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What can I do about my endometriosis/period catastrophes?


Not just endo .  .


As a woman you were meant to bleed. .
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This printable chart has four essential tips to help you stay well,
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    • What causes endometriosis?
    • How can your body heal itself?
    • What is Endometriosis?
    • What are the Symptoms of Endometriosis?
    • Have you Been Told There is no Cure for Endometriosis?
    • Why is Endometriosis a Chronic Disease
    • Subfertility and Endometriosis
    • Clinical (Physically Obvious) Signs
    • What can you Do about your Endometriosis?
    • Safe Intimate Care and Inner Toxins

See about womb positioning


Unlikely that she is totally centrally placed as every fall we have we displaced ligaments – then upset – we get the Liver Qi distressed – strange positions – and then all else falters.

Where she ought to be – and where she often falls – and gets stuck – ADHESIONS and the resultant inability to function as she is to – leads to all that heaviness, pain, aching and of course not being able to empty – come period time – PLUS not good flows to your ovaries.

You may have been told, ‘that is normal’ – much like the pain and the endo being there ..  .
There are such easy ways out of this.

More awkward spots she finds herself in.   Anteflexed – on top of your bladder – then what? Peeing all the time – maybe infections – and NOT happy – ‘pissed off’ on fact!!

It is totally possible that your entire life is being ruined simply by not having your womb where she is happy!

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