Holistic Healing After C Sections

Holistic Healing After C Section/Hysterectomy . .


7/8 October:  Sat/Sun – fully catered

(Includes perineal steaming and other wise womanly holistic extras).

Where? A bed and Breakfast at Matakana (Auckland)

Address given when you book – small class – 7 spots left. .

This is a practical/experiential event – please bring in your own wounded self


Honesty and the courage to let go

$Au 450

Weekend course and all extras – including being fully catered


  • The pre course work (extensive) – Heather’s Foundational Moves hands on qi and lymph moving – we will assume that you have this on board as we will be covering how to use these – not how to do them .. (that is step by step online pre course)
  • The sessions we do on you in class
  • All the resources (What Dads Can Do instant downloads and posters and WDCD actual hard copy)
  • Course manual


So many women now have instrumental/surgical births.

This work is transformative! Especially for older women who have no idea why their neck/lower back/life is just not getting better –  regardless of who they see!

Qi, lymph and blood flow don’t flow. Everything stats to stagnate
Neck/shoulder/lower back and ongoing bladder and gut problems become the new normal.

With a younger woman . ..

What next? For mum and for baby?

Especially as there is NO ONE midwiving women past their C sections . .
An epidemic of wounded wombs

A sample. .

Taster for Heather’s C Section course

Young mums. . .
So the next pregnancy is possibly easier/safer than it otherwise would have been

She is 6 months along with baby 2 –
Home birth doula sent her to me as she has had a traumatic C section and intends to not even have a midwife with her at a home water birth.

Her C scar is the lowest I have ever seen. (Half way between her clitorus and CV2)
She has not touched the scar since it happened.
She is mortified by the process of maybe having to transfer to hospital.
She had placenta Previa – and was also not treated well – as the ob forget she had this and also that she was booked in.

Baby eventually extracted with forceps. Two black eyes resulted – at 2 1/2 still screams all night.
mum doing well s  a mum, but took ages to come around to being pregnant again.
I of course did what I always do – cupped out the cold and used the moxa on ginger – you get the instructions for this this info as part of the pre course work – and then – the scar work – that I have been teaching since the early 1980’s.
Prior to this – undoing the shock and calming down work with Aura Soma and the vibrational essences that I have found to really work.


She no longer has the ‘shelf’ that was there! (If you have had a c section, you will know what I am saying).
She feels as though she really wants to be intimate with her husband again.
The genital herpes that are really severe – she can’t feel it now – they do not burn now with peeing . .
(No damp heat removal points used – I just restored normal flows – so the body is righting itself). . .K, Brisbane

Older mums – often decades afterwards . .

My body is much happier.. I can feel the difference with all the work done on me. I can sleep thru the night with out getting up to pee…. i can hold my bladder full with out feeling like I’m having an anxiety attack ( fibromyalgia symptom …gone) ….. sex was better got to an orgasm – quicker. They have been muted and a lot slower since the hysterectomy! Deep penetration did not hurt…. definitely more space down there!   M – Cairns

This work is the culmination of my 4 decades of questing after more. Heartful hands and a lot of lymph and ligament release is so easy – as the meridians and energy work comes naturally to some of us – and the maps/grids we use for needling are instantly altered – bringing the trust back – for us as acupuncturists and the patients as “Acupuncture really works!’

“I met Heather  at the annual conference of acupuncture in NZ in August 2015.
I had attended her talk on Micro Bleeding,  to have my mind blown away at the technique  that she has developed.
Removing the back /shoulder pain and stiff ankle I had as I was a lucky recipient of this, I felt immediate relief. I felt like  dancing!
Here was something  I could do for my clients immediately.
‘I had become somewhat disillusioned over the years and felt there was more to acupuncture, perhaps I’d  missed something or was not taught as the case seemed to be.
‘Little did I realise just how much I did not know.
The depth of learning  from Heather since then has catapulted me to another level.
‘Heather invited  me to do a course in January 2016.
I was unwell, had on-going back issues, and was medicated on valium, codeine and anti- inflammatory meds.
Work and home life unsatisfactory.
I had an ” It is now” moment.
‘At the end of the first course I was able to stand taller and straight.
Able to breathe better, with a renewed interest in life.
I STOPPED all medication..
Heather had worked on my lower back and sacrum, the pain was lessened so much.
I have done several other Heather courses since then, having learned so many methods and tools to take back to my clinic.
‘The most recent was the Living Ligaments course which included working on the aftermath of C sections and other abdominal scars.
I have a scar of over 30 years, which Heather worked on. I have had bridging the scar done before.
The belly work that was done went further, releasing the underlying adhesions, which I could feel, I also felt my body through my ligaments relax. Moving the lymph which traveled to under my left arm.
Heather immediately used another technique to disperse that.
Which had another plus, as my massive breasts have decreased and maintained about two cup sizes less – which is not missed.
‘I am well and feel like I have come  back into my body after a long absence. Feeling very pleased that through having experienced the treatment myself, and watching the effects on others, I also am now able to work on all those women who have never felt quite right after their C section or abdominal surgery experience.” T – Northland, NZ

It is not just a matter of insertion of needles

“I just do not feel the same since . . . .”

Maybe you can relate – a great proportion of your patients will.
What to do to be more holistic in your approach to total body repair and healing?

Someone gets to have a placental abruption – or acreatia . .
Or ‘just’ not feel like herself ever again . .
Let’s undo it all so the flows of everything flow again!

What will it cost to you in your life if you do not step up NOW?
1 – The pre course instantly usable online course hand work (what works in addition to needles)

2 – The eVersion of the “What Dads can Do” Manual – allowing ease of understanding Heather’s wise womanly take on life.

3  The actual 2 day course and sessions on yourself

4 – Food and ancillary bits and pieces, including a perineal steam as part of the course.

Instant download of all information to get started and a transformational two day weekend with others.

Instant changes in your clinical results!

A good example seen here. . .


Meridians/life – and Bao Mai and Dai Mai are blocked



We who have had these – know that we are just not the same since. .
You do not need to have had a C section or another abdominal trauma or even have birthed children to attend –

You may feel the need for this vital work

You may realise that her next birth may be terminal – (as in maternally fatal) . .

(many do have ruptures in pregnancy or in labour)
And/or  . .
She just may live a life of woe with myriad issues –

Where are the women who have easily birthed?

You may not be one
I was not.
We carry all that happened

What can we do?
Work around it?
Pretend it did not happen?
What about all the meridians – and actually – more importantly how do we detach all those adhesions – on every level?

Connecting Bao to Dai Mai. (The Gentling Method).

Who can attend?


Those interested in hands on health provision 

(Including midwives/Arvigo practitioners)

Natural health care professionals – who want to delve into energy work

Come and join us undo ourselves!!