarau, NZHealing the Wounded Healer (6 maximum – 3 spots left)


2 days later – (can easily do both) – very different content  . (10 maximum – 7 spots left) 

  • How many people can we reach when we start as ripples in the Light?



2018 February Sustainable Humanity  (10 maximum – 8 spots left) 


Mammalian template to the fore!!!