Circumcision – The Hidden Traumas

Who thinks of this?

Time we did. I asked a friend to come in to talk with all of you

Links that you may wish to view.
Circumcision  Also here and here
How to regrow a foreskin.  Regeneration  – there are many sites – see here

One man’s tale

(This will not have all the nerve endings, but at least will be a cover again to protect the glans).
Bao Mai not connected. Rebirthing would no doubt cover this – if the Reichian armour band was let go . .as Satya explains below – a loving life is more likely.

See more here

Foreskin animationis graphic and true to why a foreskin is.

Real ones – also obvious – warning

Foreskin ignorance

Great book to buy

Men Matter

Early Life Trauma


Why would you? (Snip it?)

Women have a penis also (or is it that men have a bigger clitoris??)

Putting the circumcision debacle in perspective

And many countries, they lop it off –

 Prostate dramas – Reichian armour bands

Matters of the heart – the personality/life dramas that happen often with the usual beginning of life happenings do.

Plus add in the blood loss at birth – by taking baby’s breathing blood away. (Premature cord clamping)

Not sure why anyone would attribute saving a baby by NOT interfering and call it amazing though!

Rebirthing – relive it all


Alternative surgical means to restore the foreskin may not be possible. . .
WARNING  – this is a sensitive area and ‘adult themes’ apply.

You may read this and shut down/get very upset – and for a long time ..

 What Satya did about undoing HIS trauma

Measured now what was ‘better’
How he felt in himself.

Still a work In progress –  15 years ago got very conscious of it  Stepped this up 2 years ago.
What happen after scars – emotional – and also PHYSICAL – and what is emotionally stuck in this. Scar around a penis – and add it all up.
Itching burning pulsing and being generally difficult

Healing helpers

Comfrey ointment – how to use. .
2 minutes 2x day 2 weeks.

Organic castor oil (before the comfrey.)

To use as a pack at night.

Penis soak – with Bach flowers . ..vibratory


Round and round – Self Care programme

Including using a suction cup around the scar (once) – after much preparation.

Oiling the top of penis nightly –  with hemp seed oil – foreskin keeps it lubricated – not dried out – softened it

Please ponder on this

Thank you for watching