Aura Soma and Kathryn

Many Aura Soma stories


I often wonder how anyone copes – being here without these short cuts to an easy life..
For decades I could not live without these magic bottles – especially The Solar Logos and Holy Grail – as a clearance to allow me to still be her. On temples – and whenever this was used – all became transparent again for me.
Over the last 30 years , these bottles have helped in my clinical practice as well.
The most astonishing shifts are with my daughter.
She was the way these bottles and the is work was revealed to me

A pictorial adventure I will put up soon.

This is about Friday 10th July

We begin

Below we have lived deep experiences – Patricia and myself attending to Kathryn.

We shared these memories. We watched her transformation.

1 – My birthday SURPRISE 2012 (CLICK) and her using the the loo herself (first and only time) 

2 – In the Chch Botanical Gardens  Under the copal tree – copaling her – and of course A.S. as well (CLICK).

3 – Christchurch visit early July 2020. Whilst she sat initially in the chair – turning away.  .but sneaking looks and listening as Patricia was walked through  a catch up all the pics of her family – and her brothers on my phone. Kathryn in attendance – foreplay if you will.  She knows her mum. Years of – and lifetimes of separation yet . . Start with copal oil. More on copal? (COPAL)

Moving into past resistance – personal space

This did not last long . .

(I have an agenda – Here to help). And nothing – especially not the extras that have made their home there – are going to stop Light shining through.



Are you there?
Can you accept more Light?


Here is the rest of this interchange – as a short video . .  (CLICK) I used first . . .



Clear / Deep Magenta  –  The alchemical possibility of embracing our wholeness. Letting go of the deepest levels of fear. A transformation for the deepest levels of suffering.


I shine the light into the shadow saying ‘Yes’ to that which I have denied or said ‘No” to within myself.


Shining the light from Above into our shadow, bringing a new dawn to the inner worlds.

Represents the vastness of the light (clear, which contains all the colors), held as a potential for wholeness within the vastness of our own depths (deep magenta). Metatron brings the bright light from Above into the shadow of our being where conditioning that has clouded our self-awareness can be illuminated; thus we might see our suffering in the context of love and the ongoingness of life, and release it for the greater truth of who we are. The nourishment of the light enables letting go of what we have said ˜no’ to, resisted or denied within ourselves.

Healing Benefits

  • Shining the light into the shadow. A new dawn in the inner worlds.
  • To connect with what brings the possibility of wholeness from the depths of one’s being to alleviate suffering; and to understand that suffering in the context of the love of existence.
  • To let go of what one has said ‘no’ to, what one has resisted or denied within oneself.

There is no expense too much to gift one as this opportunity. Becoming open portal again.

Here we have – ready to go!!!

The dance of clearing the aura






What next mum?

This is extraordinary. What is learned from all of us is that CLARITY allows growth. Damp/Phlegm – halts Light

She wanted more – at the end  – there WAS no more.
That part of the day done . .
Now – what next?
She needed and wanted to learn – and come out.

She is ready . .
Touch is next.
You all know me – touchy . . .
Where is the communication programme?
The intelligence one?
All done as the Damon neurological rehabilitation – 32 years ago we started with The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. There is so much I am uncovering as this past now life with my damaged daughter. . Skye was and is the motivator for all the Aura Soma and advanced work got such a shove/push/boost – as this was the only way to reach within and bring her – and the damaged mum – out to the Light.

We all have a reason to be in each other’s lives.

Intrigue wins . . .  

We all need to be able to relate.
(Maybe watch Awakenings) More here



This picture says it all.

How alone is she?

How can she live with no bridge out?

We MUST do better

Communication allows us to be seen as being human.



All part of mercury poisoning

What next?

A small video is locked in my phone.

I am hopeful we can undo it as it was a revelation for Kathryn to be peering into my bag of tricks.

For me to see that she is totally present and wants to do more!
For Patricia who said that every time we are together (me and Kathryn) – magic happens.

For me also – work to be done – she needs a new eye – previously her best sense. One was taken out of action and looks totally destroyed.


Never say never!!


Where there is life – we go into Light when we can.

The Option Process (CLICK). . . To Love Is To Be Happy With

I lived and breathed acceptance and unconditionality to let her out.

Of her stuck.
Or my stuck
Me first – always the shift in me to access her . .
As with Simone had her story –

When parents shift – ‘child’ who is here as the master will also.
Reading through my journals – vast resistance – how was I to let go her prognosis – that is the trick – until we learn to live each breath in every moment – as though it were our last – and let go the drama – we live that instead.
Skye/Kathryn’s gift – she took us through our own barriers into possibility.

Hence I often say to people – ‘I am Kathryn’s Mother’. Even my reading this – the energy shifts.

This is a powerful reminder to me. . all that I have.
It may mean not a lot to the listener.
Hearing me say this reminds me all is waiting us.

Why also I may be having issues with other’s inability to move out of their own way. .

I had to. To grow through. They also have to choose to change. Or we all will stay stuck. Fear or – listening and going within us.

 Light follows thought: easy as – Breathe in Peace – Breathe out Peace – bottle number 2

She wanted more – she kept going towards: looking in  .. expecting the ext one!

Given her extreme water defensiveness – this is amazing!
We could all feel the energy shifts – she woke up.

Why do I work like this?
Teach it as part of Heather’s Gentling Ways?
Because it is the only thing I have found that does this.
Pragmatic to a fault (slightly on the spectrum myself it could be said – mercury poisoning we all have our share).

I love ..
Green . .
The bottle I would have used and left with her.  .


Clear / Green – Emotional clarity.


As I let go, I am open to that which is new.

Keynote – Illuminating the emotional side of life and making a space for change in the letting go. Helps to make space for oneself so that more light from above (clear) can come into the depths of the heart (green), which opens the way for change. As light shines into the shadows of the heart, what has been long held is nourished by the light and cleared; the old dies away, allowing space for the new to come.

Healing Benefits

  • In making time and space for oneself, the heart may find delight.
  • Discovering the possibility of making the right decisions and finding clear direction.
  • Choosing this bottle could indicate a time of transition and change.
  • Useful for children and adults who have difficulty expressing emotions.

How does anyone live without these?
The master bottles were what came with me – portable as they are in plastic ..and are little.

Serapis Bey Quintessence  – Clears past to be present

The Clear Pearl Master Quintessence. Purification and New Beginnings


  • Brings Clarity of vision – seeing things in a new and fresh way
  • It gives depth of understanding into conflict, pain and suffering on any level
  • Good for helping to let go, overcoming the past and cleansing on any level

Seriously – all we need –  clarity .

After – Duncan arrives.
Kathryn is so much calmer with his presence also.

Paying attention – this may look normal to the viewer. It is SO NOT!!

She has a whole soul also ..

From here . . .

To here. .

I asked if I could. .  – and received . . . a kiss from mum.
Many times

She let me in – trust.


How did this happen?
We are all in each other’s screen play for a reason.
However brief, however apparently difficult –

Suggestion – read Illusions ..

(Again if you have before)

With new eyes. .

(How does it end??)

We are not here for comfort.

The one she was – ‘I’ was in 1992 (CLICK)