Practitioner Courses



How do we put it all together?
Given a mish mash  . .

Patient  . .
Needs patience whilst we work it put
Want to have options?

First component is
Self (physical) mastery
Second . . . more emotional – how did we become who we are?
Self Discovery  .  . Gentling Trauma relief

Are we a good fit?

If you are at all interested in Sustainable Life and Humanity – perhaps so.
Also perhaps see what being more heartful may do for your life experience – drop into being more human in clinic – not ‘professional’.

Maybe check out what a student who went through this process. .
Hear what he says about his time with the meridian based work and clinical gems he discovered.

You can find out for yourself . . .
There are a range of options.

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Courses Offered:


See Heather’s Training Schedule here

Please let me know if you are interested as all of these are very small classes.

We aim to go deep – not shallowly learning protocol . .