Lytteton May 2019

A beautiful, (feels like purpose built setting

The Stablesoutside – off to breakfast     




     Liberee!                                                              Accident Recall







Discovering faja – see more here

We are practicing the regal slowness that

We are choosing which fabric works best for our bodies.


Robin and Heather . . .

Demonstrating how we COULD choose to move with grace
Upright also.

Organs in place
Pelvis aligned


Then we get into working with what we carry around with us . .
A very different ‘smudging’ (after of course the lustre bowl that was in use all weekend).

Copal . . . clearing ourselves and the space

Copal . . . clearing me


Needles did happen . . . Scar clearance . .



Reconnecting Bao (heart) and Dai Mai (womb)

Brisbane 29/30th June

Melbourne 6/7 July

Lyttleton – 20/21 July return