Healing Power of Touch

Self care – How to help your belly help you.

Your own hands on YOUR body . .

Stepped through in simple short segments – all work!!

This segment is about you doing to/for yourself.
Except the Stuck Liver Qi Release – which is in itself often all your need to calm a rebellious belly/body.

Free yourself from inner bondage! This is all about Inner Feng Shui!!!

Soothe yourself – How you can so safely, simply and gently undo most of what your belly is grumbling about.

Gentle is the key in all of this work.

Can be used on the tiniest baby through to anyone and everyone.

How to love your belly – thus your body better – all in one easy set of can do at home (even in bed) moves . .

Help your flows to flow – pain will disappear – all seriously easy.

Time tested – for nearly 40 years in my natural health care practice – gems homed through a lifetime of results.
All for you – regardless of what ails you.

Safe, effective, instantly soothing.
Feel better instantly!


Course Content


  1. – Welcome
  2. – Introduction – life is NOT medical
  3.  – Housekeeping – seeing a new way of seeing life
  4.  – Actual Moves
  5.  – Treasures
  6.  – What Can and Does ‘Go Wrong’
  7.  – Free therapies

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