A word – that seems to bother many

Here there may be different answers.

I suggest that you ask different questions

Please get some water and start drinking so much more ..



A large group of disease conditions where the body goes rouge, and cells stop knowing when to die off. (Atoptosis) Losing the ‘die off’ signal and starts overtaking all surrounding areas, colonizing more as it breaks away and spreads. This body malfunction is complicated by all the fear and misinformation about the issue.

Why: (is it there?)

Lack of great nutrition and a happy immune system.


Iodine. . . have you heard?
Then there is basal body temperature (BBT)  – as  a measure of thyroid function – and look at this!!
A wee but important!!




Biology versus ideology .. 

Three questions  . . .

Why me?
Why there?
Why now?


Causes of disease – you will maybe get a surprise . .
Not what you ‘catch’ – more what you choose to cope with . .

Immune system is unable to work properly, but for whatever reason, is not registering the changes that need attention.

Over exposure to substances that thwart normal flooding the body with too many toxins in any form – including and leading into emotional turmoil – showing as always Stuck Liver Qi.


Detox . . .what you have heard, seen and now ‘believe’

Please – invest in you .
All sorts of stuff may come up

The ride of (for) your life

Take charge – and undo what is blocking normal. .

Good question  . . .what IS health?

Ability to adapt to change



What next??



Dr RUTH Cilento – 4 characteristics of a person who survives cancer:

Heal cancer .  . . a very important book
We are so powerful


When we move away from FEAR  .


Why stay stuck????


P.A.C.E. and undoing fear



Part of the solution


Find out why this happened (Stuck Blood /phlegm) – if you do not know, it will return, and with all medical interventions, you will be in a weakened state to deal with this, all the while still having why it happened to you on board.

Paint iodine on skin of belly all month, if it soaks in before 24 hours – you need it to regulate all life processes (esp programmed cell death), womanly cycles and your breasts.

Research before you take any medical action, as you live in your body and will have to take consequences.

Living and acting through/in fear and ignorance is no way to live

Think twice about handing over your healing to a system that does not understand healing and health.

Support life with a good natural health care provider whatever decision you make.


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