Ethics Adelaide 1

Part 1 of 5 Wounded Healer Adelaide Ethics


I feel so strongly that nowhere near enough questions are being asked – or answered. As an elder in the acupuncture community, I am giving back   .

As the answer to having myself to ‘do’  4 hour ethics action for the registration process, and finding all that was about was what I call ‘middle circle’ stuff – as in the legislation – not the practice and continued push onto a practitioner’s quest for excellence in clinic – I have this presentation.

Here is what one participant said of this course.

“Hi, have listened to your series on ethics, and applaud those hard hitting questions you asked us to look at in clinic. For me I shall listen to it all again as though I was paying attention I’m sure my brain was otherwise engaged on the answers and may have missed more. Controversial, thank you for putting it out there. It needs to be played at all acupuncture training colleges establishments.”

Wounded Healer 1 Adelaide presentation – we thought that we were filming

BUT camera set to turn off after 10 minutes so most has to be read.

First 45 minutes . .

Please also watch what came the day before – the possible reason that we are here as ‘healers’

 I start with the lines as they explain my continual model – the ‘left hand side/the right hand side of the page’ . .

Manfred Porkett – ‘The Theoretical Foundation of Chinese Medicine’ …yin and yang and also because it’s constructed if you go from Chinese to Latin and then to English. Now this is really handy because this means that everything in density, everything that has form, everything that is validated, lovely word, by our five senses in our culture is going to be called real because it’s tangible. Ah here’s a thought because you see the other part problem here is we’ve got in other cultures that are less three dimensional, they are less than the third dimension and what do I mean? They’re not so damn stuck in substance and are more aware that things don’t actually matter, that relationships matter, that connectivity matters, that we are actually here as energy beings.

We are as beings of Light and I have other presentations that will aimed into this.

So when we’re looking at something that’s more Yang I do not mean male and female, sunny sides and shady sides of health, I mean as we’re in duality we can do anything breaking it down to its polar opposites, so to define one thing we’re going to define the other. So we can go down and do this we’ve got vibration, hello homeopathics don’t work. Really? Or we could look at the empirics of anything, we could look at what’s supposed to be called esteric which is just hidden. It’s really not it’s just that if you’re stuck over here in one paradigm you’re not going to be able to understand another paradigm so it’s insubstantial because it doesn’t have that form. That sounds a bit like Qi really doesn’t it?

So when we’re going to be using acupuncture we’re going to run into swift problems in culture that validates only that which has got a scientific basis. I’m not going to sit down and define terms but it might be an idea if you’re writing things down to go have a little line on your page because I’m not going to do this. We’re actually going to go into pain and neurological problems and bioethics and all sorts of things because these all depend on whether we’re even allowed to practice. So when we’re looking at Qi – note – isn’t about TCM.

Now some people I know are going to get really upset with me presenting. I’m a woman, I’m not Chinese, what would I know? I don’t have a PhD and also I’ve just trodden on one of your landmines. I tend to do that a lot so it might be an idea if you actually stand aside from the personality that is rearing up possibly and going hang on just a minute maybe there’s more to this, why is she actually even doing this? Because it’s real and when I say it’s real we have people coming in to see us all the time who have got really big problems and we don’t need to be another one.

So here’s an interesting little moment and here we have a person and there’s’ three circles there. So we’ve got the physical, now we’ve got a handle on the physical. We think it’s all down there, yeah to a point. So we could call this the hard drive of a computer but what I’m really talking about is the biology. Are we talking about the biology in anything? The usual answer is no we’re not, we’re usually talking about the social and what do I mean by that? That tribal business which is you’re in my gang or you’re not. Unless you’re in my gang or you’re not means that we have got where we start looking at ethics you’ll find very quickly that it’s all about what I call the middle circle. Who’s tribe are we talking about?

Then if we just go up a bit more what we have not very many words for which I think is actually more important than anything else because it’s the essence of the soul of what we’re doing. The soul of the heart of what we’re doing is going to be determined by something that we are going to try and define by the middle circle. Well that’s a bit tricky and I’m just going to leave a question mark and people if they are having a religious conversion presently and think I’m only doing this because I have to do my points you can feel quite happy because I’ve just left it blank. I don’t know what I’m going to call it so I’m just leaving it blank.

So what we have here is another issue that we need to have a think about which is what does it mean to me? Ok so now we’ve got to define who ‘me’ is. Now there’s another story and forget this for a minute because ‘me’ depends how you’re defining life and there we go again. Now I do this with all my presentations it can look a bit wiffly-waffly and then all of a sudden we’re into the middle of which point it is so don’t worry. So if I’m going to ask a question who is ‘I’ I suspect you’re going to come up with the middle circle because that’s how you know everything. That’s the filters you have this time around on the planet. Why are you on the planet? You have to be on the planet so you’ve got a physical vehicle, the driver is not necessarily the encoded behaviour and this is how you do everything.

So we’ve got here the social again and we’ve got Heather biological again and then we’ve got I would call the soul, spirit. Ok so now we’re going to see what rules we’re going to identify. Now this is really important if you want to talk about ethics because it very quickly becomes which cage of belief are we running? So we’ve got biologic, that is going to be 7 and 8 year cycles because we’re acupuncture consultants. It’s a template and if the Jing is working – I’ve got other stuff I’ve done on Jing so we won’t worry at the moment. If the Jing is working then it will just unfold and everything in an orderly fashion will go about it’s business. That is the circle of life and that is if you biological imperative etc., you know I’m just going to have a baby that sort of thing. It’s set, we can’t actually change it and the only reason we can actually be here is because we do have our kidney Qi Jing and all the rest of it functional. Now that’s set so that allows us to be in time and space.

Beings of Light (CLICK)

So that is our blueprint or template and we all belong to the human race this time around and we must have a heard as we are mammals and we will revisit this when we are talking about birthing. So as we have a herd we also have a tribe and now here we run into some issues.   . . quick smart because this you’re in or you’re out stuff. We’ve got inclusion and we’ve got exclusion. Now kids do this the little buggers at school and there’s all sorts of nasty things going on it’s just the same as flocks of birds and it’s the same as I’ve got a PhD and you haven’t so I’m bigger and better than you. I’ve got the rules and you haven’t got the rules, this is what we’re going to call evidence and your’s is no good. OK you get the drift.

So if we are more than just that although I could say actually we’re stuck in a cage and that cage is not a particularly comfy spot for some of us because that cage is what’s classified as ‘me’ in our culture. In other cultures not so but in our culture we are very tied into back onto our page on the right hand side we’re stuck over there. This is not all a human being is however this is what ethic have a tendency to go towards because it’s in the paradigm of the dominant male scientific right now in this culture orthodox reality.

Deconstructing who ‘we’ are (CLICK)

So now we’ve established we’ve got a cage of beliefs and this is what’s called and a person dies and that’s the end of it. If that’s you reality fine but a lot of other cultures and a lot of other times and possibly the truth of the matter is we have a drop of consciousness and that’s what we’re talking about here. So with my drop of consciousness we’re going to say well look I think we probably had a reason for being here, I think we’ve probably got a soul script and god forbid I use that word ‘good karma’. People might get upset and I go would you just calm down? Stand outside of your tribal beliefs for a tic and see what else there has been in the past and still is.

So we are looking at I’m just going to say your soul script all as is, as in fixed design, there was a reason for things to happen. Now this is going to become really apparent when people come in and they’re not happy because your treatment didn’t work or they’ve now been diagnosed as having this disease or whatever. I’m going ok so who’s got the rule book of what life is, It’s a fascinating concept. To get – this is more asking you questions for later so just if it brings anything up please don’t take it personally, this is me as a senior therapist who’s been writing acupuncture courses at all levels since the early 80’s. I’ve watched everything change and become more and more not about Qi or heart or Shen or what the classics said and less and less real. It depends on what you mean by real, so that really is an important piece of information just to encapsulate.

So now we come back to what I did before, now that here is Heather’s gleanings to help people understand things and sometimes I write my little snowman out and say look this is what it all means. So what does it mean to me? Who is ‘I’ is where I came from. What is the person that is going to go I don’t believe that, that is not what I think? Fine but how did you get what you think? Very quickly we get into this good old cognitive dissonance and I’d be interested in those who think they are right telling everybody that we have to do things that are very against nature in order to stay safe and well.

Then we have to have a look at what do we mean by those terms ‘safe’, ‘well’, what is health, what is disease and all of that. Is it not an experience and as an experience who the hell is anybody to say it’s right or wrong which is me going back to the page here. So what is right, what is good? Is good and bad even what we need to be talking about? I’m an acupuncture consultant and I’d be inclined to say is it flowing? If it is flowing then at least it’s alive, if it is stuck it’s going to cause problems. Now I think you’ll find everybody who is a gardener just knows that there are seasons. We don’t have to go on about the five elements and this and that, they are out there, this is not special. Now I did a bit of a diversion into the Maya culture because I wanted to know what I didn’t have and I’m about to do the same thing again because there’s an awful lot of life that we actually have screened out because they have told us that it doesn’t make sense, it’s an old wives tale or whatever.

So the traditional wisdom this is a small pot, we should be drinking an awful lot more water so if we can just pause and go get your water it would be a good thing. Have a whole swig of fluid because I am confronting belief systems. So on the subject of belief systems which then become our moral codes and we are told by the people in the white hats or the black hats or whatever what we are supposed to thing and the people have a tendency to be male. So if you’re going to get upset by Heather looking like a you beaut feminist sorry we should all be because if we were paying attention to the Mothers’ Torah we wouldn’t be in this mess. I’ll get back to that.

So here we have a line and here we have good old Doctor John Shen, Doctor Hammer’s and my master. Here we have the conception of the physical vehicle and death of the physical vehicle. The impact of influences of anything that is going to happen birth, 10 years, I’ve stuck in 2 years I’m a mum. Brief diversion I became an acupuncture consultant because I had a child and it looked to me like he was going to have really bad asthma, eczema problem like his dad because – and what would I know I was only 22 – his back had the same kink in it at the top that his dad’s did. Now I knew nothing about health except I was on the planet and I had been a gardener. It just struck me knowing at the time that structure determines function that that probably shouldn’t look like that and I had better do something about it.

So there’s me in the back blocks of Upper Main Arm Mullumbimby NSW hitch-hiking with my baby and my pack on my back which has got my text books and his nappies. There I am getting to Brisbane for the first six months because I needed to know what I needed to do to help that kid. At the same time I did the naturopathy that was around, anything herbal I could find, any massage I could have because I was being a responsible mum. Now some of us were just too responsible and mums do have a tendency to be that person – so I was that person and I quickly discovered that I’m now a single mum and I need to work. So of course I was going to do what I just knew and nobody else seemed to.

So everything I’ve ever done in my professional life has been as a mother. I think we need more of us, I do not think those that are smart with their pointy hats are helping. So we have over here a life framework, we know that the closer we are to conception the less differentiated and the more malleable a human being is. So why are we scanning? Why are we inserting chemicals?

They’re calling it best practice.

For whom?

Let’s just do a wee diversion what on earth do you think ethics is? Just write it down, get yourself your own little – what do you think ethical behaviour, ethical practice, best practice and then stop and have a think about it from where I started from. But just what’s ethics you know? We’ve got to do this ethics to gain ‘points’ to still be ‘legal’

So what does it mean? Because I put it back to biology, this is biology. How we unfold as a flower, I live on the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand and the trees grow like that. They’ve probably got no all roots here they need everything trying to hold them back from that wind. Now you can’t tell me that’s genetics, let’s pretend we don’t have this other word because it’s sure as hang I don’t think ethical to ignore epigenetics because that’s what Chinese medicine and all agrarian cultures were about.

This happens when that happens, no randomised controls here it’s just look sometimes this happens and then you know the shamans or whoever would work out the planets are in alignment at a different configuration and when this happens and that happens then this happens.

The general person they’re not going to get it but for those of us who have got more awareness, more understanding, we’re here for different things that just to go about our business one following the other. We’re going to go just a minute OK – so in my just a minute I was a mum, I did that another three times and so I’m well aware that when we’re messed up let’s have a mother who’s so freaked out she hates you. Go and have a look write it down Still Face Experiment and just see how you could possibly think a woman as a mother could possibly do that to her child in the interests of science, the still face experiment.

 (Be warned – this is heart wrenching for some of us)

OK so here we go here we actually need to be bonded, if we’re not going to bonded and mum’s going to be so freaked out about what’s going to happen next she’s going to shut down. I’ve jumped into acupuncture speak and the nourishment OK – physically even because why? Because here’s one of my lines again and we’ve got the physical is only going to be look at that, fed through other areas. We have to have life force and to have life force that would be Qi and then that physically manifests as Blood. Let’s just go really serious here then we’ve got placenta, and this is all of us, and it came out through our original scar our naval. If we were upset at the instant of switching the pericardium function on as the heart’s protector – which is our first breath, we’re ‘done for’, for the rest of our lives. That’s the work of Doctor John F Shen which is available all through my stuff and I’ve called it ‘Matters of the Heart’ and that’s on Sharpen Up Your Results currently.

You may also like to explore what Dr Shen said of Birth Shock – this is very wide spread.

What you need to understand is that there is a whole lot of different ways that people get shut down and it’s generally before they’re 10 years old. Quite often before they’re 2 years old. Now people come in and they want treatment and they want it fixed by next week –  amusing aren’t we? We’ve got our physical being that’s been set in concrete like that tree that’s gone in that direction – it wasn’t in it’s genetics to do that it’s on the West Coast of the South Island, the Tasman sea is right there, salt, and there we go it’s growing like that the whole forest between Hokitika and Kumara Junction is like, it’s on a lean instead of being like that.

Now if you take one of the seeds and plant it elsewhere it will do what it should do if it’s not got a prevailing wind, if it’s got enough soil. I’m a gardener so I know that I had this brilliant garden up in Witta (Maleny, Qld) which has got apparently 12 foot deep topsoil. So if I got some of that and I stuck some seeds out of the same pod and I put them in an egg carton and I had them under the same conditions and there we go I’ve got my seedlings and one or two might not live so we’re down to 10. So now we’ve got 10 and I stick one in my garden, one out on the front of the verge where anybody can do anything, one in the cow paddock down the road down there, give one to my son who knows nothing about anything, you get the drift.

Bonsai one, you’re getting more of the drift. What happens is what has happened after it has been sprouted, we’ve got the seed, we’ve got potential and we know about Jing and that’s another conversation.

When we’re actually being sprouted in here and we might be an egg and did you know they have placentas in eggs? I found that out the other day I had a patient who’s rearing geese and they have blood coming from that egg. Now what an amazing thing we eat eggs, so go and investigate just as a bit of interest because we are going to get into reproduction because that’s really what we’re doing, the consequences are an awful lot of pain, the consequences are an awful lot of neurological destruction. That’s the subject of today through the lens of ethics which is who’s looking and what are doing with it? So we’ve got everything has to come from over here and be shown in the physical, it’s coming through blood, it’s coming through placenta what runs with our blood are Shen.

Mum’s Shen is what’s nourishing the baby, it’s not just the physical.

Can we please get off this male dominated bright idea that we can whip embryos into a freezer and bring them out again and they are all good.

What about the Shen?

I’m a mother, I will remind you often.

So when we’re looking at the placenta and the blood it came from what? Well we’ve got mum who’s got a Shen and it’s also got the physical component, so we’ve got the physical over there and we’ve got the Shen over there. What she can or can’t nourish that child with is going to be a collection of here and also sacrum – which I’ll talk about shortly. So if we’re going to listen we better have a scan and see if the placenta is flowing properly, what do we think we’re doing subscribing to that? That’s going to cause DNA damage and you can look that up the dangers of scanning. Oh it’s going to be couched through the ethics of safe practice in western medicine, we’re going to be calling that what the doctors say. “What does the doctor say?”

That’s a failure of educator of right and wrong and that’s what everybody has bought because they’ve gone and they’ve learnt at the university through the lenses of not life experience, not farmers, not mothers, but those who don’t have life experience but they’ve been given a tick and they are the ones who have the ticket. It allows them to open the other doors and other gatekeepers however it’s on the foundation of what the elders knew and it’s gradually been we only need this bit, that bit and capstones irrelevant. Then we’ve got what’s underneath it and what’s underneath it has to be rooted and we’ve lost what whole foundation of any form of medicine. So you might ask yourself as a little aside on the green bits of paper if you’ve still got them what is medicine and why do we need medicine? Is it bad to not feel pain? Are we actually going to learn things by being completely and utterly thrown around by the lens? Possibly.

So what we’re doing here is looking at the thirds of our lives. So looking at the thirds of our lives the most important person in our life is pretty darned obviously that person. We’re not just half our Jing, she grew us like the wind tree and so whatever is going on for mum is going to go on for us. Then we are going to come in as a wee spirit and plonk, whatever we signed up for is going to happen. So could you take a deep breath, have some more water, don’t get upset about what I’m going to uncover because this is the beginning of me talking about the ethics and how we got to where we are. It’s a big mess because we’re not allowed to do things and there’s some people on this side of the page who gives us the nodNow I went off to belief, why did I go to belief? Because I thought there was a bit more, I’m right. Now I’m going to venture into somewhere that you’ve probably never seen anybody do a presentation and I’m talking about mum. We were made here, what is the ethics of taking her out of the equation and saying it’s the doctor that does everything? Then we’ve got a sacrum, in my case my sacrum is quite broken, most women have a broken sacrum. If you just stand up now because you’re all going what is she on about and just feel your own sacrums and run your hand down and does it get stopped? Mine gets stopped all over the place because I had the last breakage happened when I fell from this hip and didn’t break it, given I’m over 60 that’s useful, but I did break along the hinge. So once you’ve established that it’s a flat – and good luck to you if you’re flat. Most men are going to go what’s she on about because you don’t have a hinge, we do so wherever we fall we break it.

The traditional cultures in South America even if it was midnight the parents would show up at the local healers door to get that fixed. If she’s had any form of fall as a little girl that’s going to stuff up her ability to make birthing safe. Ah, safe again, ethics yeah it’s not whether you’ve had scans. So here we have a human female pelvis and here we have the sacrum and there’s the coccyx and we have across there a hinge which allows us to open more when we are making our children before we’re 27 and we’ve got the relaxant which allows us to open more. I had my first child birthing at nearly 22 so that would have been a lot more flexible than it wanted to be at 39 with the last one. So in my particular case my coccyx has been broken, the last time it disappeared up here and when I’m feeling a lot of people’s bodies for some reason women tend to all get shifted over there to the right, I don’t know what’s going on just saying.

So we need to have our sacrum working which is all of the work I developed in ‘What Dad’s Can Do’ work, everything I’ve done around birthing. All my life as working person has been around trying to get the flows flowing. Now here we have the sacrum and here we have hmm, well what are we going to find in here? Well it might be surprising to me but they have a uterus too it’s called a prostate and it’s about that size. Minding it’s own business in the male pelvis, which doesn’t look like that it would look like that and the urethra would go through like that and when it swelled they can’t pee. Now they can grow to the size of an orange or a grapefruit there is no space to pee with. What have we got? We’ve got lots of fluid metabolism problems and the blood flow is not happening and blah blah blah. Just on that how do I sort that? I press their Pericardium 1 point on the left hand side.  How did I work that out, I don’t know it is the alarm point.

Doctor van Buren, (different master) said that men were puffy here they have a heart problem, particularly with the veins they have a heart problem. OK so this is woman and this is men. So when I am doing anything with men, particularly with the fertility thing I’m going to poke there after I’ve poked CV2 and now my mark is young I’m going to go and do the 8 Extra Master Points because that’s just me. Spleen 4 is wherever it’s going to be sorest in that vicinity and Gall Bladder 41 same again it might be on the other side of the tendon. Then I’m going to just store that away and come back later and I’ve done a Xi-cleft of the 8 Extras and that’s part of the transformative package that you might buy. Transformative Healing – for those on the Heather’s Gentling Way programmes – it may be included – or may be an extra – as we have done a year on . .as we were shut out of the life we thought we had.

Walnut is the man’s normal prostate size – it can become a grapefruit  size – however does it fit? Can’t – so it takes over – flows not flowing . .. How did he get his uterus like that? Look up dihydrotestosterone. Mammals have a default setting of being female. Birds, (again channeling the woman I know who’s rearing geese) have their male default setting and something has to turn on for them to be female.

Blue – menopausal uterus it’s little. Pink is a normal sized uterus when it’s minding its own business, that would have been mine before I had four kids but it was probably not bulky anyway So when you start moving these around you go oh shit, how come we missed this in our courses? Because they were written by men. So here we have a woman’s uterus minding its own business. Now it can fall in all sorts of funny positions and then it gets solidified there and then we run into more mischief however just before a period a normal sized uterus will go to RED. Now it’s twice as heavy and I will pass them around to people that are here.

Now when the uterus has already been stuck in the wrong position this is going to cause major problems, what the heck do we think we’re doing waffling on about ‘Stuck Blood’? Sure it’s Stuck Blood, it’s a bit more stuck than blood. So here we have the difference in size and that is without additional growth that is the normal sizes uterus and there is the normal sized uterus in that position. Now I’m going to pretend I’m a uterus, here are my ovaries and here are my tubes and I am a uterus and here is my vagina and this is my normal position, it is not two dimensional. Here’s one point, another point is the uterus can flop over on itself and then go into all sorts of different positions. Please look at all on this site (CLICK)

Anyway so here we are – that’s a good idea we can program Heather pretending she’s a uterus. So here we go there’s me being a uterus and in front of me is the bladder and behind me is the colon and then around me is the pelvis except I’ve fallen over because I’ve been drunk and I don’t know I was in my high heels and fell down the stairs or whatever. OK so now we’ve got an issue because if you remember the different sizes may or may not be a problem when the uterus is in the right position but before a period holy heck she’s going to be going to the loo every five minutes. It just hurts, there’s something wrong, the clitoris is no happy. You can be banging in Liver 5 as long as you like, you might have to do something else about this. And battered system or what not she’s come backwards, she’s got a backache funny that. No amount of chiropractic work or Bl 23’s are really going to make much of a difference because we need to put the uterus back in position.

That’s just in two dimensions here and before a period it’s going to get a lot bigger. It’s going to then stop poohing and there’s going to be smelly discharges from the uterus because the two of them are sharing space aren’t they? All can fall to the one side there or to the other side there and then we’ve got all of those blood vessels on that side and not on the other. We’ve got all of that fluid down there and we’ve got whoops what’s happened over here? Funnily enough just funnily enough we’ve got a bit more to go on here, no ligaments, who thought about ligaments? Somebody forgot to mention that women’s ligaments aren’t the ones that you see in a cadaver, they are living and when we get ‘pissed off’ as we all know our Stuck Liver Qi doesn’t like ‘bad’ things much and so it stops flowing. Here we have what we should normally look like inside.

Right, this is my broad ligament, this is the most important ligament you’ve got. Ligaments in the body only have 5 percent of the blood flow at any one time apparently. There are rather a lot of ligaments holding us together and what with our toes and our spines and what not and only 5 percent of the blood flow is going there at any one time. So now we’ve got a kink over here and we’re over here like this for the rest of our lives. Yes, right now she’s got cysts and nodules and she’s been told her AMH is no good and this, that and the next thing. 35 years of being a gynecological specialist I finally found this stuff out (CLICK), this is not good enough.

Is it ethical for us to be listening to the male version of life? No.

So that’s me going that’s why I went off and I did a diversion because we need to know a bit more because everything is out of balance if our uterus isn’t in the right place. They snipped it out, jolly good what do you think happened to those ligaments that were around them and everything is just falling into space. Now how ethical is that, who thought that model up? The Mayas obviously didn’t and so they have women sitting on the perennial steamers – which I now do with everybody, there’s massage that you can do.

I discovered the amazing work that I already have in the ‘What Dads Can Do’ book and I’m not really doing product placement so much as who else is going to tell you? This is not a birth preparation kit – except it is. In the back of it there is a video you can watch which is now only but what I did through all this and yes, some of it is a bit graphic, is I worked out how to run the woman’s body and this is the glove box manual. I put that together in 2005 because I was fed up with every woman ending up like me not married to any of the fathers of her children. So all of this work is about undoing the sacrum. This is before I found the Maya stuff and it’s about the breakages to flow through being damaged at some time before. . . and it’s about massaging in here, it’s about undoing all of this. Because I now know how to do advanced structural work I can test what my acupuncture was doing and is doing up against what I would have done if I only knew that bit.

Now I’ve got lots of bits in my jigsaw puzzle now and that bit, the Maya goes with the Arvigo work. I think everybody who is any version of energy worker should be going and looking at different traditions not just what we’re allowed to hear from the Chinese because everybody forgot that there was a woman’s language which was not written down. You need to go and perhaps investigate what I call the genre of the weeping women of China. It’s a whole genre, came out in about the 1990’s it was at its peak.

It started with the book the Wild Swans’, ‘Life and Death in Shanghai’ is an amazing book and there are so many of them and they all tell the same story. Really they all tell the same story, those who are Chinese might get upset at this point, sorry. History gets rewritten according to the victor however if you go and look at a woman’s – she called the book The Good Women of China’, Xinran. Now the one I like best is ‘Sky Burial’ but start with ‘The Good Women of China’.

Now when I was teaching acupuncturists they had such a huge reading list and it was all novels because people learn by stories and these stories don’t need randomised controlled trials. This is what happened and everybody is pretending it didn’t, much like the female infanticide that’s still going on in different places of the world. So I think she might not have a ‘G’ it’s a long time since I looked at that, anyway look at The Good Women of China and Sky Burial. So the story that comes out of all of the stuff you’ll find there is incredible deprivation and they are talking about survival and that’s the bottom circle. Through having to live through a feudal society where there’s always going be ‘I’ve got’ and ‘I don’t have’s’ and everybody trying to attack everybody else and then the dominant reality becomes those who’ve who’ve got the power and those who’ve got the status and those who have the ability to control others.

Now that sounds rather much like the medical profession. That sounds rather much like you don’t have a degree so you don’t have a license to touch to me. However, in times past the women tended and this tending business is terribly important. You know kissing it better when you’re little? Shall we go and have a look at placebo? Jumping around a bit could you write down what you think placebo means? Then we’ve got ‘sham’ acupuncture, not I’ve got to say that just irritates me no end because all I ever do is ‘sham’ acupuncture I don’t twiddle the needles so therefore I must be an incredible witch. Yeah you might be right.

Ted Kaptchuk. Yes, he wrote The Web That Has No Weaver. I saw him before he wrote that book, and after he had written that book he felt that it was as though it was a great millstone around his neck because he was defined by it and he moved on from that. Anyway he was so horrified that what he might be doing might be seen as being psychic therapy or physic healing or something he went off and discovered that. So he’s been sitting in placebo for ages and it’s a very interesting thing because you could say it’s the effect of an inert substance, you might want to hang onto that piece of information for later when we’re talking about vaccinations.

He seems to define what he did in 2014 in a similar, a surrogate market of which that which surrounds the pill. OK we’ve got a sugar pill and there’s an awful lot of work so we double the dose of the sugar pull. Serious, this is serious stuff. So here we have our line again, what’s reality? Oh, it’s the pill. Pill, procedure, this brings me into who owns the healing pretty darn quickly, those clever people over here. You come to me for X number of times and I’ll fix it. Really? Good work. OK so this is the therapeutic agent, what somebody does to you. Well we might just go I wonder what karmic connection we have with that person if we have to keep on going back to that person and we feel as though they’re the only person who can help us or whatever, that’s the top circle.

The middle circle is mum said the doctor is always right and it was put in at such an early age, remember the first half of your impacted life is mum so whatever the reality mum had at that point is mum’s reality. Or we could look at we’re doing a therapeutic intervention, might it be the container? Might it not be the pill so much as or the therapy like you can look at the Shen operations they open and shut them again, the ones that weren’t tinkered with did better. It’s the surrogate market of what’s surrounds the pill, so it’s holding this space for the nonphysical component of anything that we do. This includes ‘hello how are you’, this includes clearing the space and being aware of yourself. He’s called it ‘the embodied moral experience including the laying on of hands’. We’re primates, we touch and we could touch. Expressions of kindness, sense of decency and a commitment to being present and I’m sure there’s an awful lot more.

This is a bit tricky because when we think we’re going to do an evidence based trial for our meta-statistical analysis we’re also going to pretend that everything is exactly the same except the one different thing we’re doing. Come on, mothers know that you can’t act the same way with every child and on the same day even they might be different. Farmers know that some cows are just ‘ordinary’, they’ll probably end up on the table, no being bred from. Some days the wind is blowing from the wrong direction and from experience we know if we plant today it’s probably not going to work because the moon is in the wrong space. It’s called experience and life experience is that which is lived, not which is told and that ‘told’ stuff – which is written down might be useful. The sage has said something, well that might be useful but I’m sure there was a damn sight more women running around doing other things and that was all based – like it had to be founded on something.

I’m going to go back to Belize. I’m in a taxi and I’m asking the guy about what do you do when you get sick? Well I go to the doctor and they tell me what I’ve got and I can’t afford the medication so then I go to gran and she fixes it. So that in between that bridging, you know. They’ve got something like ninety percent or more of the worlds botanically useful medicinal plants – which are being raised in order to make soybean crops and in order to make blah, blah, blah to feed the cows for McDonalds. So when it’s all gone it’s all gone, look up Sastun (CLICK) ,

I think it’s pronounced like that and I think the book might look like that, by Rosita Arvigo, get the book. You can actually download a tiny bit of the movie on my Maya healing site. You cut down the forest you’ve lost your medication; you’ve also lost the lungs of the planet. Is it ethical for us to be eating meat?  There’s a question.  Is it ethical for us to be allowing those who’ve got the money to rape and pillage?  There’s a question.  Is it ethical that we should only listen to those who’ve got the right tick in the box to ask them what to do to help?

That’s another question and that’s what you’re sitting here having a think about I hope.  We need to go back to what the mothers did, we need to go back to what the grandmothers did. We need to go and investigate what it means to us that that’s and old wives tales, yes it is don’t sit on the cold concrete. You’ve just washed your hair, no you’re not allowed outside, you can’t go to bed with your wet hair.  Just think of all the things that your mother said as she might not have known why not because her mother said, because her mother said, hello it’s the Mothers’ Torah again.

That part which is insubstantial which actually glues the whole culture together is we are mammals and we are our children until they are about four. They’re not being breastfed and they’re not in our orbit, somebody else who is getting paid very little is looking after them. Then we’re going to throw them at school, oh yeah so whose dominant reality is going to go into their heads? I say that because I’ve got children born of different ages. Yes, they are different ages but they were born at different ages. Maybe also ask this question

Seems that so few do. Pain and structural and visceral challenges start somewhere. (Let’s move the lymph and sort out the fascia.)

Our elders hold the keys to our future







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