Self care – How to help your belly help you.

Your own hands on YOUR body . .

Stepped through in simple short segments – all work!!

This segment is about you doing to/for yourself.
Except the Stuck Liver Qi Release – which is in itself often all your need to calm a rebellious belly/body.

Free yourself from inner bondage! This is all about Inner Feng Shui!!!

Soothe yourself – How you can so safely, simply and gently undo most of what your belly is grumbling about.

Gentle is the key in all of this work.

Can be used on the tiniest baby through to anyone and everyone.

How to love your belly – thus your body better – all in one easy set of can do at home (even in bed) moves . .

Help your flows to flow – pain will disappear – all seriously easy.

Time tested – for nearly 40 years in my natural health care practice – gems homed through a lifetime of results.
All for you – regardless of what ails you.

Safe, effective, instantly soothing.
Feel better instantly!


What an acupuncturist said as she completed this segment . .

‘Heather is humorous, caring and light hearted in the way she teaches. I sense I am reconnecting on the common sense wisdom of the elders. My acupuncture schooling was barely hands on, believe it or not. Mostly about theory and where to put the needle. But how to work with lymph, Qi, emotion and feeling – those are missing link that Heather reintroduces.

A lot of the power of our medicine seems to be getting lost in intellectual based information, techniques and theories. We can often forget the basics of what it means to live as a healthy, integrated human being. We are embodied, and touch is vitally important. Simple things like how we think, what we eat, and how we move, are often over looked. A lot of what is in this course I will share with my patients. There are great graphics and posters which I can put out in my clinic and print off for patients as home work.

The more we can reconnect with our own bodies, at home, the better we’ll get. Working through the exercises myself, just while watching the course modules, I can feel the difference in my body. More relaxed, more integrated, more flowing, and more joyful. Thank you’. – Cara Canada


Course Content


  1. – Welcome
  2. – Introduction – life is NOT medical
  3.  – Housekeeping – seeing a new way of seeing life
  4.  – Actual Moves
  5.  – Treasures
  6.  – What Can and Does ‘Go Wrong’
  7.  – Free therapies

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