Heather’s 2020 Gentling Way Teaching Schedule


What is on offer?


The entire online and hands-on I have developed over the past 40 years in practice.

Take the plunge!

All of this work works . .
I lead you through the multi modality challenges and out into life again – Lived Well.

All have a massive emotional component – we go into spiritual healing and how to relieve suffering caught up on the physical and other layers we hold as ‘self’ – above – me demonstrating cuddle/release.

Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace?

Come out confident of your ability to untangle guts.

Assisting bellies to work well.

Muscle separation/connective tissue distress/diastasis and gyne/pelvic issues – with or without acupuncturing . .

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Living Ligaments?

Named as  we are here by virtue of the flexibility and suppleness of not only the muscles and ligaments – but our life force. We are living and as we feel/hold on – we stop Qi and life flows.  Let us discover and untangle ourselves FIRST – so that we are clearer to assist others.

Always wanted to learn Maya healing?
Here it is –  the Gentling Way . .

We undo why the centre – our womb/prostate – is not holding true and whatever has stopped optimal flows is discovered and helped release. Leaving a space within – to flow as designed – all neck/structural and especially lumbar and pelvic twists righted. All through caring deeply for deeply held trauma – we Let It Go!!

Living Ligaments I – realigning womb

Living Ligaments II – advanced – prolapses – to prostates

Living Ligaments III – Opening the Baby Gates – all male & female reproductive/maternal ease

Qi flows – this is not just a bunch of moves

We can be soul/body aligners. We can aspire to what is possible. Clear ourselves. First.

This work is not for everyone . .
We work hands-on, heartfully and are moving blockages.
Real change is possible – and are expected. ‘Miracles’ happen often.

Problem – increasingly people are not able to support their life well.
Gut upsets . . .(Damp resolving). We work very gently.

Why? Body is in disarray.

Pain – stagnations, obstructions, distress – is always present.  .

These are small/experiential classes


Offer – a way out of going around in circles

HOW? We start at the core and work outwards.

Online  –  Hands – on  –  Experiential

Ideally you may get to experience the practical – it is deeply changing. practical.

Reconnecting womb and heart space – realigning womb

Retreats – experiential is to be found occasionally.

In NZ in summer annually and in Albi, south of France. Soon to possibly also be Canada.

Online courses found here START NOW!!
All hands-on begin with the online component. .


You can ensure your space and get instantly onto the courses online by ringing me and we can take payment over the EFTPOS machine from 31st Dec.
I am traveling 30th back to Chch to begin the trek to Brisbane


Hands on  (partially online)

Experiential in retreat – offered soon

Undoing what we bring to be cleared so that we may be further ahead

We are undoing life residue . .

Always intimate classes as we move ‘stuck’ in ourselves FIRST.  This is experiential always – hands-on

Maximium 8 – 10 if I have one of my graduates as an assistant

There will be many more classes in m two spaces – The Life Alignment Centre in Brisbane

and through summer  – my healing sanctuary in West Coast, NZ.

Feb and March especially prior to leaving to France/Germany/Canada

2020 – Total Health!!

Southern Hemisphere – 2020

These are sequential – if you wish Or you may stop at No 1
Atarau (West Coast, NZ)
Brisbane (AU)
Reconnecting Heart and Wombspace



SELF focused Experiential & Hands-On

18/19 Jan


8-9 Feb

Leading into the Living Ligaments body of work
(Must complete online Self Discovery
& online Gentling Trauma Relief to attend)

New Zealand




Living Ligaments I





From Womb Woes To Womb Wonders OTHER focused

Experiential & Hands-On




29 Feb/1-2 March




Living Ligaments I REPEAT Clinical practical Undoing all that holds the womb hostage, stopping optimal body functioning – structural AND gyne OTHER focused

Experiential & Hands-On

(Must have completed all online coursework and Reconnecting to apply for this course)



All of these are in my clinic as we bring in patients to demonstrate

Living Ligaments II


Prolapses to Prostate Pleasures 

OTHER focused

Experiential & Hands-On

3-5 April



Tecoma, Vict



Living Ligaments I


REPEATED LL I Bne and Vict

From Womb Woes To Womb Wonders

OTHER focused

Experiential & Hands-On

29-31 May



Getting Started – Payment . .

Whilst you can only do the initial Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai ($695)
Much more than the physical moves are being offered.
As an entire package – we have you being undone and remade and all you do in clinic – rewired for immediate and interactive action.

Transforming you

Your practice and others you touch.

The Transformative Healing package may look as though it is for acupuncturists BUT all acupuncturists need to be retrained into my Moving Blockages model.
The Gentling Way as well – thus regardless of what your background, this work is inclusive. You may choose not to use needles BUT you will still need to know how and why the channels and the flows are not working – and how to fix this – may/may not involve needles – but always hands, tools (cups/moxa and more) , always with intention. .

Northern Hemisphere – 2020


Albi France Easter Friday – Sunday.
At Pia’s

Potentially in Fall 2020 – B.C. Canada.

Payment – can be on a payment plan – the deposit ($500) gets you the instant start online courses.

Email me for course download – if you go via my major sites you get to pay in US $.
If in NZ/Australia – Aust$$

Two options

1 – Bank transfer Suncorp 484 799
1657511 Heather Bruce Books (was 001657511)

2 – Ring me to use EFTPOS machine in the clinic – please contact me . .

A taste of what we are up to . .

Living Ligaments I 

Max 8 in class Brisbane /(6 in Tecoma)

(Womb Woes to Womb Wonders)

Living Ligaments II  Max 6 in class – 3-5 April 2020
(Advanced – Womb AND Prostate Wonders)

If you have been in one of the Reconnecting classes – sign up for the Gentling Trauma Relief/Self Discovery packs – as the ‘stuff’ that is holding the ligaments in position is also stopping their being let go therapeutically.

Where does this head?
Where you can permanently alter the odd womb positions and undo adhesions – free twisted pelvises.

How? We gently undo why the body has been up until now – unable to untangle itself.

Part 2 – Gentling Way Self Care (is now online) – includes Self Discovery

Undo what holds the body hostage.ant download pre course

Living Ligaments I Brisbane – 8-9 Feb/SYDNEY – March (maybe) 

VICT – end May


Living Ligaments II 2020 BRISBANE venue only 3-5 April


If you are just beginning . . immersion . .
By the end of the year you will be a vastly better belly/body worker –

taking your acupuncture to a whole new place!!!


Pre payment –  to ensure your spot.

(We intentionally have intimate gatherings – this can bring up a lot).

Start the online components today.


$595 Reconnecting BNE (8-9 Feb)

$1650LL I – BNE OR /Vict 3 days hands on – and all after service support/mentoring plus

(Pay deposit $500 to get started on the online component – that you can use immediately in your life/clinic). Ideally pay $3,000 and all the Transformative Healing acupuncture online training – and hands on up to and including LL I

OR . . .

If completed – ‘Reconnecting’ already

Contact Heather

(Expect to walk out a different clearer and more consolidated person

to start the rest of your life. .)

This is stepping up massively.

A new modality

Intention of the Living Ligaments work – return the womb back where she lives .. .
All ligaments attach there – and as the middle of Dai Mai . . she is attacked by all that is not right or flowing.









As the centre of woman’s beingness. .

She needs to be happy . . .

Declutter – Reset – Restore.

Incorporating many more traditional women’s ways of knowing

We are bound here embodied.

Our centre is our womb.

Does she/has she felt safe?

What this work is based around – our womb

Releasing womb woes.

Structure Determines Function

PAIN . . . instead of medicating – let us undo why it is lingering . . what message?

Go further back to causation – as far as you can.
Start with structure and flows – the circulation is not getting to where it must.

Not for most as it entails commitment – much as we expect of those we work with.
We get what we work for – always.

Deposit – gets your place held and you working through the self paced home study.

After decades of my own Moving Blockages work – clearing lymph and adhesions, to get to the Maya/ now an EX-Arvigo (I was one of the 3 Self Care teachers in both Australia and NZ) and to Belize. I traveled then on my path to Mercier (USA) to bring you . . . ..Heather’s Gentling Ways

Consolidated from around the world. No need to chase down this work – it is all in the one spot!!!

This is hands-on work . . Always self first

Our Qi being held hostage is not ideal

We can easily undo phlegm/damp through moving lymph




We are obviously wounded
All others may see it but ourselves.

All work begins with us becoming clearer

Online may be easier for you – all must start with the

Self Care pack

Experiential /hands on to feel the difference such simple moves can make.

Grow out of being Ms Rescuer- start at home – your own self.

Maybe also watch what I have put up for prospective patients. – are we a good fit?

This is not an academic exercise – it is REAL life.

There is a lot to offer – where would you like to start/continue – online or experiential??

You can do both as presently I am offering for those who wish to do so much more than is offered in the hands-on traditions elsewhere – a way to merge their meridian know-how with what I have been garnering as well as what is taught in the overseas traditions. Here in Australia . .

YOU do not need to send years and so much effort as I have fused it all into a new therapy

Living Ligaments

As an acupuncture consultant and practitioner for over 40 years . . . I know how to merge this with the perverse Qi releases with the 8 Extras and how to combine to make stunning shifts an everyday occurrence.

  1. You learn all the ways to mobilise the ovarian suspensory ligaments so that
  2. you CAN stabilse the uterine positioning –
  3. thus all structures in the body
  4. and all visceral and gut positioning.
  5. hence functioning – at least of the Three Heater – supporting life

You do need to have completed both the Self Care and the Self Discovery – (online pre requisites)  It does make such a difference – these are not ‘chalk and talk’ – but feeling into self – and clearing that which has bound you..

Pre requisites

1 – Foundational Moves (Reconnecting Heart and womb) Bao and Dai. (Weekend workshop to reposition lymph and viscera). 18/19th Jan – Atarau, West  Coast, NZ              25/26 Jan BRISBANE

2 – Gentling Way Self Care – online as the Self Discovery online PLUS the Gentling Trauma Relief additions – reframing what we see as ‘life’. Thus healing’ . . 

Living Ligaments IBne – 7-9th Feb MAYBE Sydney March – TBA

You must have completed the experiential and online Pre Requisites

WHAT IS IN . . . Gentling Way Self Care

  • Undoing YOUR own story – online usually
  • Gives you the tools to allow you to and to assist others plus
  • Ethics 1 – on into spiritual cleansing and how you can release yourself from playing the Fix It/Me game..
  • Will also include the teachings from The Gentling Trauma Relief
  • Gentling Trauma Relief is a distillation of the weekend seminar – in 8 sections
  • Beginning the hands-on adventure
  • Through moves to stabilise the pelvis by correctly positioning the womb -releasing all structural woes – esp neck, S.I joint and onto all the lower back/leg and uro-genital ease that follows when we do!!! And all that has held her (womb/space) hostage.

No one leaves these practical classes as they were when they walked in

We always work with heartful hands

From an energy model
Always knowing that perverse Qi stored in the 8 Extras needs shifting.

Releasing to allow the body to continue unimpeded.


We all have variations on Spleen Qi/Yang Xu and Damp and Liver Qi/Blood Stuck: who does not?

Whilst this is based on gyno visceral corrections 


Living Ligaments? Yes – they are instantly responsive when we do what is needed – see more here . . .

Living Ligaments series

We have started with Reconnecting Bao and Dai Mai


These moves in this work undo the physical manifestations of this
Allow for healing – so they do not return. FIXED!!!

  • We cross a divide.
  • We can do BETTER what the physical therapists are tasked with.
  • Why get upset about their DNA incursions.
  • That is because what they are trained to do is not working – and we hold the keys – Qi.

LL. II BRISBANE TBA 2020 3-5 April 2020


Revision, all prolapsing, men’s work/sacral /tailbone corrections


LL. III BRISBANE –  later in the year . .

For radically different birthing outcomes .  .

(A tiny portion of what you can teach others to do. In this case I unhinged a badly broken and wedged under coccyx with  combination of all the moves I teach in Living Ligaments III –  Opening the Baby Gate).

Unexpected structural shifts . .

In one session often I can correct what all who have so far touched that person have not – often for years.

As one woman (a classical national ballerina) said – “all my life I have had deportment training and in one session – I am perfectly aligned! I could not NOT do this. I have been in awe of my baby who CAN sit properly – now I can too!”

Someone else told me a year after I had seen her – “back that had plagued me for 10 years is gone! So grateful!”


Pregnancy – an intensive ‘catch-up’ over my last 25 years . . immediately all there for you – many weekend seminars – and in the graduation of my work into where it is hands-on supported by undoing what is stuck in the 8 Extras


Pregnancy Through the Energy Lens

Includes – this online set of stunning eBooks and videos

Easy Pregnancy resources

This is a complete pregnancy taster that allows you to delve deeply into normal and how to improve the likelihood of this – in the modern context. Using the holders of the Jing – the  8 Extras, this presentation originally aired as The Role of the 8 Extras in Women’s Lives and Maternity’.


You get to experience ‘hard cases’ explained – and resolved using these holistic multi modality transformative energy body tools.

Regardless of the style of acupuncture you favour.