Heather’s Foundational Moves Through Life Phases

Initiations with Jing Transitions

Reprogramming pelvic flows by reconnecting Bao & Dai Mai
Biology is our guide. Individual soul scripts/Karma may provide an interesting ride
Human ideologies based on time and space are outside these teachings.

1 – Painless Pregnancy & Easy Birth and Beyond

Taking you on the journey of your life
Independent life begins at the severance of the umbilical cord
Aim: Intact biological primal instinctive mammalian materinty
Biology rules (Survival of the fittest) Be the fittest
Are we birthing in fear or trust and faith?

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2 – Men Matter

Reminder . . .
human cultural beliefs,tribal life and natural life heirarchies and the loss of these will be alluded to and in fact set the container through which the biological can function
All male mammals started life with a female template
Their uterus becam a prostate gland
Their penis grew from their initial forming clitoris
Their testicles grew and descended from their ovaries

We cover their biological (Jing) transitions from pre-conception through to leaving this plane
We explore the reconnection of their Bao Mai & Dai Mai and ask their reasons for being male at this time.

3 – Becoming Woman – maidenhood towards maternity

The road from Cozumel into the future.

All tribal societies initiated their girls into womanhood.

Easy puberty
Easy periods
Easy sexuality
Easy Fertility

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4 – Broken: Journey back to Self

Interference (life deviations from biological blueprint)
Interventions (medical)
We unwrap the gifts found within
We explore why these are needed
We gain the tools to reframe these
Especially “The Story” that is carried by the one who is holding it close due to shame, guilt, sense of betrayal and/or unconsciousness.
We aim to release what these blockages have meant to natural biological flows.

5 – Move from Queen to Crone

We cover the 4th phase in being an older woman.
We retreat from seeing our bodies as dangerous and needing to be kept under control.
From Queen into crone “as we age biologically” the wisdom gained allows us as older women to see through the veil of the illusion of “Less Than”.

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Career Trajectory

One Day or Half Day can be ‘Gifted’ to those ‘qualified’ through life on completion of any of these

These 2 Day events cover the same practical moves.

Graduates of  Self Care Gentling Way and Living Ligaments I may teach these.


Living Ligaments

Living Ligaments I

  • Ligaments released
  • Return to Blueprint
  • Visceral organ repositioning
  • Gyni/Pelvic/digestion/lymph
    (All Arvigo belly, some Mercier, suspensory ligaments and initial sacral work)


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Foundational Moves + Living Ligaments I

24-27 Nov

Albi [France]

Living Ligaments II


  • Adhesion breaking
  • What lies beneath
  • All Mercier front and back completion
  • Most of Arvigo back moves
  • Diastis repair

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4-6 Dec


Living Ligaments III

Opening the Baby Gate

  • Review
  • Completion of all sacral and pelvic corrections
  • Creation to expulsion of the new life she makes

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8-10 Jan 2019