Heather’s Gentling Way – trajectory


This is a dynamic approach to health and its return.

Anyone can.

In starting the Arvigo training 2014, I discovered a lot of missing pieces to the life puzzle. In losing oral traditions  ‘common’ sense of life Where the elders  mostly women’s business tending and the men’s business protecting/ensuring safety on all levels – has been breached.

No longer are the essentials given at mother’s knee.
A process of life interfered with and showing signs of strain as few now know how to Live Well.


Start at the beginning – self

We have all had ‘a life’ to undo the residue.

Storage of distress, in expressed emotional charges, scars on all levels blocking flows . .beliefs that may need transforming into what serves us now . . in its various forms this gets in the way of the blueprint we were bequeathed.

Once we are clearer, and more solid in our own form, spirit and life – we can – take up again what we are drawn to .. .

Assisting others.

You may be a health care professional – or in training to be.
What you will have noticed is a heavy emphasis in ‘book’ learning.
Life learning may be where you feel you need to catch up –

Here after my 37 years of teaching acupuncturists, and anyone who asks – how to move from where they are to closer where they wish to be – we have a simple stepped through process – that is online in tiny bites – or in small self paced courses.

Where to start . . .

At the beginning

Self Care Package

This on line package is also offered weekly as a membership monthly Your Healing Hands project.

The accelerated path – especially if you are already in business (possibly but not always as an acupuncturists)

Lyttleton NZ 25/26 May

Brisbane 8/9 June


From here . . .
Or instead of – if you can’t make it – Transformative Healng – which begins with Self Care above.
We go through how you can undo yourself and your families history (that we carry about in and throughout our bodies – as a shell) in Self Discovery

Self Discovery Package

Acuucntrurs retrainng begins afte rthis


Many have had objections – they want o cram theirheads wth mor econtent . .

We need to Declutter

. .
The role of the j8 Extras meridians in Womens LIves and Maternity – filmed in 2006.
Still pertinent.
We wander through the issues brought up there – and if you sign up as a whe package at the same time (can be purchased separately) the Pregnancy Through the Energy Lenses’

We were all made.
Even if you never see a pregnant woman – you need to know the factors that messed with the architecture that the person presenting in clinic was shaped by. This Jing Disruptive process of modern artificial reproductive technology and the forcing that ensues is covered in the The Ethics – ‘Playing The Fix It Gae’ in the prior Self Discovery course.

I start you with self, then undoing self, then reframing what you THOUGHT was acountre (as we have had the TCM foray) and we need to go back to the meridians and what QI is and does and blockages mean. THUS how to correct flows.
We move them into What Blocks Flows.  .and as part fo this – we relook at the role of Yang Q I (metabolism).
The Reset Your Metabolism that can e purchased separately – as the navel cupping exercise – is part of this extended picture.