I see a need at this time for ‘time out’ – for all of us called to do good . . .

To work on ourselves as women – we give what we need – empty cup?
Burning out helps no one . ..

We may need to recalibrate.

What is happening in the world, in our live and how are we responding to the changes?

Do we need a break to declutter?

What whas taking this do for you?

‘I have given myself permission to treat the way I want to’. M from Melbourne

‘I thought that I was the only one treating the way I do – from my heart. I have found my tribe’  – C from NZ

Lighting each other's lightsAn entirely new way of looking at life and how to then use the three circles model, I have developed to help explain the mammalian, the social and the spiritual components of being here on the earth at this time.

Course Content

1 – Undoing Your Own Inner Library

The information will be sent to you once the deposit is received – there is so much that you can get in this pre course – and the energy building to transform all you have been will propel you into the Moving Blockages Signature System that revolutionises everyone’s life who take this course.
No looking back and running around in personal circles!

A taste of what we did in Adelaide.
There is a significant sound explosion at about 30 seconds – please be warned .

2 – Expanding Your Skill Sets

  • Day Two
    – Expanding skill sets – you will have had a session with me and will have expanded your idea on what a treatment could be doing
  • We covered a huge array of extra things I use in clinic that I have found to be of vast benefit (and why) over the past 4 decades.

3 – Looking outwards: what are we doing in clinic?

  • Day Three – in Adelaide we did ethics –
    What Do We Think We Are Doing NOT reclaiming our own position – that of witches?
  • This is now part of what you get as the pre course content.
    I have added in the pictures – so this presentation is stunning too get thinking happen – reflection in practice.
  • Do also watch the Kaptchuk on placebo.
    I made up a new definition for bio medical ethics . .
    Biological Sustainability?
  • Is this what we are to cover when we are told to ‘do ethics –  or something to keep the status quo going?

In Adelaide we covered – “what is ethics in acupuncture practice and how can we ethically move through the decades without being aware of biological sustainability?”. In the context of pain and neurological challenges as they are appearing due to the body burden and non biologically available nutrients as we continually ignore Nature’s ways. I change content each course so whatever it feels to do – we do . . in the last one we explored Chinese numerology/ the 7 Ray personality types, use of crystals, soul groups and how we are all sisters – deeply bonded.

There are also multi media presentations, and plenty of questions for you to ponder.
As preparation perhaps watch Ted Kapchuk’s brilliant placebo presentation

More details here


We will be looking at moving blockages and healing scars on all levels including working on yourself, your children/family and your patients. We will also cover pain. In the late 70’s none of us would have made it in business if we could not have been excellent with pain – where have great acupuncturists gone? Pain? Something is stuck . . ..

Qi Flow getting your blood, fluids and energy moving.

Please bring along your:

1 – Courage

Show up with a desire to ‘undo’ some of your own blocks . .on any level  (This will be an experiential workshop)
W will be showcasing some home remedies from around the word, including steaming and when you would – radical shifts in all gyne/digestive issues.  .

2 – Curiosity and an open mind

Undoing your own life’s library. When you sign up this course this is be of the many tools that will be sent to you.
You can start ‘undoing yourself’ via the Dr John Shen model.

As Kathryn’s mother – I know more than I wish – of unexpected results – what I wish I had known then is what all this is about.
When you sign up you will also get the ‘Unexpected Life Turns – Neurological Complications’ presented in Feb 1994 to watch as a lead in to the Monday event – medical ethics reframed.

YES – there will be points awarded from other acupuncture organizations.

AACMA has given 20 for the 3 day event

ANZ (NZRA) 25 points

I am gradually getting the credit points for ATMS

In addition:

There are another 13 credit points for the pre course – mutil media package.
(Can be taken at any time as is online – and will be only granted as points when the extensive testing Q and A’s are completed after online).

However – why not see how easy it is to transform your own life and that of others – the perineal steaming alone is wonderful – as is the moxa thread on insomnia heel point for anxiety . . The considerable content found on these multi media presentations is assumed knowledge for all of my work is contained in this – the 8 Extras work from Dr van Buren alone is gold. … It forms the basis of all my obstetric and general work.

The extra package can be taken without attending. You will experience a massive shift from only putting needles in, and only using TCM herbalised theory – go back to meridians . .This package is the foundation course for all of my work . . .home remedies and folk medicine was where all Asian medicine started from.
Attainment certificates sent out when evaluation of your learning (extra Q and A’s  to ensure that you have grown from self paced learning  has been submitted.

This investment in your future includes:

  • Extensive pondering opportunities as self reflective pre and post course activities are included
  • A very different model of care – you first,
  • Catch-up information from my past research, and
  • Workshops to bring you up to speed with terminology and theory.

This package of information will be sent to you when you sign up.

On receipt of deposit you will receive:
All the information to start undoing your own inner library.:

PLUS even more than this

Now has all of the Reconnection Bao to Dai Mai course . .


Transformative Healing Course


  • Reset Your Metabolism Course – the entire undoing cold and increasing Yang Qi – perineal steaming and all navel cupping, moxa and topical iodine usage instructions given
  • Home Massage Course – both men’s and women’s  (usually $A200 each)
  • Cupping cold out course (usually $A97)



Transformative Healing Course

  • Transformative Healing Package (usually $A400 alone)
  • Extensive course notes to wander through at your leisure

The entire retreat is experiential (not ‘teaching’ but learning in your body)

Get started and be well on your way before we convene

to undo what you have been carrying

thus far in your own journey through time.

Why am I doing this?

After decades of working with people – it is time to hand over ‘secrets’ . .

My NZ rose garden beckons – as does writing my obstetric texts . .


Fracture feelsDo you ever wish that you could ‘undo’ the life that has happened to you so far and heal the deep wounds, polish the rough edges and revitalise your own connection to who you are meant to be?

How would it feel to do this for yourself?

Imagine re-entering your personal and professional worlds as an upgraded version of you, enabling you to live more of the life you desire.

Here is your chance to do just this.

Time to strip away that which holds the healers’ mask on!

Reboot self compassion

“Healing the Wounded Healer”

is a life changing 3 day event

(Plus first day for you to unwind/arrive and also for private healing session with Heather)

This course is stand-alone but can also be the first module of a post-graduate mentoring programme that takes you to a level where Heather can eventually refer patients to you.


Why am I doing this?

cover imageI have placed myself through my individual research interests (never give up) to work at the cutting edge of natural health, hard cases (as ‘fertility‘ was pre IVF and HIV/AIDS was all about pre medications) for nearly 40 years.

I am retiring to focus on teach, mentor and write.

I have written patient tools – books, a meditation CD, videos, and created posters and informative apps, and now eBooks and MP3/4’s and courses about to go live – to allow those interested to educate themselves about natural healing and natural living. With all this is support material I am about to deliver so there can be ‘more of me’ around the world.

For those who feel called to follow this transformative work, once part of the way yourself, there will be so much support to assist the journey of others through their personal ‘undoing’. To enhance your business, also much support for you personally as you become one of a group of like-minded practitioners.

I will create a private Face Book page where I will mentor and as part of an ongoing mentorship (international) programme, after the practicals we will run regular webinars, especially on interesting cases that may pop up in my clinic and how I am handling them from my perspective.

I know I have been talking about this for a while but it is finally happening now. If you want to know what I know, then here is your golden opportunity to learn from a senior, practical and innovative healer.

I am handing it on.
Do you need it?

When and where will this be happening?

Click here for Details

Putting it together in clinic – through

    Whatever filter seems appropriate to the group assembled.

    Likely – Pain 

    hat is it and how to manage it on all levels – back to acupuncture basics as Heather is a brilliant musculo skeletal worker (just doesn’t mention it as she is so bored with it as it always works – move the Qi).
    Phone Heather (+617) 3899 2274, or email

    Private Sessions

     [Expect a likely 3 hour session]

    (Ample time in class for more as we top up different parts to see how all can do this work)

    It will be a complete ‘going over’ including Maya/Arvigo® and Mercier work– all back and pelvic corrections – Heather style and as much ‘undoing’ as I can get going for you in your session. That means acupuncture, moxa, cupping, massage, steaming, vibrationary healing and whatever else needed. Your introduction to Heather’s The Gentling Method . . .. let’s undo ourselves to reveal all of who we really are

    hands of light 5

    Spaces are very limited so be sure to book early.
    We cannot have huge numbers as we will be working closely with our stuck energy.
    Many assistants assembled to help transition you back to purity

    Pay the deposit to reserve your place and  download all to get started.


    Please contact Heather
    if you have any questions

    and maybe speak with Heather about terms.

    All accommodation and food, transport . notes, private session and course experience included –

    plus extras along the journey to and from . .

    (There are a few spots offered  . it is powerful stuff to sign up for change)

    – if you need more time to pay and want to come . .
    Talk to me . . (+617) 3899 2274

    (Module 1. Of the Heather Bruce International Mentoring Programme)

    After the course a membership site will be established, as international colleagues will be kept abreast of this – we become a body to work together – there is so much I have to share. Access to me (and after the course) group members on a private FB page as things may crop up’.

    Bold brave and beautiful

    Let’s strip our life residue all away

    so we can help those who need healing on levels we currently do ourselves!

    Instant access to all the pre work – enjoy!!!

    A mini retreat/holiday – all expenses paid whilst you live and learn to be a very different healer.

    Please contact Heather
    if you have any trouble registering