Varicocele (Testicular varicose veins)

What is this?
A great way to mess with baby making.
Way too often (at least 1/3 of all men ‘supporting’ their women on IVF – have this condition).

So often I find it after IVF has failed

No one thought to ask why they ‘needed’ help at all.

Where is the defense investigation – were this to be a crime novel?

So few men realise that the presence of  a varicocele may be all that is preventing their babies – and whilst she may be being investigated and messed with – that THEY are actually the problem in the family to be.

They may have no symptoms associated with a varicocele. However, they might experience:

You need to get the circulation normalised. .
All through the foundational moves for acupuncturists’ course I suggest all the lymph moving massage techniques.

Circulation MUST improve

There are different grades  of varicocele – 1 – 3.

If the ‘ball bag’ feels like a bag full of worms it is a ‘3’. .

How is a varicocele diagnosed?

1 – Temperature – does he have cool balls?

Easiest thing to do is to take the feel testASK – “are your balls cooler than the rest of your body?”
Get him to . . .Feel and see – preferably with an erect penis as well – a warm hand on your body elsewhere – and then same hand on your erect penis – it should feel hotter. Maybe suggest to his partner –  place your hand back on his body for the baseline – and onto now the testicles – they should feel cooler. If not – you are in trouble.

AND – it is FIXABLE!!

I have a Digitech temperature sensor – that I get the men to point at their equipment.

A little story from my clinic

I was filming. My audience was a man who had only made 5 miscarriages – in his 51 years of trying to be a dad.
He was being filmed by my almost 70 year old husband – who made 2 children, 17 months apart (by accident) and then again (whoops) another 7 years later. The not-dad was watching me. Who was pregnant 5 out of 6 times whilst trying actively to not be. He was seeking me out – (a mere 11 years older than him) – he had no babies. . So what has changed?

What is a scrotum for?
Think crocodiles and their nests – heaping leaves on and off to allow the right mix of male and female babies – or in fact any – incubation of the sperm. Too hot – they all perish – or at least are totally dodgy for baby making.

Temps should be (using by my past very fertile pre vasectomy 69 y.o. husband as a base line).

N of 1 – 29 C and 29.8 C (further away from body) and penis (at rest) 33.3C

I took my very fertile when he was younger (now vasectomised) husband – a non drinker smoke who is on his recumbent bike a lot, who has cool balls – as the base line – as who else has done this trial?

I do suggest you go ‘upstream’ and actually sort out the reason it is happening – not be quite so reactive . ..
Causation – it may or may not be established.
What about trauma though. (More later)

In my clinic recently . . 2 of 2 men (not-dads – yet) have had this diagnosed by me.
The 3rd also has testicles measured at 33/34C. As he has less than 6% normal sperm and at least 1/3 dead – I would imagine this is 3 of 3
It is too easy – “why?” is all you need to ask  . . . investigate  .
Temperature test.
What is WRONG with the IVF team?
Good question – and this is too easy to find out – are the testicles warm?
They should not be. .

There is actually a gadget to cool the balls overnight. (SnowBalls)

Sort out why – not play with it . .
(See all I have done on taking cold out – that is a reactive – though useful for many men) way out.)

About a decade ago I saw a man who was informed that he would need donor sperm for his children. He was raised in The Netherlands and had been told that the high concentration of pesticides etc was to blame. I explained the ‘cool balls’ situation – and we worked together – eventually I called her also in – he and she were resistant because ‘he’ was the problem.
As I expected – there was much I could do to assist her to help him over the baby line – her BBT was less than ideal. Once this was corrected and she was in a more Blood replete state – they had two easy pregnancies naturally.
Between babies – he came back for more work to be done on himself – as his sperm test was not as good as it had been initially when she conceived baby one –  he confided in me that he went home and devised a system of cold water somehow circulating around his testicles as he slept!!

What I had done with him and cases as this –  was all that you see in the Foundational Moves For Acupuncturists – plus my Transfromative Healing work and the Chinese herbs for removing damp and heat from the lower heater – followed by Jing tonics. Plus supplements that I knew would assist and the change in diet to high fat and veggies.

A historical case – I am a multi generational fertility specialist  – his younger daughter came to me pregnant – all through to ensure a perfect pregnancy and easy birth). Their older daughter arrived about 7 years before to get help to make her own children.

2 – Medical

The doctor usually diagnoses the condition after a physical exam. A varicocele can’t always be felt or seen when lying down.

The doctor may need to perform a scrotal ultrasound. This helps measure the spermatic veins and allows a detailed, accurate picture of the condition. Once the varicocele is diagnosed, it will classify it with one of three clinical grades. They’re labeled grades 1 through 3, according to the size of the lump in the testicle. Grade 1 is the smallest and grade 3 the largest.

You may wish to read this

Why would you JUST cool the balls down?

What causes a varicocele to develop?

The circulation was not perfect . .
Maybe too much cold?
Too little awareness or the need or a moderate life – no, or too much exercise?

A spermatic cord holds up each testicle. The cords also contain the veins, arteries, and nerves that support these glands. In healthy veins inside the scrotum, one-way valves move the blood from the testicles to the scrotum, and then they send it back to the heart.

Sometimes the blood doesn’t move through the veins like it should and begins to pool in the vein, causing it to enlarge.

A varicocele may develop slowly over time. Or it may have been from when he was made.

Or be the result of trauma

One man explained how when he as 8 years old he climbed onto the door, and had a foot on either door handle – then fell off and as he sled down the door edge, the tongue of the catch caught him – and ripped open his scrotum. This was added to by two kicks to the testicles at 10 and again at 12 years old. Then he was a cyclist with a numb scrotum when he got off his bike. He was also heavily influenced by his mother’s religion and felt dirtied by the wet dreams – as he was unable to self pleasure until his 20’s. All of this adds into the mix of being a severe case .

Or underusage

1 – At 63 his wife had placed an embargo on sexual relations. He refused to relieve himself and has a massive extra part hanging down from his underpants to show for it.

2 – 65 year old man came to me with the same – and again – end of relationship and refusal to assist the build up of sexual energy left him with a huge third essential third testicle.  His potential surgeon said that he would have to take the testicle out of the scrotum and clean it up and had no guarantee that it would then work again – so he was enduing it – until he had a session with me and as part of the entire process – I had him on the perineal steamer – and he felt so much better – with this and the wearing of a faja – that he went off to naturally deal with the problem himself.


Medical treatment for varicoceles

Easy, fast and effective.
BUT – maybe you also need to ask – why is it there?

It is not always necessary to treat a varicocele. However, you may want to consider treatment if the varicocele:

  • causes pain
  • causes testicular atrophy
  • causes infertility

You may also want to consider treatment if you’re thinking about ANY assisted reproductive techniques.

This condition can cause problems with testicular functioning in some people.

The earlier treatment is started, the better the chances of improving sperm production.
Of course we see
(Which is why you are in this course – as the methods medicine knows are far from exhaustive – here we have how to improve your JIng – and the energy instructions that become your babies).

What I suggest …

Unlike myself, most Mercier and the Maya/Arvigo trained people are not working on the men. They (as all others who are ‘helping’ women become mothers)  are following the medical line that the men are superfluous to baby making. Ask any thorough-bred mare’s owner – they pay $10,000’s for her to be serviced by only the best. Why also not for all children?

There is a strong case for seeing me with my combination of all the Arvigo /Maya and the Mercier moves plus all I have been doing over the past 40 years – hands on healing – and then returning (if needed) to your local regular natural health care provider.

Mercier for Men

Medically it may be suggested that wearing tight underwear or a jock strap can sometimes provide support that alleviates pain or discomfort. Why not just fix why it is there? SILLY IDEA!!!!!! Any tight/restrictive underwear will increase the temperature –  thus making any sperm production problems far worse. Medical  treatment is varicocelectomy and varicocele embolization.


A varicocelectomy is a same-day surgery that’s done in a hospital. A urologist will go in through the abdomen or pelvis and clamp or tie off the abnormal veins. Blood can then flow around the abnormal veins to the normal ones.

Varicocele embolization

Varicocele embolization is a less invasive, same-day procedure. A small catheter is inserted into a groin or neck vein. A coil is then placed into the catheter and into the varicocele. This blocks blood from getting to the abnormal veins.

I have sent many men off to get this done and it has worked with them all . . The varicocele may be all that was needed irrespective of what the woman was supposed to have that was holding babies off – not good enough sperm is mostly the issue I have been seeing for the past decade or so – about since the WHO decided that as all sperm was so bad that they would call what MUST make a baby with ICSI (drilling a   hole in an egg and adding in a sperm so it did not work ) would called fertile.

Sperm health . .

The self help information is also in the Male Fertility Enhancement course.

Why any varicosity at all?

Not enough flows (circulation) and the nutrients not there to ensure perfect – both are fixable – just not medically . .

Here is a few online common snippets available now.

Fix why it may be needed



Here is one solution


Chinese herbs and acupuncture with massage and lymph/prostatic drainage and access to my own innovative Moving Blockages work – ideally also the Mercier/Maya/Arvigo work. If your varicocele is more than Grade 1:medical help is probably needed.

Referral to a urologist is the starting point.
(All men who I have helped with this were ignorant of the fact.) Their IVF and general GP’s seemed to also be.

Remember – even if a medical procedure is done – natural health care/support for the body before and after – to heal optimally and make those naturally better sperm to make the perfect family.

Please come in and see me as the piece meal sessions that you may have had til now – and often years of focusing on her – and maybe even weekly acupuncture with someone who believes the medical sperm tests are good enough – as all ignore that

IT TAKES TWO to make a baby 

Sex is for making babies.
If it is not – find out why not.
Unlikely to ‘just’ be her . . .

See me to find out more – as sex is for making makes babies . .

Fertility – restore normal