Let’s Be Well


Living better.  .

Let us see what we can do . .


You have been gifted a body.

You live in the Third Dimension
It is bound by rules

Your body is your temple
It can only work well if you give it what it needs.
It has boundaries of operation
It is governed by natural laws.



It tells you when you are off track – when you listen and not try to shut it up (medicate)

Choices. . .


You may have been seduced by thinking it can be shut up/down (‘medicines’) and you do what you will

Not so . .
Hence you are here.

Let your body do what a body does best – keeps you functional. . and well . . .robust – resilience assured.


What is health?

Heather’s Healing Academy

Start at the beginning – a useful working definition of Health


Ability to Adapt to Change



BEEN GIFTED A BODY – how does it work?

This is not medical . .


Questions   . why are YOU here?

Adapt to the changes coming . .

Let’s Make Better Lives



Maybe change gear?
Allow new concepts. .

Life Recipe – Breathe well


Need to . .

Is the beginning of the energy cycle.
Skip (without a rope)
Fit ball – lean over it – need your diaphragm to work


What is Qi?
What allows life  as a computer – as the charge in the battery

Gouge the spaces



Need to breathe through your nose – and this breathing is due to muscles working

Is your Liver Qi happy?

Air – need to have the air in and the mould out.

You do need to be aware – and maybe take out the out gassing chemicals and also all viral/fungi so you CAN have clean air inside. And if you are sighing? Stuck Liver Qi.
Asthma? Toxins need shifting . .need more Magnesium . . And no mercury (no amount in the body is safe as it is stored there – esp from family exposure to fillings – it comes down through the maternal line.

Consider . . .

Quality of air

Temperature of the air?
Tender organs – the lungs – need to work well – Wei Qi . .
Protective energy.

Sleep in a breeze?
Sleep in a draft – and may get Bells Palsy – not viral – but is actually invasion of cold and wind through the back of the neck – and maybe drink/eat really cold things . .
Cold wastes your Yang Qi . .

May need an acupuncturist – but you do need to help yourself. .

How did we get to here?

We need to study life.
As medicine came from exploring DEAD bodies.
And tries to prevent us from dying – let us go elsewhere with this – Live Well.

Start with understanding how a body works – what drives the ship.


Qi – and Yang Qi . .


Touch and hugging . .

You can so easily on yourself . .


Start here?


What you can sign up for right now and get started with saving your own self.

Self Massage

And right now . .


Get your lymph to move

Get your Qi moving . ..bash yourself.

And maybe also move your breathing area – around where the bra strap would be.


More coming  . .
Maybe also see here?

What are we made of? Qi

And here . .

Life Recipe Extension


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Self Soothing

Perineal Steaming
Foundational Moves

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