C section recovery

Not something else to worry about??

Think about it . .

Taking the organ out to stitch it back up together means the body grabs it to itself and knits together what is not intended to be so  .

Mine was released (after all I had done over the past 22 years) by this work as we learned it on each other a year ago.

Imagine that!
I actually felt the ripping (not painful) release of the adhesions giving way when we worked on practicing how to do this on each other in the Mercier class.

All I had been teaching for decades was swept away by this magical addition to my work.

I was already doing all the steaming and the scar bridging and the Self Care massage – all needed the deep work that released my uterus from being moored/attached to the sacrum

What can you do?

Come in for an intensive programme of undoing all of yourself

In addition you receive the Healing kit that contains lots that you can use to heal on every aspect of you life – plus the three at home self help courses.

Scars . .

I have always worked with undoing scars on everyone.

Even tiny little weeny ones can block your life flows. .
1 – Take out Shock
2 – Get rid of all stored cold

3 – I next restore normal circulation through undoing scars.

As an acupuncture consultant and teacher I know that flows are everything.



Undo the older life issues that you so do not want

(Before you get there – or like me – just because)
So many suffer the ongoing management of what is not actually being fixed – just played with

Temporary fixes . .

  • Chronic neck
  • Back
  • Bladder
  • Sexual
  • Digestive issues –

all are tied into the adhesions that are sticking bits together that were not designed to be.

  1. Or the still can’t get pregnant again after C section scenario
  2. Or maybe – as there is ‘C section defect’


(Who knew)?

You are not told about this when you blithely may sign up – to regret later – as what is actually a very serious operation and done at a time when your body is least able to cope with it – or healing – as then you are in recovery for pregnancy and birth(often) mode – and breastfeeding and being a new mum is not when the body is in a state to be healing from a major abdominal trauma AS WELL.

Cesarean delivery is one of the most common surgical procedures in women, with rates of 30% or more in the United States.1 As a result, the rate is rising for cesarean scar defect — the presence of a “niche” at the site of cesarean delivery scar — with the reported prevalence between 24% and 70% in a random population of women with at least one cesarean delivery.2 Other terms for cesarean scar defect include a niche, isthmocele, uteroperitoneal fistula, and diverticulum.1–9

Formation of cesarean scar defect

Cesarean scar defect forms after cesarean delivery, at the site of hysterotomy, on the anterior wall of the uterine isthmus (FIGURE 1). While this is the typical location, the defect has also been found at the endocervical canal and mid-uterine body. Improper healing of the cesarean incision leads to thinning of the anterior uterine wall, which creates an indentation and fluid-filled pouch at the cesarean scar site. The exact reason why a niche develops has not yet been determined; however, there are several hypotheses, broken down by pregnancy-related and patient-related factors. Surgical techniques that may increase the chance of niche development include low (cervical) hysterotomy, single-layer uterine wall closure, use of locking sutures, closure of hysterotomy with endometrial-sparing technique, and multiple cesarean deliveries.3,4

Patients with medical conditions that may impact wound healing (such as diabetes and smoking) may be at increased risk for niche formation.

OK – so what does this mean for you?

If you want to be pregnant again and possibly it is not happening – (much like finding yourself with Ashermann’s syndrome after a D and C) the after care and after operation/medical ‘help’ is so often either lacking or non existent – what can they do?

If not having anything in their own tool box – to help your body heal – then not a lot – this is whether the Mercier and the Heather’s Gentling Ways comes in.



A great reason to make sure that you have had a complete set of healing sessions with me after C section before going off to make baby number next . . or when it is all finished – as so often  see women decades later – and their major healing happens once the work is done to undo not just the belly surface scar – but all that lies beneath – on every level.

There is more .. ..

Pelvic pain and other serious consequences

The presence of fibrotic tissue in the niche acts like a valve, leading to the accumulation of blood in this reservoir-like area. A niche thus can cause delayed menstruation through the cervix, resulting in abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, and infertility. Accumulated blood in this area can ultimately degrade cervical mucus and sperm quality, as well as inhibit sperm transport, a proposed mechanism of infertility.5,6 Women with a niche who conceive are at potential risk for cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy, with the embryo implanting in the pouch and subsequently growing and developing improperly.

Many women find that a few sessions on their scar bring instant changes to how they are standing, and being in their body.

  1. The scar itself is less bothersome.
  2. The complete loss of sensation/numbness goes back to normal
  3. Sex may be entirely different as the inner tone is returned
  4. Posture instantly may change as the inner pulling disappears
  5. Neck and upper body tension may depart

Good news!!

So easy to undo . .
When nothing else has been working . . .

Please come in and see what you can recover from.
“Never been the same since” – is a great starting point