Avoiding and Repair After C-Section

As part of the Pelvic Opening – Broken – series   

C-Section Avoidance and Recovery

This is a practical day

Holistic multi modality care easily dispensed


C section is an increasingly normalised operation leading to potential life-long maternal complications – and the occasional fatal maternal one – especially in repeat pregnancies.It seems to be handed out as an easy fix – but is it?


Everyone wants a birth which is safe for mum and baby. When women are planning the type of birth they want, including any births they will have in the future, other important factors are their own well being, and their recovery following birth. Yet many women feel they are given little choice about their options when giving birth in hospitals settings today. Often women feel pressured, or coerced, into procedures that are not necessarily evidence based, but exist because of hospital policy. Very often, when women talk about their ’emergency’ (actually usually orchestrated – look at the research it is awash with warnings )  c-sections, the cascade of interventions is evident in their stories.
They might have their labour induced, because hospital policy dictates ‘overdue’ as being 10 days post due date.
Or now ‘due’ as is now redefined to 39 weeks . .
Or just because – mum is ‘too old’ – not her biological age and health
This likely leads to having an epidural,
and due to the intense contractions – continuous monitoring of how the baby is coping.
(Not well with all that fear and no nature to help out . ..)
There easily comes fetal distress, or failure of labour to progress (And sometimes it goes backwards). The inevitable outcome is then an emergency (read orchestrated) C-section.
Then maybe they have also P.T.S.D. and IF they choose to go back for seconds – they may choose what is very safe –  a home birth . . here is why . .
Or they may only have that birth as it was too disempowering to repeat the possibility of returns.
In any case .. . the body has been breached. And will be adhered and messed with – forever after.


  • Wondering how to get past that blockage? 

  • Especially if you have had a C-Section yourself?

  • Not happy with how it looks/feels/what you have been left with?


What can you do?

To help those who may present with wounds that go far deeper than the skin?
These may be preventing more babies and more love  – for self and for life?

We will review how to return a tricky late pregnancy back to easy and then look at how we can ensure that nature wins – and birthing is straightforwards and simple.


C-sections have short and long term recognised medical risks. C-section birth can be life-saving in medical emergencies. The risks do need to be weighed carefully against perceived benefits. C-section has many associated immediate maternal challenges, including increased risk of infection, extended stay in intensive care, loss of uterus (hysterectomy), haemorrhage, or death. Many of these risks, and the likelihood of experiencing them, are greatly increased with the number of C-sections a woman has. This includes the risk of serious conditions such as placenta accreta and C section defect – blocking future and safe pregnancies.

If she can easily conceive again

Other issues show up. Once a woman has been released from medical or midwifery care than there are little to no suggestions made as to help with the recovery process. Skin being sealed over is not all there is here. Distant issues as well as the obvious. From my decades of experience I have found that recalcitrant neck and most pelvic problems are resolved simply through using the Gentling Way process.

During the cesarean delivery a horizontal incision is made to the lower segment of the uterus which can cause a significant amount of scar tissue and start the front of the uterus adhering to the back of the bladder.

This type of scar tissue can cause a restriction of movement and ultimately lessen blood flow to the entire  pelvic area.

This can cause secondary fertility challenges.

Or to be able to carry safely – so she is not felled as placental accreta strikes. (Future placenta accreta increases alarmingly with each C section).


C-Section Avoidance and Recovery

We work from the energy to the structural via the nutritional

Covering the What Dads Can Do (WDCD) moves, Heather’s 4 decades of developing acupuncture and massage management to avoid the default to C section after a prolonged labour /VBAC, and when baby is ‘out of time’ or in a position deemed not useful for birthing. This progress through her life’s work includes her experiences of the multi parous, high risk community in NZ , the amalgamation of the Arvigo and the Mercier moves in addition to her own Gentling Way style – lymph then Qi moves – when we use our Heartful Hands.

We cover unusual complications that do show up as a result of the C sections in the decades later.
This is not only about the immediate reproductive challenges since baby extraction.

What you will learn:

1 – How to return mum to perfect health for an easy later pregnancy.

(Ingredients, and flows – nutritional and structural aspects covered towards painless and happy ripening towards birth).

2 – How to encourage baby to present optimally. Undoing why baby may be misaligned. (This works far better than moxa on Bl 67 for breech – or what you find on spinning babies). Simple tools. One of my students so far has had 26 of 28 babies turn to head down – no BL 67 needed.

3 – Pre birth – cervical ripening and placental perfection. Same student specialising in birthing has found the ways taught here – multi modality – have allowed bubs to appear as though on order – (by obstetrician) within a day.

4 – Pelvic Opening for birthing ease in undoing sacral and coccygeal misalignment in readiness for easy birthing.

5 – How to help restore her structure so she can live easily in the post birth /post C section body. This is the focus of the weekend. It ma be 40 years after that C section or abdominal surgery – what can we do with the scarring/adhesions?

6 – Make her future pregnancies possible and safe as the post C section protocols are seen and felt in class. (Outside models will be also used)

7 – Repair from past C sections and other abdominal operations – however long ago they happened. A lifetime of tricky neck and structural problems often show up – as do potential fertility and pregnancy compiications.


Women deserve to be put back together again . .

Body disruption, feelings of disconnection and often hatred of body/what happened can seque into a world where PTSD and body image problems lurk.

This is repairable

Whatever work I myself have had done, when I got students to work on me – I said of this – what I always hear.

After session most feel a lot clearer and look taller/hold themselves straighter.

Usual story –  .’I had no idea i was slumped over’ (a body worker herself)

‘My core feels stronger and I feel like I’m straighter. I went to the toilet a lot yesterday and this morning and my tummy feels better or cleansed. My scar has much more sensation’. (Young mum with 3 C-sections in 3 years) .

Placental imperfections/clotting disasters are all covered.


‘Cheat sheets’ for all presented – using these simple touch therapies

An easily followed mix of Shen – Energy – Nutrition – Structural Realignment and lymph clearing moves

As with all of my work – there is a trilogy.

1 – CONTENT: Online self starter pack:instantly downloadable/ usable.

2 – EXPERIENTIAL: Actual face to face and practical experiential – we will be working in each other hence it is a very small class.

3 – SUPPORT:After course nurturing and resources keep on coming

Payment details (small class) 

What you will receive immediately leading into this..
Huge download of online resources – the secrets of Heather’s decades of maternity success