This is NOT medical – it is life orientated – Pro life

Beware – this may upset your inner belief systems

Or anything else that is ‘wrong’ with you – the same  . . ingredients there to be used?

Wastes not being moved on? Circulation??
Detox drops – look at this site and trawl all around it – especially on mercury . .

  • 4.30 – Water . . halides are messing with your metabolism

  • . 40 – Adjuvants you need to get serious – only one body – and not really able to process the ongoing onslaught of chemicals.
  • 1.45 – site change . . go here. . . Glutathione (accelerator)Why?
    What we make hormones with a spontaneous presentation.  I thought – after how many times a day –  – why not record it?

(So the patient/recipient did).

Pain (algia)  in the muscle fibres (fibro-my) is easy to fix . .

Simple, natural solutions

Did you know you had it?

Literally –  muscle and fibrous connective tissue pain.

Blocked circulation/not enough of the right ingredients causes pain . .

What /why is pain felt?
Where is it?
What to do to undo pain

and in the connective tissue.

All of what I have posted here has worked for every person who has come on to see me with fibromyalgia. BUT this presentation is not actually JUST about fibromyalgia.  Your body is a whole system and when one ingredient is missing all start being stressed and all starts falling apart – you just have the perfect storm building for this labelled problem – you will have many others concurrently – but maybe seeing many different specialists – and all have missed that all you need is to get out of cellular malnutrition.

We need . . . to run a body well . .

Whether there is a formal ‘diagnosis’ of menopause/cancer/dementia/pain anywhere or plain old fashioned can’t get out of bed . .

flower - whie dove flying

Ingredients and flows (circulation – see below)

(Are they there and can you use them?)

Good questions
Please watch the four presentations and then look into taking charge – waiting for ‘a magic pill’ when in fact your body is working incorrectly – and can be easily relieved of not just the pain, but all other things that are upsetting you.

You might just say – ‘but I am taking a lot of this’.

You are maybe expecting what is in a bottle, or your food to be getting into your cells as designed – not so likely – which is why you are in this mess – and why I say it is so easily fixed – no one is playing the game of turning you to wellness.
This is why the Self Care package was born – to help you makes sense of how it is not all about what goes in your mouth – (see the bottom of the page).

Firstly – The Life Recipe . .

Maybe you need to take out what is blocking our use of the common ingredients?
Highly likely – and if you are worse, as so many are – after a flu or a Hep B vaccine – this is why – aluminuium in the vaccine stops the mercury detox and no amount of either of these neurotoxins are ‘safe’ – and few medical or natural health care practitioners starts here – I do not mean chelation – I mean you HAVE to get rid of the pesticides, and all other debris that is in your cells as it is slowly killing you.

Pain and fibromyalgia are your warnings

Iodinecan’t live without it – better metabolism, digestion, freedom from fluid sluggishness and cancer can be yours!
Needs selenium to be useful – BUT the heavy metals within you (picked up along the way as we are all polluted now) are stopping your absorption – even if the fluoride *(that is not helping anyone’s teeth –  was not blocking it.
Vit D3 – we have nowhere near enough of it as all are sacred of skin cancer – but they need Vit D 3 to take hormones, absorb minerals and run their brain, and ensure the magnesium (for pain relief) is able to be used.
Magnesium – topical – blocked by mercury loading from long ago in your maternal line, tracing back to now – need to get rid of this  so the selenium and magnesium can make your own Glutathione.
Your body also need zinc and that also is blocked by the heavy metals/mercury in your tissues and cells.
Just start by following this ‘patch up’ series – home help  and fix it yourself.-
Maybe take your BBT (see here)

This gives you an indication of your thyroid function (and it WILL be lower than optimum to have ‘fibro’.

And menopause. .
And endometriosis

And so much else . .

And so many other ways the body is throwing out warnings that are being ‘boxed’ up and left for you to deal with . .
The point here is to find out all the baseline and then undo what is sitting on top of your body healing itself.
Along the way the low energy, brain fog, gut issues, hormonal/emotional disruption and the weight and so on will normalise – truly.
It is not a disease, but a state of malnutrition.

No need for expensive tests – also perhaps download the online self paced self help courses and get serious – you have a lot of living not happening.

Please STOP all vaccinations and flu injections as these are part of why you are in this mess.
None of us work better with the mercury, aluminium and the rest of the line up that has found its way into us.
So many – were living wonderful lives till that Hep B or Gardasil injection – or gradually the yearly flu injection has just worn out your resilience.

Time to take yourself in hand and get well again  . .
No doctors needed – just some time to read through and follow all I suggest.
you have all those labels they have many different specialists (as they apportion the body off to different people – not seeing the whole unit – and you know that you have way more than ‘just’ sore muscles/low energy’ happening.and expect results.

Your body will thank you:

Being in a state of massive malnutrition, so you can’t flow is not fun – as you know.


There is now a Self Help package that can only help you – as here are the secrets to a happy gut and a pain free body/life . .


Flows not flowing?
Cold invasion . . smoothies, juices, meal replacements – all with ice in them . .?
Learn more how this affects your gut function here.


In Fibromyalgia 2 presentation I cover:

What is afflicting almost everyone – with or without fibromyalgia – (not just those with ‘pain in muscles’) body temperature too low as your thyroid function is reduced. The need for iodine, (aptoptosis to allow your body to ‘house clean’), your body’s need for salt, how halides get in the way of life dependent iodine, not using ice, and your need for magnesium.

Please pay more attention to the causes of all problems – lack of ingredients and a lack of flow.

Here we see how adding in such a simple ingredient (and at the right dosage)

can transform your life out of pain.

Why? All bodies need a wide array of ingredients and these being bioavailable (no good just taking a blood test  saying it is there – you need to be able to use it) and in the right quality and amount.

More on magnesium depletion signs found here and also for breasts (and thus hormonal health) and generally – here. Always use topically first.

A quick summary? What do we make hormones with? Fat and Vitamin D3.

You need to get rid of the heavy metals that have deactivated the nutrition getting to your cells. As an example?

????What causes MS????  This is listed as a side effect on the vaccine warning of the Hep B to start with – usually a build up of toxins – and of course – lack of Vitamin D3. What to do to fix both problems – and all other health degeneration – do not listen to the ‘we do not know what causes this’ professionals – get yourself back to better flow and better cellular nutrition.

How come you have not seen this anywhere else?

Modern orthodox medicine is not about wellness. What is there to sell if you are given the answers and you just get well and stay resiliently strong healing yourself as we are designed to?  I am sharing what works for all as after my 4 decades of providing health care. I am running out of patience with the retail business models all use for ‘health care’ – when all grandmothers would have had all well by taking all under their wings and having them live the way they knew we all need to. Global pollution – means you have to clean up your own universe.

Start with the liquid activated zeolites as using nutrients that are being blocked from your cells is why you are even needing to read this – look to how I lost 7 kg in 7 weeks – and the mess coming out of my feet – all have this – we are not designed to have to exist in the sludge that is in our blood and cells – take it out and your radiant being will shine through again!
A state of malnutrition and of lack of flows flowing is not the scope of practice of an orthodox medical specialty – hence ‘we don’t know’ is the answer to what causes fibromyalgia.

Take out what is blocking your gut from working and clear out what is stopping flows flow . .

That simple!

Unleash your inner healer – undo what is between you and your wellness

and carry on loving life


Please sign up for this three part online home based course – where ever you are in the world – this holds your keys. In your own hands!!

It is so easy to get your health back!

Please get in touch as here is so much that has been missed by all on this easily treated malnutrition side effect of being in this word. Women? Need more iodine than men. Older? We run out from having given to all. Anyone? Vaccination is destroying your health as the heavy metals that are part of the deal stop your accessing the nutrients from your food.
All are ignoring basic biochemistry.

Find out what you can do to start on your own path to health and vitality and easy living today.

You may also want to take this further into undoing ‘The Story’ that is what has run you so far  –
Opening yourself up to undoing yourself – a profound healing tool for you

Take out what is blocking your life force

and feel it all flow again!


We can then release our Qi – and move through to the next phase – of being here as ourselves.