Teachers-in-Training Limited offer

Feel that there is more somewhere?
(You are not alone . . .)

Have you been looking for a tribe of like minded women healers who want change the world one belly/one broken heart (starting with theirs) at a time?

Here we are.
Waiting for you to come join us as we dive into what we always thought that we could do.
In collaboration and in a close FB group – learning and sharing with others..
This is a once only offer as I share all I can as fast as you can absorb it.

Your job??
To then share as ripples outwards . .
One candle lighting 10,000.
After the online – use instantly on yourself and all others work.

Mid June Brisbane Australia – the experientials leading onto your being not only a Gentling Way practitioner

Also you can then use this course in your work: you get to teach these as you are Stepping Up . .


1 – Heartful Hands: Basic Moves: half day small class.
2 – Painless Pregnancy and Easy Birth and Beyond –  a weekend workshop after they have completed the Self Care online course

In time you step into more – and after the experientials – the Gentling Way Self Care (only Heather to teach all of these initially as you all move up the heritage list – Teri to teach those after her Maja and Jana and Carine to help as they become conversant in the material . .

As you are also in the Practitioner Affiliate stage (as T.I.T fast tracked – if you wish – possibly the mentor for others here if this is your own passion). Membership sites to be mentored fro  . .

The Owners’ Manual –  (How a well body works – normal template – factory settings hopefully standard(Jing intact) an extended version of Self Care – before:
Natural Fertility Detective
Natural Pregnancy Coach  .

To be amalgamating the hands on and the online only – (all of this possibly whilst working magic with your hands) you are ready to change the world – one belly and one broken heart and one woman and one family at a time.

Every other thing that you do is added in . . all your other modality (any style of acupuncture, midwifery whatever) to surge ahead. You will have Moving Blockages (Signature System – from ‘What Dads Can Do’ plus navel cupping) plus the Living Ligaments work – and all the foundational cupping cold out, moxa and lymph plus prostate moves.

(WOW!) If only someone had put all of this for me – and here it is one for you.
Step by step

Accelerated training for those with the calling.
This is a one-off chance to be mentored by a senior clinical pragmatic multi modality holistic transformational energy body worker.

Only offered once.
I am teaching my teachers to take this over.
For them to create ever more ripples in the pool . .

Under them – the practitioners who wish to learn and gradually move up to heartful hands – Living Ligaments.
Under them – those who are happy with the online and the affiliate into my membership sites that need people with follow life and the gems I have uncovered working with women being women. All through their reproductive lives as it was before IVF, laproscopies, and all the medical unnatural fear based interventions – and the pregnancy scanning and micromanaging. Before birthing and pregnancy were seen as potential crises – when we just got on with what our bodies were to do .

This training will lead you on to become an accredited teacher of Heather’s Gentling Way

By invitation only


All my work is in threes – the pre course and actual hands in and then the after course mentoring (huge).

The Easy Babies/Heartful Hands and the Gentling Way endorsement happen as you progress.
These sites will become the signposts to excellence for seekers.

Holistic Multi Modality Transformative Energy Body work  

Online courses, Hands-on workshops, Ongoing mentoring:

1 – Online courses:

          • Self Care contains – Love Yourself Better, The Healing Power of Touch Foundational Moves
          • Self Discovery (was Reconnecting Bao to Dai Mai)
          • Includes ETHICS – 2016 – Playing the ‘Fix It Game vs Biological Sustainability
          • Transformative Healing – massive energy clearing package

2 – Hands On:

initially the Basic Moves, the Heather’s Signature System will be with advanced T.I.T. (teachers in training – Soon these will be you!!). As they progress, having watched Heather work and role model this with you.

You will also be advanced as you move through the process.

You attend – and after more mentoring (4 weeks as you get clear and confident in practice – and have all your FAQ answered as we chat on FB closed page, plus tutorials) – you are able to teach immediately to others 1:1.

3 – Ongoing mentoring:Your being ready to get into mentoring and training at the basic levels as you yourself are advanced upwards. .

          • Closed Facebook group
          • Mentoring training
          • Weekly Heather led lessons online
          • The Natural Pregnancy Coach online training
          • The Natural Fertility Detective online training
          • All resources & Manuals online
          • eBooks & patient courses
          • Q&A sessions
          • Your Hard Case tutorials (weekly)
          • Done for you: Advertising brochures/forms
          • Teachers marketing module (affiliate tools)


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