Structured training sessions leading to completion of Heather’s Gentling Way.
This is the most cost-effective way of learning all that is offered.

All online courses are also offered separately.

Want to know more about easy birthing and beyond?? The entire 40 years of collation in this context and place pathway?



Training packages

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Self Care

A collection of online courses to get you started on your journey.
The Self Care package gives you some of the pre-requisites for participation in the Gentling Way Self Care course


Self Discovery

Insights into why we may be doing this.
These online courses are the remaining pre-requisites for participation in the Gentling Way Self Care course

Transformative Healing

Acupuncturists (particularly those who are trained in TCM organ pathology and/or those interested in reproductive matters) will find this intensive online, self-paced collection of gems from 40 years of Heather’s Moving Blockages style fun and instantly applicable in clinic.

This package includes the undoing of all levels of what is blocking healing, shock, cold and adhesions and scarring on every level.

Experiential Workshop

Gentling Way Self Care

A 3 day deeply personal experience, allowing you to undo your story in safety.

This package (prepaid) covers all online trainings and six full days of experiential hands-on workshops (3 days on you – 3 days on others).


You will emerge with a clarity ready for your new beginning.


  • Self Care (above)
  • Self Discovery (above)

Ideally acupuncturists will have completed:

Living Ligaments I

A 3 day hands on working on/with others (intensive workshop).


You will emerge as a qualified Gentling Way practitioner for patients to be referred to.
This phase I allows you to unblock pelvic and sacral impediments to normal Qi, Blood and Lymph flow.
Spectacular in its simplicity, this enhances any other modality, assisting all structural,digestive, pelvic and circulatory disturbances.


  • Gentling Way Self Care (above)

Do you have what it takes to become
an accredited teacher of Heather’s Gentling Way?

Teachers-in-Training Limited offer

– accelerated training for those with the calling.
This is a one-off chance to be mentored by Heather this year.

By invitation only

  • Online courses
  • Experiential retreats
  • Personal access to Heather
  • Regular weekly online calls/webinars
  • ongoing mentoring
  • All resources & manuals online
  • ebooks & patient courses
  • Q&A sessions
  • Your Hard Case tutorials (weekly)
  • Done for you: Advertising brochures/forms
  • Teachers marketing module (affiliate tools)


Talk to Heather now

Further experiential retreats will be offered in the coming year

  • Living Ligaments II
  • Living Ligaments III
  • Healing the Wounded Healer I
    Another 3 day residential experience away from the distractions of everyday life.
  • Healing the Wounded Healer II

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