We begin:

To be alive – there has to be movement – everything has to circulate. 

Qi – Energy – (what runs your physical) – the electrics if you like –  HAS to flow . . .

Breath has to happen – ideally very well. Full chest capacity – let us see what we can do

Find a couple of acu points:

Lu 1 & Ki 27 massage them to wake up the Qi flow a bit.

Maybe before you do this – see what you have got now and then after. .

Some ways so you can feel that you are really doing something.

(Maybe we use a goalpost/gauge so  you can see /feel the differences that you are making along the way).

  • Take a deep breath,
  • Move your neck from side to side
  • Do a perineal clench/pull up.

 Chest gouge  . . .











Smoking (and any self medication) antidote

Why Meditate?