What Heather can offer in your life


As an active thinker and always disputing ‘No’ in her own life – see more about her own family’s challenge here.

Heather has been a force to be reckoned with in any health crisis for many thousands directly – and many hundreds of thousands through her teaching and mentoring healers since 1981, and her patient manuals, books, Apps, eBooks and sites – writing in the past 4 decades as she uncovers why things are getting more and more off track – and how to put them back.

What is different about Heather?

She thinks.
With her heart often.
Uses her hands
Adds in what is needed for you now.

Uses a myriad of modalities – essentially whatever that is needed to undo the blockages stopping your body/soul healing itself
No ‘protocol’.
It is all about YOU/your body and now

No following scripts . ..


  • Change what you are doing in your daily life.
  • Not just what you do – but how you do it.
  • There are myriad ways to restore perfection for you.

When seeing Heather as the transformative energy body worker/Body Mechanic that she is, she will use a variety of different ways to move the stuck parts of you out of previous congestion and stagnation and back into working order.

See what you can undo/unleash together . .

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