C-section you aim for when you must have one (baby centred)

Safety – is keeping the Mother baby bond intact . .


Please listen to what it is possible.  .
Also look for mother assisted C section online.


What ideally will have happened is that the pelvic area is open and awaiting its role in letting the baby out.

If uterus was attached correctly.

in her right position prior to conception,

it may still be that a fall, accident or other incident could have dislodged the perfect flows – resulting in imbalanced ligament tensions, decreased flows of Qi, Blood and lymph – and now – a pelvis that is not optimal for letting baby go.


That is the structure . . .


Amazingly – the body is designed for this.

Just as it knows when to let go . . .

Here is what happens when you do that induction thing (from fear) – why you are being manipulated when when I was apparently 44 week’s pregnant with my first in 1977 I do not know. I was told that induction was dangerous and they were not doing it – and almost never did – and to enjoy the last weeks/ day as myself as when bub came – life would never be the same again.
The were not dishing out epidurals either . We birthed.
No scans . . .
They were far more concerned with our welfare – we had to be in hospital for at least a week.
My mother after having me (in 1955) was 2 weeks in hospital (‘the Home’) – and that was with no complications. Regardless of how many they had – still needed at least that time to repair and get in a schedule as mums then had everything to do and no help at home. .
I signed myself out after 7 days with my first – and 4 days with my last (a C section) in 1994.
My two in the middle – were me in at least 5 days each – and that was normal – in 1984 and in 86.

Inductions. . see also more here and here and here.

I show you with my roses. . Still blooming in July along my fence line in Brisbane.

Picked too soon.
They did smell and were lovely – but did not open up and were a shadow of what they usually are.

Colours are not quiet true – they are redder less crimson in the sun – but they dad shrivel up snd  the vase  .

Above is what they should look like inside. WHY WOULD YOU?  Leave Well Alone .


Then there is FIXING the aftermath – often decades later.

After C section – the adhesions . .

  We really can get literally tied up in knots – the good news being – it is simple to unravel.

As well as the scar – and the forever after consequences .

Maybe = healing after C section – regardless of how long ago this happened .

Maybe pay attention to opening the baby gate and miss all the drama – babies really do not even need pushing out . .(Fetal Ejection Reflex .)

See all the charts in the resource kit – or see some more on the Fingertip-rescues .com
This really is all too simple. Works ever time – resources can be purchased . .

Please see more from the opening the baby gate site

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