Moves revision – Stuck Liver Qi Release


Part 2 of 5 in Move Your Qi

We are able to do this at different speeds and depths on different bodies.
Do start very slow.

Liver Qi – and Gall Bladder – where they go/what they do


Very gentle – as we have no idea what they may be storing/ready to let go.
And it will change. .

One of the most profound moves in her toolbox
(Stunning Shiatsu practitioner that she is)

How to – see how different everyone’s fascia is held?

Stuck Liver Qi Massage in practice (CLICK)

You MUST move around the body to do the other side

Maybe start here – and often return – deeper and to open.


Another version – if the skin is really tight



As a group – so easy to organise – they are all so into what they are doing/feeling – modesty is really not a feature

All through a session – return to this move – it is a checker, a clearer, and a fixer (CLICK – classification of moves)
As the time progresses – both within a session and over several – you will discover you can go much deeper.
They will find they can instantly breathe better –

1 – Diaphragm released. Breathing is the beginning of the Qi production and circulation.

2 – Qi flowing – less pain anywhere.

3 – Liver Qi governs free flow of all movement in a body – the lymph and gut distress resolved.