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Heal yourself?
Take charge . .  .

(NOTE – early 2019 filming)

Life has moved on.  Unless you are in NZ – we will work with your challenges online – and there are a myriad of online easy followed self help courses as part of what I offer – as well a team of my Gentling Way graduates all over the world.

Can we work together – me to allow you to change

what is happening . .  . 

1 – Life needs tending

Nature heals . . your body is designed to work perfectly


2 – Nutrients and circulation ..

YOU are in charge – totally responsible.

3 – An alternative way of seeing ‘life’

What part of the body are you focused in?

4 – How we can live well

Another teaching model to assist you to see life very differently.

5 – Helpful tools

Helpful tools .  . to assist you to understand life and how it works.

JING? – inner life capital

6 -What to eat?

You CAN change everything – Love Yourself Better! You need to know – how you are breaking yourself first

7 – Too simple?

Life is.

8 – Inner Feng Shui

Get your inner flows flowing again

  • Declutter – why not get rid of what is messing with your body? Your head may be full of beliefs/expectations.
  • Reset – turn off all not needed  – let it go back to ‘factory settings’.
  • Restore – what is supposed to happen .

9 – Have I touched a ‘nerve’?

Healing means you do it all differently – everything

10 – Reset yourself – STOP

  • Much like an electronic gadget – turn yourself ‘off’ regularly.
  • Let the body/mind heal.
  • Then see how it goes back on ‘factory’ settings..

11 – Restore yourself – follow life – NOT MEDICAL

Back to perfect – even if you have not experienced this yet . .

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