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Self Care – Life Manual

Practical gems from Heather’s 40 years in clinic.

Love your Body Better

People quite often ask me “What should I eat?”

The better question could be “Why is what I am eating not nourishing me?”

Also “Why is what we are doing not working?”

Answers are within.


Healing Power of Touch

Your own hands on your own belly
 (3 Heaters Rescue)

Foundational Moves

Move the Lymph for the Qi to flow through.

Together make pain/distress a distant memory.

Ideal for couples at home and for use with individual aspects in any acupuncture or other context.

Self Discovery

Undoing “The Story

Whose “story”?  Yours first . . .

  • Undoing Inner Library,
  • Jing Markers,
  • Three Circles (Who am “I”?)


Tools/Helpful Processes

How to reconfigure/realign yourself.

Tools for redefining boundaries to regain your own sovereignty using:

  • Option process
  • Capal
  • AuraSoma
  • Kaliana
  • Lustre bowls
  • Antakarana


  • Playing the “Fix-It” game
  • We explore the Ethics of NOT being biologically sustainable
  • How do we take our newly-minted selves back into our community to be of most use?

Transformative Healing

This package includes SELF Care and Self Discovery as your clarity is needed for their work to begin

The basis of this work is Heather’s 40 years of working in this context at this time putting her masters works into action.

We learn to Declutter, Reset and Restore the blueprint by releasing the perverse Qi that has been locked in the 8 Extras.
Comes a time when these reservoirs are too full.


Reclaiming energy in meridian flows

Let us redefine what is possible.

Return to the Classics and what the past masters bequeathed us,

The effect of shock, cold and scars

These 3 invasions of body sovereignty are to be cleared
before ANY attempt at diagnosis is made
You discover by returning to meridian hierarchies how much is possible when you let go of YOUR limitations.

Clinical Cases

Three complicated cases presented in simple multi-media format.

Step-by-step visual, text and AV for you to observe how Heather puts all this work together in one session.

Heather takes you through her process
by gifting you many of the seminars she has presented
over the last three decades.