Retroverted uterus – how to notice and to correct


Life is easy when all is  the right place – and being serviced as designed

Structre determines function – we cannot have a body working well if there are not the ingredients where they need go (and by extension the waste products not moved on) and the flows flowing as they should.

What stops the flows flowing? A great way is a mal-positioned uterus. (Who Knew?)

Womb sitting on top of the bladder . . this is normal position

Not squishing it – not pulling all off to one side or at the back as the ligaments are caught up in non optimal places.

(No wonder bleeding is a trial – imagine being in a weird spot and having to grow to x2 the size then let go what is not to be a baby nest this month . . )

Retroverted – has fallen backwards maybe making long thin poohs just before period time – as the full uterus is making them more sausage like.


can be even more tricky – could be retro(behind) FLEXED as here – right.



Interfering with what flows?

5 systems of flow 

Qi, Blood (arterial and venous) lymph and nerve.
This means – we need to get all back where it is designed to be – before we start throwing medications, surgery and all other forms of reactive micromanaging at it. Bodies are supposed to repair themselves.

Trust the body  – When warnings flash – listen  . !
In 2014 – I found the Maya healing ways (Arvigo . . ).

This work is centered around the uterus being in the middle – where she belongs

Where uterus is ideally placed – where she should be.

Where she may be is the primary issue – and why – and what is holding her hostage there.

Best option is NOT surgery (as was in the past) nor the wearing of an internal ring (in the case of a prolapse), nor moving her back – as forcing will be.

Seeing a structural person who tells the body to move maybe not helpful as gracefully letting go.

There is will be perfect reasons why she is sitting this way.


Why I became an Arvigo practitioner  I knew that I needed to know more.

To illustrate what I mean – too simple!! – I present a sample case from clinic

What to do .  .

Transformation is totally possible FAST.

Structure determines function. Change the structure and what holds it hostage. .

Become a natural health detective . .

Ask – ‘why is normal not happening?’

Go to where is most appropriate – if your tool box is missing this bit – if you have not the resources to travel around the world and spend all efforts to become a gyno visceral magician as I have – maybe send your ‘hard cases’ that are so simple when the right ‘tool’ is applied to someone who can.

Arvigo – a page on uterine positioning on my site here
Merciera page on what I offer (as intensive packages as I do not have ‘a wand’ – we need to undo all that holds your uterus hostage
Mizan (balance) will all do a variation.
I have spent decades developing my Moving Blockages/Gentling Way work – see more here

Back and viscera aligned!!!

Results – she got up and could not understand the rush of blood she cold feel in her front – it was a flush of warmth.

At the end (I did some work finally on her bottom then front chest which totally cleared all prior neck/upper body discomfort and previously massive tension) she was astonished that she felt ‘all put back together again’ – and connected – arms and legs to the trunk.
She looked pinker and a lot happier..

Second session . . .Reported less upper back tension and feeling less stressed – still very very fatigued.
Her mum and I could not see the dip she had had in her belly as much as last week.

Cupped navel.
Thread moxa on the heel insomnia point  – she is a highly anxious person . .
(See more here)

Anxiety sessions – thread moxa

Put her on the perineal steamer (was still bleeding last week).
Did the back work – Gentling Way – and then some belly work – and there was such clarity in her face!
Left calm and happy.

I was also showing her mum what she could easily do herself – what a boon to all she sees in her hands on healing centre!

Please see more on this here

What can you do?

Look further than fixing the end results of your centre being off place.

Your womb needs to be in the absolute optimal position for the rest of your body to work.

Flows need  to flow – the lymph and blood and nerves can only work well when they re where they are supposed to be.
Structures – all is pulled out of alignment as the ligaments are directly connected to all in the body.

Normal digestion, elimination, sexual enjoyment and menstrual function will all improve

Help yourself heal your self . .

Learn more here . .

Uterine positioning

If you want learn more on how you can also assist others – please contact me.