Birthing online course contents

When to start preparing for birth?
Before conception


Get the baby factory in great running order

Periods – perfect

All structures aligned – esp womb in the right place

Inferred – optimal hydration and nutrition – to have a normal cycle –

Optimal production and circulation of Qi and Blood.



Opening to birth Birthing 

Footage from my 2005 DVD


Pain . . what is it???



Entry of cold . . around 5.30 minutes in . .
Please avoid . . .


Stuck Liver Qi Release

What is Liver Qi?
What happens when it gets stuck/won’t move/flow .. Stuck Liver Qi

Why this is important ?

Ligaments are controlled by the Liver flow – and we need to undo anything that is blocking this.

Cold – wastes Yang Qi – what is this?
I keep saying – read about it in the book . ..found here.


Liver Qi



Back – Stuck Liver Qi Release


This is the beginning of all work on a body ..
(Warm hands . .)
And how does it work on everything?
See here .








AVOID it . .

Process of birthing – opening





How and why – and when not to

Including points on the sacrum – Bl 31- 34

Especially point Bl 35 to open the cervix . . .



Working on the sacral Bladder points


MOXA – how to light it and


Moxa smoke . .