Your body can heal itself.

Let us help it!

This is a part of the part adventure – Self Care course – the other two segments are about touch.
Here we explore the question – “What do I eat?”

As a conscious human . . you need to know that all is not as it seems.

However ‘qualified’ you may feel that you are – we all need to begin with self care . .to assist ourselves FIRST

You will learn  . .

1 – Why what you have been doing is not working

2 – What to do about this – simply – and at home

What will happen when you take this course?

You will learn to trust again – your body is wise.

(It is in segments usually of 2-3 minutes – so you can ‘digest’ each topic).

. you have been missing – help with your gut and why you even need to be concerned.

How long will this take?

Less than two hours to watch – but – you may want to do this slow to absorb it.
I have designed the clips in short bursts.

You can download eBooks and other resources to allow for easy access in snippets

Most people ask me – what should I eat?
The real question is – what is your body doing with what you eat?
Learn more here (CLICK)

And maybe get started as this Food Factory is your key to living life better.

Loving being in your woman’s body also . .

What you can do to touch your own self to health.

“The self help online programme is so easy to follow – and takes minimal amount of time.  Perfect for mums and woman on the move to connect with for 3 minutes, then return to later for reminder.  It is engaging, practical – easy to follow and to do on yourself.  ANYBODY can benefit.  Particularly nourishing for woman and answers questions about their body they may have”.  – Ange, acupuncturist Auckland

It is all so simple – go back to what always worked – it still does!


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Course Content

There are 2 more courses within this packages you will learn not only why HEALTH may be missing – but what to do with YOUR hands to heal your gut (and everyone else) and all structural and pain problems.

Lessons within the ‘Love Yourself Better’ component:

  1. Introduction
  2. Crucial beginnings
  3. Resetting Your Metabolism
  4. Extras to Loving Yourself Better
  5. Hormones – are messengers
  6. Revision
  7. Rest of Your Life

You will not regret taking charge yourself!


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