Healing After C-Sections is a course for acupuncturists to learn more ways to alleviate the lingering after-effects of C-Sections

Often no one knows the effect the operation (or any abdominal surgery) has had on a person until the blocked Qi and lymph and adhesions as well as the scars are released. This course is the result of my 40 years of working with women predominantly in many roles working with moving blockages to healing.

C sections

This leads to the question why C sections are needed, with a steady increase being shown just in the past 20 years from 26% to 33% in Australia. Studying trends in other countries, the WHO has seen that with a C section rate climbing over 10% of births, there is no change in mortality outcomes. The rate that babies are arriving by C sections are rising in this county. At least a third of babies are now born this way – 87% of mums repeat the experience.

After effects

This leads to a progression of adhesions, post operative wound and life time of health challenges – that accelerate as the years move up – with structural, visceral and urogenital complications being seen as unrelated to the loss of normal Qi and lymph circulation in the pelvis.
We can change almost all conditions simply by working on the scars.

Scars are not just on the surface, and in the physical

Heartfelt distress and consequent life disruptions are not part of what nature had intended when baby was conceived. There may be substantial healing needed prior to conceiving another baby – or to just be able to move on, so life feels easy again.


Course Content:

  1. Welcome
    Introduction to Heather’s Signature System of Moving Blockages
  2. Self care – for everyone
    Self Care
  3. Moving the Qi
    Moving Stuck Qi in a woman’s body –
  4. How to – Heather’s needling plus . .
    Healing after C section: for acupuncturists
  5. Conclusion