Course Summary

This course is a deeply reflective discourse from a very senior acupuncturist.

For those who really wish to be more ethical in practice.
(It is NOT a ‘how to avoid being sued’ course). Not so much a ‘get points ‘ exercise – although you will . .
There is a course questionnaire that requires you to have been paying attention and watching the embedded extra videos.

Covering such diverse topics as modern life killing off the gut flora and what we intend to do to improve this, through to NOT collecting cord blood, drastic declines in sperm health and why this may be, what placebo is, how birth shock happens, why we may need spiritual healing , and the ethics of vaccination versus following survival of the fittest.

For anyone who has doubts about where we are heading – as a culture and a race, and even our profession’s part in the changing landscape.

Containing 10 hours of thoughtful extras in audio/visuals. If you are up against the CPD needed for the AHPRA accreditation – this will fit perfectly. I ask for your reflective ponders all through – and from Dr Ted Kaptchuk to traditional birthing practices and saving mothers and babies  – in Bali. We investigate what is healing – and our place in this picture. The foundation – my redefining ethics – how to evaluate the Biological Sustainability in a lot of the reproductive and general work that patients think we can do for them by exchanging money for services.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Ethics
    Ethics Prelude
  2. Welcome to Ethics 2016
  3. Foundational concepts for acupuncturists
    1 Ethics 2016:1 Foundation/placebo
    2 Ethics 2016:2:What Are We Doing?
    3 Ethics 2016:3 Causes of Disease
    4 Ethics 2016:4 Handwashing and medical ethics
    5 Ethics 2016:5 Living Well
  4. Conclusion
    1 Conclusion and what next? Ethics 2016