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A life time’s worth of a practical intuitive healer and mother’s personal journey gathering
Wise Women’s Gentle Healing Traditions

Home Based Healing

Learn what the professional natural and orthodox ‘health care’ practitioners are not taught and none of us now know.  .
What got us to here?

Sensible living – those old people’s magic ways . .

Reset Your Metabolism (Low thyroid function?/Adrenal Fatigue?)

Covers all that was pivotal to keep us alive – stay away from cold and what to do to get what it has done to us  out – and why (Free up your life force to thrive not survive)

Home Massage

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Pain anywhere?
You can UDIYS (undo it yourself) at home.

Has within this – all that I have discovered in my nearly 40 years of structurally based practice working with all ages and stages of being, Covers the lymphatic flows to allow your weight and digestive imbalances to fall away . .

Yours now . .