LL I Nov Bne Steph

Whilst working on Heathers friend Stephanie during an alignment session, I took notes on the various reactions and observations.
She said of the difference from feeling the hands of the trainee in comparison to the feeling from the teachers (Heather Bruce) experienced hands…
“Heathers hands and fingers were more inside my skin”
“One learns to do what one’s told around Heather” 😄
After the three minute sacral pressure release… “Ahhh, I can feel the energy flowing freely along my torso, up and down from the middle back to lower”
“It feels like now there is energy running down my left side (that she previously had little feeling at all). It feels plump!”
After leg pull… “feels releasing, like its making space”
After right leg pull & twist… “I can feel it all the way up to my head!”
After sacral stretch… “feels very peaceful”
Pull-up after session… “Effortless”
After treatment… “Right out of my head, strong in my body”
“Energy running everywhere!”