What Lies Beneath

Please be aware that this is a trigger for many

What to do if you read further and this happens?


You may be very aware that here is TOO MUCH stored inside you. What to do?

Why do anything?
Your body keeps sending you warnings. .
They may be getting louder.

STUCK equals pain – on all levels of life

All the best efforts of body and medical and energy workers.
HOW can they help what is not even often remembered by you – your body carries everything that has ever happened to it.

YOU will need to feel to heal . .

It may be after an accident – and you keep reliving it.
After an incident that just pops in at the least warning.
Almost anything triggers you . . .

What to easily do?

Right now??


  • Go outside and pretend to skip and fast – arms wind milling and jumping  for a minute (get breathing rate up)
  • Take deep breaths
  • Go into nature.
  • Eat some protein/fat and salt. (A chunk of butter with pink salt sprinkled on top is superb.  Seriously – low blood sugar is not your friend).
  • Maybe start with some sprigs of rosemary and flowers and a bowl of water?
  • (Using a lustre bowl – if using a smudge stick may seem all ‘too out there’ for you).

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Staying stuck will not help you

SHEN – what runs us – a driver ‘in charge . . ‘


Sexual incident/assault repercussions

This is written from the life experience, and professional clinical observations of someone whose entire being was shaped from childhood through the lenses of others abusing her sense of self and sovereignty.  As an adult, choosing then to work with others similarly affected and afflicted – initially as a psych nurse, then as an acupuncturist and natural health carer.

Take heart. . .

Help is always there – within when you let it in /through


Is this you?

Terrors of the night

Life NOT lived to the fullest (no choices)
Troubles ‘down there’

Please contact me.

Your inner child needs releasing . . .

Take a deep breath

Dive in

See how much of this resonates with you . .

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MEN  – You are not left out – see more here).

Men Matter   

1 – Anxiety    

Consistent and continual.

Particular times of the day/night.

New or old situations/experiences.

The anxiety can be so debilitating, medical drugs are not helpful to curb it, and only exacerbate the problem.

Daily coping and living ability is reduced further.

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2 – Terrors of the night 


Afraid to go to sleep.

Loss of control.


Awakening from dreams reliving the trauma.

Or vague reference / memories and danger.

Physically fighting, unable to breathe as waking out of it.

Fear of dying.

Fear that the person is still in the room.

Unable to go back to sleep, leading to long term sleep deprivation.



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3 – Depression

Feeling vague, spaced out.

Emotionally blunted.

Something is not right can’t put finger on it.

Seeing doctors, with no satisfaction till one feels it’s all inside one’s head.

Anger or fury, for no discernible reason.

Suicidal thoughts.  Conscious and sometimes seemingly from nowhere.

Denial: not wanting to believe it happened.

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4 – Life not lived to the fullest

Reluctance to socialize.

Loss of trust in self or people even loved one’s.

Shame, guilt, lack of self-worth.

Dislike/loathing of physical body.

Eating disorders to mask this – a form of control

Pulling out hair, scratching at skin

Cutting and other apparent ‘self abuse’ – as a means to release/control/feel

Dislike of physical touch; self or from others.

All symptoms of dis-ease, discomfort and unwellness are retained until the underlying issues are addressed.

Rigidity in body and limbs.

Major tension throughout the body.

Often leading to disassociation and many split personality personas.

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5 – ‘Women’s/Men’s troubles’ – (down there)

Where to start?

All and every labelled condition along with all fertility and pregnancy and birthing and post-natal complications.
prostate (womb) woes for men – all varieties.

If this sounds like you – please find help – not talking and taking pills.
Any holistic practice – and not necessarily ‘orthodox’ as there is a role in many different pathways – please find a way out back to all of who you are – a gift to unwrap – one layer at a time.

Be prepared

For change

Let the Light in

                            YOU can



Stay stuck – and hope for the best  OR
Take action

If you choose the second – perhaps star witeh onlne cpurses = free here . .

We can together undo what is blocking your healing/self repair.

I work in intensives – we dive in rather than go week to week. .
It may also be that you get more from being with a small group?
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You will find much to help explain how your body works and why it can’t seem to do what it could have, had you not been through what seems to have broken you . . Is your connection Heart to wombspace still intact?  see more here 

1 – Experiential workshop -not till the corona madness is gone.

Undoing Life residue caught up – especially Healing Your Mother Within –

I encourage you to go deeper to what set you and your life in motion –  coming away with a new appreciation of your body and your life.

Perhaps you wish to get started?


2 – Actual sessions?
Maybe not yet . .
Unless you can see me there..
You get to do this yourself – and with the trusted helpers you already have – there is so much you can do to help NOW
Your hands – your heart 

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3 – Online courses

AND/OR – start here instant download. .

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Self Massage


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We must be able to make your life easier . .