A new direction in what you may have been doing
Stop what is causing the problem

Most of this work is taken from my 2007 ‘Practical Fertility Solutions’ add-on day to ‘The Role of 8 Extras and Women’s Lives and Maternity’. (All of this is part of the entire programme – contained withing the ‘Transformative Healing’ package component).
In the 2007-2017 decade – it is all so much worse – and I was horrified back in 1997 –  as I had THEN been a ‘fertility freak’ when all else were still engaged in IVF . . when even then it was not working as it had on inception.

3 – (Take out what is blocking nutrient pathways: think biochemistry)

Only 30 years ago – when we were trying to NOT make any more babies –

it was dangerous to have sex – the babies just followed – no trying – except to hold back the flow of nature..
To reverse this stoppage (Nature saying ‘No’?)

Where to start?

The Silent Spring?
Also here

Slow Death By Rubber Duck

Book – sequel – Toxintoxout

“Our Stolen Future”

We need to clean out all the cells – not the organ systems – out first .

Liquid activated zeolites – need to have access to the ingredients we eat to actually use them on a cellular level.

– why?   Hormones (messengers) – not working . .

Take also the Glutathione Accelerator – need to undo the epigenetic changes that the potential mum and dad have within their cells FIRST – so they MAY make babies that last . .WHY?

Look no further than the low thyroid function – body can’t.

MTHFR? Same . .why?

Why people see me after seeing others?

Results. . .  sex makes babies . .

(When both are well – thus fertile – there is the key . .)

How to measure wellness – thyroid = Yang and Yin Qi being made well with the Middle Heater.

WHERE to take the BBT?

Male BBT and predicting miscarriages and pregnancy success.

It used to be so simple – it was all about what we could do .
And Chinese herbs (for him) so worked well,

WHY take the BBT?
In a word – metabolism . ..need to have an idea about how your gut is working

The use of the toxin taker-outers has been usually the only way men with really poor sperm have magically retrieved themselves – so evident in the tongue changes and all else follows just need his BBT (rectal) to be 36.7/8C – all other things assured.

Not so as it was even 10 years ago . . taking supplements is not likely to make that much of a difference.

Chinese herbs and supplements are the third level of intervention as I see it:

1 – Undo all the misconceptions about health and baby making so life is simpler/easier for good sperm to be made.

2 – Take all the rubbish and life residue out

3 – Maybe then what I know was working a few short decades ago may again – way too many too close together was our issue .