Breastfeeding/nursing/lactation – Heather as a mum


Maybe some sage stories?


What did we do?

Why did we do it?

Whilst I wold love to start a book and similar to Ina May Gaskin’s English project for uni – add it up eventially as a set of tales. .
This is easier and will happen with my adding in pages as I go.

Interspersed will be diagrams and helpful hints. .
And stories from many women who new that this was being a mother – and kept at it.
If this was not your choice, this is offering our motivations – and what allowed us to continue.

A little help you can give yourself – right now . .

Do be mindful of your breast tissue as it does expand – and gently to begin with – lightly and s-l-o- w-l-y ‘gouge’ from the middle to the sides

(Coming off the pressure when you do) of your chest.

I start with my stories – unscripted – as a conversation to watch whilst feeding or resting up . .

Heather’s Maternity


This was an exhausted mum -of 4 –  end 1994

(Kathryn Skye would never have allowed her picture taken in  close proximity to others).

Skye in Isolation in NICU at 3 weeks of age (33 years ago)


I have put this up as an answer to the horror that is being visited to those new mums who have ‘a safe birth’.
Not necessarily for the insanity – or baby’s early life.
Someone forgot that we take bub home and have to mother.

Personal stories from older mums

Who were where you may find yourselves.

I started asking questions of my older friends . .

The pattern that I had found . .

‘then the older midwife said . .. . ‘


Ist clip covering

Cold and mastitis as well as introducing why this is happening.

From those who did – and could and kept on doing ..

My own adventure – tells the story of a mum who COULD not NOT breastfeed as she had no money to otherwise, plus had often very vulnerable bubs to keep alive and enure thriving.




Kathryn Skye – problems:

Massive brain injury, nearly dying in ICU often desperately ill after vaccinations


Ryan – C section  – problems –

Insufficiency and cracked nipples with thrush in it . .

Baby decades . .
The 70’s

One woman – one baby – working it out themselves.  I had to look after myself and then I could look after my children

More on the peanut allergy epidemic  . .book by investigative journalist – Heather Fraser

Regulating supply – see here

Not being told what they were doing to our bubs – Vit K given without permission. Is it even needed? Typical of bio-medicine – no real understanding of how a well body works  – Vit K if needed would be present in cord blood – it is not. The jaundice we find with some babies – if not having to undo a massive hit of chemicals with an immature liver would be helpful – the overload is showing up as the yellowing of the skin.There will be a reason .  Evidence based birth


The 80’s

No childcare flexibility – how did I stay same when b/f?
Read novels – 10 from local library – biggest ones I could find.


The 90’s

C section and interesting journey to get there.

Not ideal conditions . . . I moved countries – and no income . .

Size/production disparity – Moxa Si 1

Ingredients to make Blood to make breast milk better – Water+++++ More on water here

This baby’s immediate post birth problems – went straight to sleep and would not feed .

Sample page from ‘What Dads Can Do’

Using moxa and points to press/moxa to assist the building up of supply all work if you are drinking at least 4 litres of fluids – 3 straight water  and consuming what to make Blood energy (thus blood thus milk) with – see more here on Blood

My story is replicated as I ask my friends . .
When we are uninterrupted, having a baby – breastfeeding is a lot easier.

What I wrote to aid everyone live better through this experience – the summation of my life experiences to then

Easy Pregnancy resources

All based on my decades of life and clinical experience as the original pregnancy and fertility acupuncture specialist in Brisbane

You may want to have much more than this – the manual and video footage is available here. The entire set of resources here.

What you get . .

1 Manual (WDCD)

2 – DVD’s – Massage and Birthng – WDCD)

12 eBooks – covering many aspect of pregnancy – pain and birth preparation focus

23 charts – print these out, pop in a presentation folder for use everywhere!

Check it out!
Mums and bubs belong joined at the breast!