Gentling Way review: TCM ideology brought back to life

Living Ligaments Review

Acupuncture is an energy medicine.

Heather’s work allows us to look at the body holistically. To get energy moving where it needs to move. Being exposed to this allowed me to see the body without the restraints of a “system” or “doctrine”. Thus getting to the root or the core of life. Then how to be in the body and function at an optimal level.

The Gentling Way is a great add-on to any modality that you are currently using.

It releases congestion and makes any treatment more effective.

This has been complicated by Traditional Chinese Medicine’s arrival (TCM),as a compartmentialized version of what has always been before PCR. When I was able to push what I learned aside, and think about the channels for what they are – energy pathways – Heather’s work made so much sense. She uses bodywork is a natural aspect of getting energy moving. Called ‘Living Ligaments’ is not based on dead/death – cadavers and the shell we inhabit – but on all of us as we live in our bodies.

Heather suggested as well as doing all the eLotus courses she has set out as the foundation to her work.

(Moving Blockages 1-4 and Easy Babies 1-4) to concurrently with her Transformative Healing programme to get into an Arvigo practitioner training (PCT) course. This was a great baseline for her sacral and abdominal work. Heather’s Gentling Way adds deeper levels to this work. I began to understand where energies get blocked, how to undo it.

There is no routine to the moves, you do what is needed.
There is a protocol – here it is . . Let Life Flow again . .

(Qi medicine)

Find the ‘driver and get them on board and engaged . .


Who is in charge there?


Declutter – take out what is blocking life flows and self healing

Reset – turn off and allow the factory settings to come forth

Restore – back to the Way of the Tao . . as we are to be


An understanding of this comes from immersing yourself in the obvious – as Heather is modeling and teaching. Her work is based on her decades of researching, developing knowledge, skills and intuition and of course, clinical and lived life experience.

No ‘diagnosis’ as it all depends – and it changes moment to moment – as you see the tongue shifts!!