Before using artificial ways to make babies. ..

I have been reflecting on my decades of assisting couples become parents. .

I became a Mercier therapist – in October 2016.
Since then I have added this into my already – decades long journey to assist COUPLES become families.
Difference between me and the Mercier work – I will ONLY see couples. ..
He is usually the problem. .

Using also the Arvigo centred care as well –


I always want more . . .

They mention very obvious (not standard ‘medical’ approach) what everyone should have had done FRST

AND not me – Dr Mercier is not adding HIM into this. .
And that is where most of my results come from – I will only see couples.


The donor sperm is in a terrible state – 9% looking normal – never mind the caffeine consumption or a dietary considerations – let alone gut health.



Auto – immune

What is going on to inhibit pregnancy – general health

What I suggest. .

Use the original baby maker in Brisbane  . multi modality

Not Making Babies . . sexual matters


I will see BOTH of you and as an intensive course of sessions. .

Why that way?
There is so much I will have to undo.
Always you are not as well as YOU think – and this is why pregnancy is not happening.

Let us reverse aging for you.
Easily . . .

Maybe contact me so we can see if we are a good fit . . .
Nature will have a very good reason why so far sex is not making babies .