Atarau (West Coast, NZ) experiential retreat 8 -12th March 2017


We have to reclaim our inner selves first .  .


(NOTE: a woman only venture)

West Coast (Atarau)

New Zealand
8 – 12th March

YOU maybe wish that you could

Fracture feels Heal the deep wounds,

Polish the rough edges

  • Revitalise your own connection to who you are meant to be?

  • ‘Undo’ the life that has happened to you.

Imagine re-entering your personal and professional worlds as an upgraded version of you, enabling you to live more of the life you desire.

Here is your chance to do just this.

Time to strip away that which holds the healers’ mask on!

Reboot self compassion

“Healing the Wounded Healer”

is a life changing 4 day event

This course is stand-alone but can also be the first module of a post-graduate mentoring programme.

What is this?

  • An entirely new way of looking at life/reframing all events.
  • Thus all our and their emotional responses and feelings of life stuckness.
  • How to use the three circles model I developed to help explain to the mammalian, the social and the spiritual components of being here on the earth at this time.


We will be looking at moving blockages and healing scars on all levels including working on yourself, your children/family and your patients. We will also cover pain. Especially what holds us bound up. In the late 70’s none of us would have made it in business if we could not have been excellent with pain – where have great acupuncturists gone? Pain? Something is stuck . . ..

Qi Flow getting your blood, fluids and energy moving.

Please bring along your:

1 – Courage

Show up with a desire to ‘undo’ some of your own blocks . .on any level  (This will be an experiential workshop)
W will be showcasing some home remedies from around the word, including steaming and when you would – radical shifts in all gyne/digestive issues.  .

2 – Curiosity and an open mind

Undoing your own life’s library. When you sign up this course this is be of the many tools that will be sent to you.
You can start ‘undoing yourself’ via the Dr John Shen model.Please spend the time as this is about you uncovering what is blocking YOUR creativity. We will loosen it some more – so you step back into the world as brand new and more resilient.

What others have said about this course:

“Before Heather’s class I was in a really bad way. My life felt like it was falling apart and so did my spirit. Quite frankly I was on the verge of a melt down… During the retreat, being in the loving, supportive and all inclusive environment, away from my normal, gave me the space to begin to recover and reset myself for the bigger task at hand, which is that of recreating my life during these times of great transition. I’m deeply grateful to Heather for all she did to nurture us all back to a place of vibrant health and living more full and satisfying lives. I highly recommend any of Heather’s workshops or retreats!” E.S. – Wellington

‘I met Heather early on after graduating at the Annual Conference of the Acupuncture Register. Always to shy to strike up a conversation as I was in awe of her knowledge even then.
Heather invited me to her Moving blockages course in January this year.On invitation I experienced a feeling of ‘Now is the time, Here is a window of opportunity’ The feeling would not go away.I am thankful I heeded it.
I did the homework that had been set so was prepared I thought,Usual barriers in place a default from my past experiences in life and found myself at the retreat,a beautiful environment an atmosphere of calm and security.I opened up and disclosed my story,held onto for more years than I care to think about.I am thankful that Heather and her assistants were able to hold me up,and give me the courage to fully enter the path of moving on.
I have had the opportunity of using the essences especially the Bao Mai.

‘I used them for the first time in a meditative state and felt /saw heart fibers come out and reconnect from left to right.A ‘wow’ moment indeed.Heather has been patient and has guided me to my present Well being.

‘As I am at crone age now and having seen that there is a dire and urgent need to help redress the lack of connection and knowledge with the generations of human beings coming through.I am now ready to ‘Step up’,in service to them should they choose. I am willing to share my story if anyone feels the need to hear it.

‘Thank you Heather for the Red Book. The last part resonated so well with where I am now.T. S, Kataia, NZ

The sessions . .
‘Good morning beautiful woman, I just wanted to share (for those not in Adelaide sorry if irrelevant) my cycle report after your wonderful treatments Heather and the steaming etc of the weekend. Even with exam stress and moving between house sits my period was bam on 28 days (usually around 42), minimal pain and a bright red flow. I’ve achieved this in the past with herbs and lifestyle but this time did none of those changes and the flow and movement of stuck emotions etc and the scar work really made a huge shift in my body. Thank you Heather ???With love and gratitude’  Anna Tassie

“Dear Heather,
I wish to thank you for the opportunity to reclaim my body. I came to your retreat with a knowing I would come away different  from how I arrived. My posture is more balanced than it has been in years, my internal organs have been put back into the right position – as anyone holding a fetus well knows the body changes. I’ve taken away practical skills to enhance what I already have as a practitioner and healer. I gave myself the time to rest while absorbing information. The group of women shared and held a beautiful supportive space and the isolated area in country New Zealand was beautiful. The women who prepared our delicious meals to nourish and restore our vehicles I thank you for giving me a break from not only thinking about food, but even the preparation. I would recommend this experience to anyone seeking more knowledge than they think they have, those that want to retreat from their environment and need time to reflect on where they are in their lives and where they want to be.

Heather is a gifted healer/practitioner with an ability to share knowledge and empower all. With a long history of teaching and researching she has the authority to back up this knowledge. She filled in the gaps that I have been seeking. Many thanks you fine woman”.     Mychelle, Melbourne

Why are we in an out of the way place?
Because you need to disconnect to go within . .

“The retreat setting; Heather’s place at Atarau is so beautiful, so peaceful, the vibrant colours and energy of the flowers and plants. Magic happens here.

‘The experience of being together with such strong beautiful women.

The feeling of connectedness and sharing our stories and life journeys together made me WHOLE.


“The healing sessions with Heather; I have never experienced anything like this. To have every aspect of my being treated was amazing. (Who does treatments like this any more?) I have come away from the retreat feeling so much lighter, stronger and different in every way.

‘The getting there and out again was very symbolic for me on reflection. From the hot dry busyness of the sparse East Coast – to the grounding Castle Rock – to the nurturing meal at Bealey Hotel and then the journey deeper, crossing giant rivers, winding roads with huge chasms and scars – it was a journey into myself. Then arriving at the beautiful misty magical West Coast – a quenching balm for a dry soul. A healing place to revive and gather strength, become balanced. Return back to the East Coast replenished, energized, renewed”.

East Coast


West Coast . . .


‘The experimental component – MAGIC happened. Heather’s ability to pull together people from different walks of life , to tune into each individuals way of learning is an art in itself. There is no sitting through a boring lecture here. Oh to have been taught by Heather when I started college.

‘The resources pre-course – are a valuable gift – doing this before the retreat – brushing up on the things I had half forgotten, learning new (old) ways of healing – meant I got so much more on the retreat. Heather is so giving of her vast knowledge and experience.”

Lustre bowl, Aura Soma and wisdom cards – crystals too!                                  Our group Soul


To anyone who like me happened upon Heather Bruce’s “Healing the Wounded Healer” Course, DO IT . YOU ARE MEANT TO. If you haven’t the money – beg or borrow – because you won’t regret it. This experience is worth every cent. If you haven’t the time – make time – you may not get the opportunity again”. Cheryl Murney, South Canterbury, NZ

What You Will Receive

You receive an entire year long course as part of this.
The experiential side is the beginning.
From here we have a closed FB page (wise Women’s Wisdoms” which after this course will have a 90 minute clinic hours show with me weekly – to share a course I will mentor all through – starting with structural concerns as we all have a body that is not so happy

This leads on to the Living Ligaments section of my Heather download.

This will be held in northern NSW retreat 8 – 11th June.

We will cover how to get out of your story – and help others also reframe their scripts.

Leading into the physical corrections needed
Again limit of 6 participants
$4,000 Aust

Pre requisite – Healing the Wounded Healer.
The next phase Sustainable Humanity

(All my maternity related work) is next.
All sections must be completed to go onto becoming a Gentling Method practitioner.

Your understanding of meridian flows – Will be enhanced through the downloading of the 8 Extras and how they regulate, supervise and maintain the flow of Qi and Blood in the main meridians. (The ‘Transformative Healing’ package is the back drop to going deeper into what foundational acupuncture looks and feels like).  Hence your session when you get to the retreat area a day early before ‘class’.

We will be looking at moving blockages and healing scars on all levels including working on yourself, your children/family and your patients. We will also cover pain. In the late 70’s none of us would have made it in business if we could not have been excellent with pain – where have great acupuncturists gone? Pain? Something is stuck . . ..

Qi Flow getting your blood, fluids and energy moving

Course Content

Day 1 (Thursday) – your own private 3 hour session with me

Whatever you need on every level – I may start very slowly and we continue in breaks all through the weekend.

Perineal steaming.
Aspects of the Maya/Mercier work as I can uncover what it is that you need then.

(if you have a warm belly – having already hopefully started with the courses you get as part of the self paced section.

I will be walking you through this as you come on board – this is an intimate way to get to step up into a new part of your healing /healer journey.

2 (Friday) Undoing Your Own Inner Library

The information will be sent to you once the deposit/full payment if you choose this –  is received.
The self paced work is instantly applicable in you clinic. And your life. There is so much here.
Often a reminder – and often a totally new way of seeing energy and bodies and how they work.”if you are not an acupuncturists – no matter – it is the foundational work that they did not get taught and is part of the oral traditions as the wise women all knew.

The energy building to transform all you have been will propel you into my Moving Blockages Signature System that revolutionises everyone’s life who take this course. Living Ligaments is next!
(Yes – you can pay it off monthly . ..)
No looking back and running around in personal circles!

3 (Saturday) – Expanding Your Skill Sets

  • Day Two
    – Expanding skill sets – you will have/begun already had a 3 hour session (Thursday) with me.
    This will have totally expanded your idea on what a ‘treatment’ could be doing.
  • We cover a huge array of extra things I use in clinic (you will have been sent the courses that cover the massage and cupping/moxa usage etc) so here more than that – they are assumptions I make – you have done the homework that I have found to be of vast benefit (and why) over the past 4 decades.

4 – (Sunday)  Looking outwards: what are we doing in clinic?

  • This is included in your pre course.

    Essentially it is ‘Playing the ‘Fix It’ game and why   

  • .What Do We Think We Are Doing NOT reclaiming our own position – that of witches?
  • Please watch the Kaptchuk on placebo (read on – is there).
    I made up a new definition for bio medical ethics . . is it biologically sustainable?

Lighting our own lights that we may enlighten all those who come upon us

Lighting each other's lights    cover image  

Please contact Heather
if you have any questions

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