Dr John Shen’s ‘Heart’/Shen/personality Problems:

This is a life model NOT MEDICAL

So much of this is backed up by Dr Shen’s life observations – and mine also.
The closer we are to the beginning of ‘life’ the more profound the impact of influences.

The information below holds the explanation as to why those following ‘medical’ have no idea of what is happening and are so intent on ignoring the obvious – we are not robots with bits that break down. This may disturb you as all of a sudden – what you suspected – IS.

It may overwhelm you – or validate all you knew. Please cast your eyes over this and if you know anyone who is growing small people – try to be supportive an ways that may be ‘old fashioned’. It DOES take a village to support the parents to raise the child.

For everyone’s benefit. Here is something that may also assist you – understanding .. . Trauma

The living soul can only express through the Shen and as such below you see how we have managed to still have a system that explains what to do and how to avoid. I state here that this is not diagnosis time for you to then think this is somehow ‘medical’. Below are notes from a talk given in 1994 in an intensive pulse workshop extra evenings’ information from the late Dr John Shen’s 60 years of observations. Please note that most have no idea about this.

The average acupuncturist would not know what you were speaking of. This is from my collection of seminars/workshops that I have been graced in attending over the past 41 years. The old masters are not usually found in print. Their teachings live on through their students.

In all my decades of teaching acupuncturists and of being in service in clinic, I have not known any of Dr Shen’s work to fail me.

He stated many times – ‘always, always, always follow life’

The mammalian blueprint for birthing is very different from that which is being visited upon the new members of the human race.  Without an accounting system – this hows up as getting the beginning of major lifelong trauma held. All here in from of you. Please be gentle on yourself and your mother. We all do the best we can – and few of us have been gifted a real birth – hormonally intact. Primally attached.

The Qi and Blood Chinese medical explanations are for you to see how it is all one body/one being.
Western ideas of drugs, surgery and iatrogenic interventions are all side issues – here is where life happens.

Can we do better? PLEASE

The reptilean brain is in force and feigning death in a lot of us when survival is at stake.
See more here (Poly vagal theory).
Dr Simon Porges starts talking specifically of birth trauma and C sections around 35 minutes in – but please listen to all to really understand what we are missing ).

Etiology/causes & manifestations/how it plays out in life thereafter

Note to reader – Qi is loosely energy see more here.

Blood is more than the red liquid – as with other terms here – it encompasses far more.
Xu means depleted/deficient

Shen – our spirit in form

Heart when a large ‘H’ is the entire system that is also the heart organ – but far more than this.

1 – Heart Qi Xu (Deficient)

From constitution or life experience

Signs and symptoms

  • Tends to be anxious with stress of both etiologies.
  • Anxious even without stress and pulse rate changes easily
  • Lots of change (in pulse) with movement
  • Primarily Heart Blood Xu – this is secondary

2   – ‘Heart tight’

Signs and symptoms

  • Constant worrying and tension
  • Racing mind Inability to get to sleep
  • Occasional left hand side chest discomfort

3 – ‘Heart nervous’

  • Yin and Heart Deficient causing Qi and heat to be unstable, and a bit small.
  • Often constitutional dispositional from worry and ‘heart tight’ over a long time.
  • Physical trauma (more often at birth) sometimes in utero.
  • May not have physical signs and symptoms as the body(i.e. the circulatory system) has absorb it.

Signs and symptoms

  • Easily fatigued especially in the morning on awakening
  • Sleep restless marked by frequent waking
  • Occasional palpitations
  • Often and frequent disturbing mood swings (roller coaster mildly out of control)
  • Relatively mild nature, with increased irritability – look at them
  • – they are usually thin and nervous.

Two types of ‘heart nervous’

  • Prolonged worry and ‘heart tight’ feel nervous – most of the time
  • Pulse slightly rapid 80-84 due to shock – (more serious rate change at rest with no missed beats)


4 – ‘Heart weak’

  • Blood of the ‘Heart weak’ with some subsequent Heart Qi Xu’.
  • Prolonged Heart weakness can go on to serious heart disease.
  • From Heart Blood Xu, Kidney Jing Xu, Spleen Qi Xu,
  • excessive Blood loss over time and
  • also from constitutional Heart deficiency.

Signs and symptoms

  • General feeling of weakness and numbness Blood Xu and diminished circulation
  • Depression
  • Poor concentration and forgetfulness
  • Sleep pattern is OK for a few hour, then awake and can’t go back to sleep
  • Usually tired in the morning

5   – ‘Heart closed’

  • Qi can’t get in, trapped in the muscle. Shock has blocked it up.
  • From emotional causes usually in childhood
  • Sudden loss of a parent or heartfelt connection.
  • Heart that is nervous over a long time.
  • Physical shock to the chest.

Signs and symptoms

  • Vengeful and spiteful
  • Chest pain.
  • Needle like and fixed is more serious than oppression.


6   – ‘Heart small’

  • From the umbilical cord around the neck, head outside and not breathing.
  • Shock – arteries constrict and deprive the heart itself of Qi and Blood = Blood stagnation to the arteries.
  • Heart is suffocatingdue to shock.
  • This is true heart disease (coronary heart disease in western medicine).

Signs and symptoms

  • Unexplained and unexpressed fear
  • Night terrors.
  • Easily startled
  • Shortness of breath
  • Hard to inhale (‘asthma’?)
  • Chest pain usually needle like stabbing also radiating to the left shoulder and arm.
  • Palpitations and cold extremities

7 – ‘Heart full’

  • Qi unable to get into the heart.
  • Prolonged from birth – head inside, even worse than very profound repression of emotions when very physically active.
  • Will result in an enlarged heart and hypertension.

Signs and symptoms

  • Always tired, regardless of rest
  • Little energy
  • Rather depressed
  • Emotionally labile and unstable
  • Hot tempered & easily angered (without provocation), more severe than heart weak/nervous.
  • Entire body is uncomfortable.
  • Difficulty breathing out, less problems breathing in.
  • Discomfort lying on the left hand side will eventually go to ‘Heart Large’.


8   – ‘Heart large’

  • From high forceps/Ventouse
  • Excessive sedation (maternal – at birth)                           
  • All have a profound effect on the nervous system
  • Caesarean section
  • Premature induction
  • Also constitutional Heart Qi Xu Heart full prolonged
  • Rheumatic heart disease
  • Child labour, pre-adolescence with malnutrition – child abuse of all sorts.
  • All worse with chronic repressed anger

Signs and symptoms

  • Extreme shortness of breath especially on exertion
  • Difficulty breathing flat or on the left hand side
  • Chronic chest discomfort
  • Easy and extensive fatigue
  • Maybe hypertension


9   – Heart disease

  • Approximates heart failure
  • From constitutional predisposition
  • Work beyond energy in pre-adolescence
  • Extreme abuse of drugs including alcohol and cigarettes
  • Severe emotional shock to the heart in early life
  • Repressed anger

Signs and symptoms

  • Same as ‘heart large’ and ‘heart full’, but more pain and fatigues
  • Coldness of limbs and body
  • Shortness of breath and spontaneous cold sweats
  • Pitting oedema Poor concentration, forgetfulness and palpitations
  • Numb upper limbs
  • Suffocating heaviness in the upper chest


What can we do once this has happened?

 Try to assist the being as much as possible. An inconsolable screaming baby HAS a problem – it is not into itself THE problem . . . .

If mum is saying that there is a problem, there more than likely is one. Orthodox Western medicine has no tools for this, as there is no disease state YET – the disorder is still in the energy levels. night terror and unhappiness in general may all be assisted here. Become active politically in trying to halt the damage (Dr Michel Odent has well covered this through looking at the statistics – see www.WombEcology.com

Best policy?
Set ourselves free


Become a birthing activist so the patients we see/children in law we have to deal with – are LESS of a problem as we as a culture have not broken them. Work out what has happened preferably undo the problems by sidestepping – become part of a back to natural/mammalian birthing and parenting movement yourself – so you can be part of the solution

Check out www.WombEcology .com and see how modern statistics of primal health validate Dr Shen’s life observations.