2020 Heather’s internship offer



Strange times indeed!

You are here as you suspect that there is more and you would like it.

I take you on the trip through TCM to meridian heartful healing – for you and those who seek help.

We always put our ‘own mask on first’ (when we were allowed to fly) – the clearer we are – the easier it is for you to skip through what has taken this senior teacher decades to encounter. Master ship is of self – and along the way we can light up the path for others following/intersecting with our path..

This is the beginning of the journey OUT of TCM and into holistic energy/body work.
I ensure that you are multi-modality – safely and easily.

This was 2019 – I am now in transition – as we all are  . .
In NZ – and moving to where currently no internet – awaiting the satellite.

If this sounds like you and where you wish to go next  I am (Sept 2020) about to launch a challenge –

Free – if interested as a taster = please contact me.

Thiss is part of what will be  – I have to reconfigure all of this.

Transformative Healing – Course Outline

      We could be in gratitude for all we have assembled to serve

Humour – let these be our guides.

There are three levels . . .

Monthly membership – 2 levels – online or entire package
Total programme – monthly installments


Transformative Healing

TH package – one student acupuncturist speaks .  ‘I have increased my awareness of myself and the programs which are running inside me. This increased awareness has allowed me to enter into a process which will allow me to understand myself and act with more awareness.

‘The course has also provided me so many valuable tools to apply not only in clinic but to myself and my family. These tools and the course so nicely tie together naturopathy, energic medicine, and acupuncture frameworks. I have not ever seen such simple, yet profound tools. I was amazed by the profound impact on other participants during the workshop and blown away by Heather’s vast clinical experience of her framework and methodologies’. David, Brisbane


Total Immersion

This is the exit strategy for acupuncturists who can’t stomach what has happened – and from being a ‘TCM’ Dr and into acupuncture – being useful. Work with Qi – restore flows.

All online resources
Personalised tuition in the directions you wish for.

Access to all I have developed and more as it comes  to hand.

The intensive mentoring program was an extremely important component of my upskilling. I found all the online materials to be very practical and the demonstration videos are excellent. However seeing the application in a live clinical environment took the application of the tools/teaching to a new level. It was such a pleasure to see Heather in action and adapt to the patient in front of her. Both in terms of their emotional state and changes in patient body feedback. Having the opportunity to correlate expected changes to immediate changes on the tongue and pulse was a very special. I learnt a great deal from clinical observation of Heather and I am very grateful for the experience. It gave me even greater confidence to apply the tools taught and an excellent basis to apply these tools in my own clinic. Thank you very much Heather’. David,

AND . . ..

I absolutely thank you for the opportunity to learn as an apprentice. It has been such an enriching journey which I wake up every morning excited about and has given me confidence to be different and look for the obvious in ways that many others do not. Another example of a universal gift where intention meets purpose.


Foundational Moves – comes with Self care package

This has been presented in Lyttleton NZ, Brisbane Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (under ‘Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai’ –  and Undoing C Section.  These get you started in on this programme – as accelerated tuition into a master class to take you into 2020 with a totally different tool set to use in conjunction.

Gentling Way Self Care – is the entry into Gentling Way. Comes with Self-Discovery pack

Living Ligaments I – Uterine repositioning and undoing the sacral stagnation

Living Ligaments II – Prolapses/Prostates/Pelvic Pain Resolution and more
Living Ligaments III Opening the Baby Gate – we cover all reproductive – male and female – fertility – post natal – practicals – will have gone over a lot already throughout the course.

‘An amazing hands on learning environment seeing pathologies we would never get our hands on in our own clinics. I came away rich with new learning and those three days made a profound difference in my own clinical practice. I feel like nothing would to be too hard in pregnancy to treat on my table in clinic, it was really an opportunity to be hands on with all of the course material we have had and received from Heather over the past 2 years. I also learnt a lot from Gloriavale’s midwives – I was taught how to properly palpate a pregnant belly and left with so much confidence’. Maja, Cairns


Transformative Healing – comes as a 9 month course – see here.

Where are the practicals to be held?

Brisbane unless I am hosted (acc/transport/clinic /teaching space) entirely with at least 2 day of practicals (on your patients) in your clinic guaranteed for you to experience what and how this works. Bonus one – Healing the Wounded healer included. (usual cost $3,000)

Little snippets . .

Alchemy – we are working with Qi – mastery of the elements is within our scope of practice.

What is different about this work?

We clear ourselves out at the same time . . .
MOVE THE QI . .us first.

This is using Accident Recall after P.A.C.E.


it is no accident that you are attracted to this work – and whilst it looks all about pregnancy – YOU were made and these influences shaped you – and likely still do.

PLUS – life plays out regardless of being pregnant or not – all I say still applies in life  . .especially in relation to the scars of having been here til now.

We clear out impediments to perfect flows . .

From the 2006 series – Practical Fertility Solutions.

(Included in this massive pack of Heather’s teaching resources going back from 1986 and in audio/viusal format from 1993.

Scars Heather?

An introduction to part of the Transformative Healing course. . .

It is NOT only about pregnancy – women are being left in a mess. .


We all are .. I call it being a medical refugee!

Going to the nub of this . .

Introduction to gyne – anatomy of meridians

(Feb 1994, Bne)

A taster of what is in the package – the third month covers the 8 Extras – and past there we start finding what blocks normal . .

and onto what concerns all – homeostasis and how to return to there.

Want to keep learning?

What will happen if you do not?
Will you miss out on fun in learning?

The push to have you undo yourself means – to go forwards you must do the ‘appearing to waste your time’ components – of the Self Care and the Self Discovery – as you need to have this on board – not just the moves, not just the points – as life happens – to you and to others.
When you begin this work – you will have a list of things you want to learn – can you add to it now/

Whilst this is a maternity themed package – I move all over the body/life to explain it all – and there is so much relevance to everyday life – for all..  My 40+ years of working out WHY things are not easy . .


Pregnancy should just go forwards easily   .

Sperm – always start with the ‘seed’ . .

Sperm quality . .. covered in the Natural Fertility Detective package included in this work.

We can’t cover everything here – another taster . .

Late pregnancy . . 

I will now go onto induction as this very foolish modern idea – that roses can be forced to open before the plant is ready . .’that the apples will taste better if harvested prior to actually ready to drop off. .

Babies – may not be fully developed – let alone ready to breathe – but fear wins and let us tell a fib – that baby MAY DIE – of left within the life giving incubator.
What about the likelihood of traumatised birth, inability to breastfeed and a screaming baby who will not settle?
And a C section called an emergency at the end.
Seriously – as a beginning to all of the rest of her life – why would she want to sign up for this?

Can you help?
YES – get empowered yourself FIRST and watch all in the Ethics (CPD 4 [points) in the Self Discovery package.

Self Discovery Package

This is part of the Transformative Healing package – which for a pay now and get it all – is available here.

Payment options –

Contact me – it has to all be set up again. Sept 2020

Monthly installments will take you through one month content at a time (can update)

There we cover so much including placebo – and of course nocebo would come into this.

Leads into . . . .

Breastfeeding precis . .

From early 1994 – from the obstetric day – a sample of this work


Or . . .you just want the maternity package ..

Right here . .

Always – heartful hands . . .


Please reach out and see what magic we can create together,